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  1. Plus there should be a small yellow "u" shape on the chest also.
  2. Great detail. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Great job!
  4. I also bought the new UCS set from the online store this morning!
  5. I'm a week behind but I'd like to say I saw the snowspeeder at SWCO and it looked really good.
  6. Sorry, I'm new to this topic. Has there been any info on possibly getting the Chinese style dragon that is in the Ninjago movie trailer? Thanks!
  7. That looks great, I'll buy it!
  8. Very cool. Glad I could see it! Great pictures as well!
  9. I would absolutely buy a UCS BB-8!
  10. Looks great! Terrific job!
  11. I definitely see why people do not like it. I understand why they did it this way. I wish it had a bit more of a hull. I think it will make a nice display piece though.
  12. Personally I like UCS display sets. Not as big a fan on the UCS playsets. I'll buy it :)
  13. How does this Milano compare to the first set?
  14. I'd love to have a bat space shuttle or that big plane from the beginning!