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  1. https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=636#T=C is that red piece on the right.
  2. After looking closer at the pic's I don't think my idea will fit, but the gap is still bugging me. Maybe just one of those headlight plates in the middle? And add an extra light on the plate part or something...
  3. @Kevin Yoo "I couldn’t think of a way to fill that gap in the lights" An idea, starting from the leftside you have build it like this; plate + round brick + round brick. You could try; round plate + round brick and do the same for the opposite side. Or in a similar manner; round brick + round plate do the same for the opposite side. That way you might get rid off that tiny little gap, if it will fit though, don't know if there's enough room. You could also put a technic pin inside that round brick and a round tile on top of that... But you will see the pin though.
  4. @lightningtiger Thanks mate, I'm already in the progress of building another off-road/4x4 type vehicle!
  5. Just finished watching Vikings, Season 4. Started watching this show after an colleague recommended it to me when I told him I was growing my beard... It's been almost 1,5 years since then, still growing the beard, shaping it Viking style. I'm considering to let my hair on top grow and get a suiting haircut as well, instead of just keeping it short & spikey, don't know yet and I notice I'm getting off topic as well. Anyway, can't wait for season 5.
  6. I got not much to say except for; perfect. Watched BR so many times and also so many different cuts (versions) I can't even remember... And don't forget Blade Runner 2049 upcoming october.
  7. @carebear & @gotoAndLego: Thanks! I'm really satisfied with the winch & undercarriage myself, although you can't see it very well. Wished TLG produced some more bars/pins in red though; made a couple of different front windshield versions, even one with that 6-wide fence piece in red, but no 'clean' way to attach it properly. Also ditched a lot of additional scenery, it made the build look cluttered; OcTan life instructions (JP brochures), Windshield wipers, Dino egg, Dino DNA rock, Walkietalkie, Flashlight & Dino bone. Might have to take some additional pic's...
  8. When I started this build, I was actually in the progress of building the 5th Element taxi-cab; that build just wasn't working out the way I wanted, but among one of my BL orders I made contained these new fender flares. I've been wanting to make a Jeep for a long time, and when seeing those new parts only one thing came to mind... the Jurassic Park theme song! JP11; a jeep wrangler inspired by 'Jurassic Park'. Happy Jurassic June! Comments and criticism welcome, more can be found on my photostream.
  9. Hahaha Sluban, Enlighten, Hsanhe, Lepin, Megablocks... All the same to me; they just don't provide the quality that TLG stands for.
  10. I think It would be interesting to see a 'younger spacers' generation stepping up to the plate (see the lego joke I made there... ). So the classic outfit for grandpa/grandma mentor/teachers and a fresher/more colorfull outfit for the new/upcoming recruits, something among those lines. They could even put Benny in the story-arc by telling how he got his classic uniform; a hand-me-down legacy from his famous space uncle, who got separated nearly 40 years ago... 'Space-ships on fire off the shoulder of Duplon, I watched Technic-beams glitter in the dark near the Belville-house Gate' and the legendary story how he got the crack in his visor is for another time.
  11. Some interesting pieces; such as the canopies, the sloped tiles and especially those double studded plates. But I'm not gonna support some cheap chinese knock-off brand. TLG for me, nothing less.
  12. When accidentally using permanent marker on a whiteboard; you can go over it with a whiteboard marker of the same color and then wipe it off. This might work on Lego as well. Also just a simple pencil eraser, WD-40 or rubbing alocohol can do the trick. I use Brasso myself for getting printings off of Lego, so don't use that.
  13. That sounds so good! One can only imagine Team Blacktron rolling up in a mean looking Space-Merc while 'Back in Black' is playing...