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  1. Show us some pic's; maybe we can help you out with the construction. ;) Don't give up, sometimes it just asks a few tries before something works out!
  2. Just trying something out with a double wing technique... Dash; a hoverbike inspired by 'Storm Hawks'. More can be found on my FlickR.
  3. Thanks mate! Yeah, the visuals will probably be topnotch. Don't know if they changed a lot in the storyline though.
  4. contest

    Awesome contest & perfect timing with the start of TWD!
  5. Although I haven't read the comics that much, I've seen both movies multipable times. And your build, just makes me think of one sentence... no it isn't death. "I am... the Law!"
  6. I have a dog, but he doesn't chew on stuff... But, my father uses ground coffee & orange peels to keep cats from his garden, maybe this works with Lego as well.
  7. I can't say anything about it really, cause I'm judging the contest...
  8. Thanks, the fig is pretty simple; hair + head + hood + torso + legs = Major Motoko Kusanagi Wanted to use the body armor at first, but it makes the head to high up, just looks weird. TLG needs to make it so the head's recessed, like the life jackets, but with a backside + some extra pouches and in black ofcourse. Also wanted to give her black pants, but in combo with this bike it would become too dark; just needed a splash of color.
  9. Since I'm judging the contest, I can't say much about it...
  10. Dang, just pure awesome! Love that you can swap out stuff and use it detached. The ammount of details you put in it are impressive. Not a fan of that yellow crane though, needs more love imho.
  11. Wow, that thing is huge! I'm always impressed by builders that are able to build in this size...
  12. I can't say anything about it really, cause I'm judging the contest...
  13. Nice shapes, great work! With some minor changes i could easily see it within an cyberpunk city theme!