Ultimate MOC contest

    By Jipay,

    After much booing, pooing, smacking and bucket stealing, it is time for you to decide who will win. Hinckley or Sinner ? Vote for the best MOC here !!


    Lego Indiana Jones Video Game

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and gals, I cannot tell you how excited I am to tell you that there will be a Lego Indiana Jones Video Game 8-

    Chrome Gold C3-PO pics

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and gals,

    Since there are no news at the moment, and to keep the Front Page lively ( :-D ), here are pics of our beloved Chrome C3-PO 8-

    Brickshelf is NOT dead

    By Starwars4J,

    Member KMOI found this just now on the Brickshelf main page

    Notice: Brickshelf will not be shutting down!

    We will be offering "featured" accounts for $5/month shortly.

    We have received hundreds of supportive emails in the past few days including many who said they would like to contribute financially but did not know how. This has had us rethink the practicality of charging for enhanced features.We plan to do this without reducing current functionality for free users. Thank you for your enormous show of support. IMPORTANT: do NOT try to download the entire site, it causes major problems, slows things down for normal users and you will be permanently blocked. We will make older folders public again after we see the crawlers go away.

    Opposite to what people feared earlier today, with most of the site no longer working, Brickshelf will be in fact making a return, and not an early departure!

    You can discuss it here

    Now we can feel free to concentrate on the awesome 2008 lineup! :-D


    Kevin Loch's

    official statement on LUGNET

    A few more 2008 sets

    By sam89,

    These Creator sets were found on Amazon.de:

    LEGO Creator 4837 - MINI Courses (?) EUR 4,99

    LEGO Creator 4838 - MINI Vehicles EUR 4,99

    LEGO Creator 4994 - Gruselige (?) of Animals EUR 9,99

    LEGO Creator 4995 - Freight Helicopter EUR 19,99

    LEGO Creator 4996 - Holiday House EUR 29,99

    As always, discuss these sets here


    By Starwars4J,

    Ever since Brickshelf went down earlier today the general community has been in a panic. Some were curious, and some were angry. Mostly people just wanted to know if it's permanent. I urge everyone to just sit back calmly and wait to see how things unfold. New member Dryw Filtiarn has mentioned that the staff of Peeron.com have been just as confused as we are.

    Right now we don't know what happened, we don't know if it was some sort of attack on their servers. We don't know if it was intentional. We don't know if it's some other small problem. And most importantly we don't know if it's permanent. While I urge everyone to backup whatever pictures they have in case this is permanent, I also urge you to keep a calm head, and remember the possibility that this was temporary.

    No, this wasn't a prank. No, I'm not happy about it either. But if this was an accident it will be okay, and I beg you to remember that. Even if Brickshelf were to go down, it's not the end of the online Lego community. EB would be here tomorrow, as would all the other AFOL sites. The 2008 sets will still come out, and the hobby will persevere. Brickshelf was a vitally important tool, and if it is gone, it just means we'll have to start again. It's not the end of anything, I promise you that. The site may not even be gone for good, heck, you may wake up tomorrow to find all the links restored! So please, try to keep that in mind :-)


    Thanks, and MOC On!

    Edit by Jipay : In case the problem would only be technical, I'd like everyone to keep in mind that websites all have some sort of backup. So if for whatever reason your server crash, you can get back all your data. The only problem being that it takes a lot of time and efforts to manage this operation.

    So as stated by SW4J, just stay calm, don't panic, and everything will be fine.

    List of January 2008 sets !!

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and Gals,

    Our member Christian found on Amazon.de the list of the January '08 sets !!

    Among the sets, there are new Exo Force sets, a new City Police line and a new "Impulse" line.

    Check this thread and found what January '08 holds !!

    10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT

    By sam89,

    Check out these pics found on LEGO's cache:



    Discuss here!

    6246 Crocodile Cage Pictorial Review

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,


    6246 Crocodile Cage is the second smallest set in the Islander sub-theme which depicts a caged Pirate under the watchful eye of a hungry crocodile and an overly pleased Islander.

    Read the full review and leave your thoughts!

    Fun Summer Contests !!

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and Gals,

    To celebrate summer (or the lack of if you live in certain parts of Europe), EB is holding a couple of really fun vignette contests !!

    * hinckley39 is hosting a hilarious Whack-a-Fig Contest where the goal is to whack an EB member's sigfig in the head :-D

    * I am hosting a Kill Jar Jar Contest where the goal is realy straitforward: kill Jar Jar in hilarious ways ;-)

    Enjoy these contests !!

    First pic of Indy !!

    By xwingyoda,

    Here is Indy in all his glory !!


    Tks to our member 007 for finding this !! He found the info From Mr. Meno's blog.

    As always, feel free to discuss this here

    Whip On !!

    Dwarf !

    By Jipay,

    Pictures of the new castle sets :


    Dwarves on !

    Discuss it here.

    Lego universe trailer

    By Jipay,
    trailer link for lego universe (video game)

    Star Wars 2008

    By sam89,

    EDIT 3: DJSaulTNutz has confirmed part of the set list:

    7669 Anakin's Fighter $19.99

    7670 Hail-fire Droid $19.99 (includes tan battle droids, dark gray super battle droids, spider droid)

    7671 AT-AP Podwalker $39.99

    7672 Rogue Shadow $49.99 (3 figs from the EU, very cool)

    Thanks to DJSaulTNutz:

    "From the Classic Trilogy there is a Storm Trooper Dropship which is a small set with a label "Build you armies" comes with 2 stormies and Tie Pilot.

    From the Prequal Trilogy line the AT-PT. Very nice looking with 2 Clones that appeared to be shocktroopers

    From the Clone Wars animated series was Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter. this is a standard episode 2 Jedi Starfighter but is colored similar to his Episode 3 starfighter. (the Grey and Yellow one) very similar to Seasee's starfighter.

    The 4th set was from Force Unleashed. It is Darth Vader's Apprentices ship the Rogue Shadow. it looks alot like the IG-2000. comes with Mini Figs of the Apprentice with a large cut/bandaged area in his midsection, a very very battle damaged Vader, and the female Imperial officer (who's name completely escapes me right now.)"

    EDIT 2: Here is some more news again !! (thanks to DJSaulTNutz of course!).

    There will also be a Grievous model that when assembled is about 12 inches high, and potentiall with a real cloth cape included....I have seen this model myself and it is really fantastic. It will be one of the UCS models for next year.

    EDIT 1: Here's some more news (thanks to DJSaulTNutz of course!).

    The two new battlepacks other than the Stormie battlepack will be:

    Hoth Battlepack - Contents unknown, but NO Taun Taun

    Droid Battlepack - 4 battle droids, 2 super battle droids, a dwarf spider droid and a hailfire droid!

    The names aren't accurate/confirmed, I just made them up based on the contents ;-)

    Click Here to dicuss the great new sets

    Indiana Jones Lego

    By DoubleT,

    It now seems confirmed, that Lego will make Indiana Jones Lego sets.

    The news comes from www.theforce.net that has the folowing:

    "LEGO, the world

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