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Found 2 results

  1. ColletArrow

    LMS Ivatt 2MT

    I think it's about time I built another steam engine! (Prototype picture sourced from: This is the second time I've attempted a model of the LMS Ivatt 2MT in LEGO bricks; the previous version was my first attempt at building a steam loco, from 5 years ago. But I'd like to think I've improved since then, so it was time to give it another go! This model has a long history of evolution - the first version was based on the 79111 Constitution Train Chase. Since that original MOC the engine has been refined over a number of digital models, up until last week when I came hoe from Uni, sat down and built it in real bricks. There then followed several days of fine tuning to the wheelbase, motion, drive and general aesthetics. The final product is a fairly simple 6-wide 2-6-0 tender engine, with PF motor, IR receiver and rechargeable 9V PP3 cell all held in the 3-axle tender. Overall it's a bit rough, but I think I've done the best I can with my ever-limited parts collection. The loco's boiler still retains it's 79111 heritage, but the rest of the model is pretty different to my older MOC - with the exception of the cabside numbers, which are the same home-printed labels from 5 years ago! The rear of the tender is only held on by 2 studs, in order to allow easy access to unclip and swap the 9V PP3 cell. I'm now using dad's old rechargeables, which don't give fantastic performance but are far better than eating stacks of AAAs. Inside the tender things get pretty tight with all the cables, but it seems to work well. As you've probably already spotted, the loco features some working lighting. 1x1 headlight bricks can positioned in any of the 4 spaces required to display the correct lamp code, although PF LEDs can only be used in the three spots along the bufferbeam. However, given the loco is destined to haul short freights, only one headlamp is required - so I put the other LED behind the firebox in the cab. The boiler backhead isn't particularly accurate (there's no regulator for a start), but it gives a good ambience - especially in the dark. Finally, 46447 seen with her 'train'. It's pretty short for 2 reasons - 1, I only have 8 wheelsets, and one had to be used under the tender thus limiting the number of wagons I can build. Two, with the motor in the light tender pushing a heavy loco, and especially when powered by old rechargeables, she's pretty weak. The less strain I put on her, the longer she'll run for on one charge. As usual, there's a bricksafe folder with a handful more photos and a LDD file: I can't promise any accuracy of the LDD file this time, especially in the region where the cylinders connect to the chassis, but it will certainly give anyone interested a better idea what's going on. There's also an older version in the background coloured in Dark Green, just for comparison! But why did I rebuild this model now? For the last 4 years or so now, I've come home from Univeristy for Christmas, and set up a LEGO train around the tree. This year I finally decided it was time for something different to the pannier tank I've had for the last 3 - and so this whole scene was developed. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good Christmas!
  2. ScotNick

    WIP - LMS

    Hey folks! Well, some years ago I designed a model of an LMS (London Midland and Scottish Railway) Ivatt Class 2MT 2-6-2T engine designed in LDD. So one week ago I changed the livery to the one that was really used and reduced bricks (it just has about 580 for that detailed model). Furthermore I tried to incorporate Power Functions. There is enough room for them, the PF Small motor will definitely fit, but I'll try it with the PF Large motor first. Here is the design from LDD: Here is a pic where you see the PF components: I have built some of the model in real bricks, I just don't have all the parts yet( at least in the right color), though I nearly finished one side: The trailing wheels all clear nicely in curves. I also designed a model of the BR 9F 'Evening Star' which could be operated with Power Functions or 9v in the tender, maybe I will try my hands on that one sometime: I hope you enjoyed it, I will update the thread when it's more finished.