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Found 8 results

  1. The Golden Temple is a gurdwara (Sikh temple) located in the city of Amritsar in Punjab in northern India. The Golden Temple is the holiest shrine of Sikhs, and more than 100,000 people visit the temple every month. The temple was built in the late 16th century. Its sanctum walls were covered in marble and the dome was decorated with gold foil by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the early 19th century. I visited the temple in 2019. Since then, I have wanted to build a LEGO model of the temple. But it wasn't until 2023 that I got hold of enough gold-colored LEGO bricks to build the temple. Here is a photo of the real temple: Here are some more pictures of my MOC: The domes are built of gold bananas.
  2. In 2018 I visited the historic city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan in Central Asia. It inspired me to build this LEGO creation. 500 years ago, Bukhara was an important trading center on the Silk Road. The old town is very well preserved and many of the old buildings still look as they did 500 years ago. The Kalyan Minaret was built in 1127. The Mir-i-Arab Madrasah was built in 1536. The Kalyan Minaret was built in 1127. The Mir-i-Arab Madrasah was built in 1536.
  3. Lasse

    [MOC] Cambodia

    In January 2020 I visited Angkor Thom in Cambodia. It gave me inspiration to build this LEGO creation. It is inspired by the Angkor Thom City Gate in Cambodia. The city gate was built by the Khmer Empire around year 1200. Around year 1900 the ruins of the city was rediscovered and explored by European travelers. Today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Year 1200: Year 1900: Year 2022: Year 1200: Year 1900: Year 2022: Year 1200: Year 1900: Year 2022: Seen from the back: Year 1200: Year 1900: Year 2022: The real Angkor Thom City Gate can be seen here:
  4. Tōrō Nagashi Temple of the floating lantern We are different from one another. Each guild is set in its own ways. Each part believes in certain tools, certain gods, certain values. But there is one thing that binds us all. In the end of every battle, expedition or course of life, our destinies are tied together, bound to reach the same destination. Death. It is upon each of us to deal with it and understand what is beyond. Are the final days... final? Mankind has struggled with these questions and yet, the absence of our loved ones haunts our nights. The fear of the inevitable is in our shadows. And it is always going to be. The ancient scholars of the Yureishima Islands have pondered over the matters of life and death for over 3000 years. Their findings were written in a collection of tales in an old, forgotten language, and buried under their shrines and monuments of worship. Stories of honor, happiness and spirituality are spread across the world, waiting to be found and passed on. Some of these writings have influenced each guild, and how each family faces the last moments of one’s existence. One tale, called Toro Nagashi, described the journey of a grieving girl that followed the lanterns in pursuit of her passed grandfather, only to find comfort in remembering his stories. Toro Nagashi gives name to the ritual of the Floating Lanterns, a ritual that honors the dead and makes us remember. The ancient writings were roughly translated and are depicted here below. ________ The dim light of her lantern faded in the distance against the dark canvas of the night, and a single tear found its way across her cheek, leaping and vanishing into the snow. Tōrō Nagashi. It was supposed to be beautiful, to honor the souls of those who have fallen. But it made her heart ache, for that floating lantern only reminded her that even the strongest, the wisest and the most caring, perish before the gods. “Follow the lanterns”, Ojīchan said moments before embracing his eternal sleep. But her light had long vanished along the mountains, taken by the blowing wind. That night, she woke to a distant whisper. And beyond the white veil that covered the world, she saw a distant glow cutting the stillness of the night. A delicate sparkle sliced its way between the trees, into the unknown. As if pushed by the old spirits, curiosity found her, and she followed. Beneath a sea of stars, a radiant glare danced and twirled among the leaves, while the girl, ever so proud, ran in its pursuit. The closer she reached, the weaker it got, and when the glow turned as faint as the last remaining star, she found herself where only her dreams could take her. A frosted spear pierced the night sky over a brilliant gloom. Behind a torii gateway, she realized she was staring at the work of the ancient gods, stepping into a sacred ground. Inside, only one lantern shone. But its gleam, reflecting under the red leaves of an old maple tree, was as bright as the sun. Under a frozen roof of red leaves, she stood beside the one lantern that cleared the night and heard the familiar voice of her Ojīchan say “Follow the lanterns” to fill the void she carried. Eyes shut, her knees dug in the snow, she gasped the frigid air and found her Kokoro. Mind, body, heart, and spirit were one, connected to the invisible force that binds us all. A warm embrace held her tight, and she was taken by all the memories that gave immortality to the living. Ojīchan would always be there. Always. She opened her eyes, only to see the distant light of her floating lantern, flying away, beyond the crops, the hills, the mountain peaks. Arigatō, Ojīchan ________ It is said that those who have gone, walk among us. We need only remember their stories so they will live forever in our every action. Once a year, to honor their deeds and remember their legacy, the guilds perform a ritual of gratitude, influenced by the Toro Nagashi tale. Fluglytka, they call it in high Mitgardian. Aflygum Beorht in high Avalonian. Fanuteayim in Kaliphlin, and Uccelli Galleggianti in old Varlyrio. Each person has its own temple, its own place of worship, a hidden place in our hearts to meet those who are gone. Find that dim light, as faint as it may be, and follow it. And you will find your temple, your gratitude, and your own place of comfort. So, we realize they are never truly gone. We need only... to follow the lanterns. Louis of Nutwood, A tribute to my grandfather Ojīchan (also known as Fiobvr, The Wise), who now floats beyond the frosty mountains of the North. ________ CDC2, Ancient Wonders for Mitgardia. Please comment. Would love to know what you think.
  5. Main Photo by Ben Lee, on Flickr A vibrant jungle garden, hidden in a secret rainforest in Southeast Asia. Long forgotten by human eyes, Buddha watches the plants and animals around him thrive. Built for the Eurobricks Flower Show. Angled View by Ben Lee, on Flickr Birdseye by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 3 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 1 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr
  6. The Ruins of St.Paul's is the ruins of a 16th-century complex in Macau including of what was originally St.Paul's College and the Church of St.Paul, a 17th-century Portugese church. Today, the ruins are one of Macau's best know landmarks. In 2005, they were officially listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Macau is to the west of Hong Kong. It only takes you an hour to go there from Hong Kong by jets. For more information:
  7. markus1984

    [MOC] The Iron Force - IDSMOR2

    Hey, Here i want show you my entry for the second round of the 3ten Star Wars MOC-Olympics on Imperium der Steine. Category The Last Jedi! "Lotus flowers, katanas and a sensei who speaks comically. A touch of the Far East blows throught the Star Wars Universe". My "luck" was that i have to build against Cecilie. Not my favorite opponent for Round2 ( ) but a big challange and it was very funny to build SW with Asia Style. "The Iron Force" All photos on Flickr, Here the great enty from cecilie Thanks to her for this fantastic battle and best congrates for winning the round! markus
  8. Grimmbeard

    Chinese Junk

    [pid][/pid] 142A This is my first Moc post on Eurobricks, but it is certainly not my first Moc . This is my newest ship. I built it after watching POTC At World's End, having been inspired by the Junk in the movie. I also wanted to have a try at custom hulls, something I have not tried before. They didn't come out too bad, did they? I'm sorry for the bad quality, this was taken on an IPod. Here is the full ship, with crew on it. Without Crew Gundeck/Midsection Stern area/poop deck Instead of using a steering Wheel, like most ships, I thought a tiller would add more of an Asian and exotic feel, so here is my tiller. It doesn't actually move the rudder, though Bow/Front Area Head on shot. Anchor. Its not the best designed, and probably not very realistic . I could probably make it better, but I like how it comes over the front. Stern shot and Rudder. Here is a little bit of how I did the hulls. Not really sure how much you can get out of it, though . Front small sail. Back Large Sail. Finally, The Crew. Captain First Mate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate Pirate and Ship's Monkey And, that's it! I hope you liked it. Any and all Comments and criticism are very welcome