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Found 1 result

  1. Introduction: Have you ever dreamed of that moment when your ultimate wish finally comes true as you step out of the shuttle and, reaching down to touch the rocky surface of your destination, finally and irrevocably demolish your childhood impressions of the moon as a blob of Swiss cheese? Yeah, me neither. If you happened to be able to fit inside a LEGO brick, you could come pretty close in this 7467 International Space Station set. But although I’m short, I’m not quite that short. So I’ll stay on the outside, and see if I can bring you a different perspective on the appealing mess of solar panels, extending arms, and moving clips that this set is. Your first look at it comes courtesy of Brickset. Second, a boxed shot from BrickLink. Next I’ll present you with my picture of this seven-paneled, heavily stickered set. Looks pretty technologically advanced. I’d like to see what size those panels would be to scale! Product Details: Name: International Space Station Number: #7467 Theme: Discovery Year: 2003 Pieces: 162 Minifigures: 0 Price: USD $15.00 Source: Brickset Interested in building it yourself? You can download the instructions here! Instructions: Since this is such an old set, and one that was given to me used, I don’t have the box. But I do have the instructions, so never fear, you’re not getting out of all the paperwork! Here’s a random page. The booklet has a nice solar system atmosphere. And the back inside pages. Is anyone else wondering why the minifigure size shuttle gets the same size solar panels as this set? Let’s take a look at the back. It’s rather curiously square, but all in all, the instruction booklet is pretty nice. I mentioned the stickers earlier, and I’ll take the opportunity to state the obvious and say that they are already applied. Only two are missing, to the best of my knowledge (the two sides of the shuttle’s tail fin); I’ll point that out more specifically when we get there. I counted twenty-eight total (sure glad I didn’t have to apply all those myself!). Of those, three at least are STAMPS (STickers Across Multiple PieceS) and two others might be STAMPS if they hadn’t gotten ever so slightly crumpled somewhere along the line. But! There is one piece of printed goodness! Spot me if you can! Build: Below is a shot of the complete parts selection available in this set. I didn’t dare to take the pieces with STAMPS apart but the rest is dismantled. And yes, that’s twenty-four clips (sixteen white 1x1s and four double sided old grey arms). With all the random solar panels and what not sticking out all over, I figured a “barebones” view might help. Next up – remember those twenty-four clips? This thing is insanely poseable. What does I.S.S. stand for, you ask? Well, it might stand for International Space Station, but Insane Series of Solar panels is another good guess. Now a view from the back: Note the chrome plated piece on the end of the metal detector! Now let’s take a good look at the shuttle! For such a small build, it’s really nice. Note the missing tail fin stickers, and the printed nosepiece! Also notice the placing of cones inside a brick with two technic pin holes. If I recall correctly, that would be an “illegal” technique by today’s standards. The technic pin holes are ever so slightly smaller than the size of a stud, I believe. Snap it on the Insane Series of Solar panels and you’re ready to go! Of course, extreme poseability brings problems of its own with it. “Houston, we have a problem!” Important! Smoke and excess flame NOT included in the International Space Station. As for the building experience itself, if you like clipping things together, and if you like mind boggling almost-not-quite mirror image building, you’ll love this. For the rest of us, it’s not bad, as long as you aren’t too concerned about following the instructions in every jot and tittle. Conclusion: So here we are, wrapping up our look at the International Space Station. It’s got a few things going against it; the excessive amount of stickers, the fact that it can easily be inconveniently posed, and (in my opinion) the “old” greys. On the other hand, it is impressively tall, surprisingly sturdy, and includes a very neat little shuttle. So let’s systematize this and see what we’ve got! Playability: 6/10 – Like I said, this thing is pretty well over the top in terms of poseability. But on the other hand, there isn’t really a whole lot to do other than swoosh the little shuttle around. To be sure, swooshing shuttles is sometimes satisfying, but other times you just want to have an all-out battle. So it ranks just above average for me! Design: 8/10 – It is pretty cool, that I’ve got to admit. Also, given the projections sticking out all over the place, the final build is remarkably sturdy and the attachment point for the shuttle is at the perfect spot. Swooshablility: 9/10 – Obviously, you’re not going to be swooshing the station itself around – at least, I hope not! – but when it comes to the shuttle, that thing really can be fun! Price: 9/10 – Let’s just say that if you find this for $15 dollars, it’s a bargain! Right now it is priced at just over $85 dollars new on BrickLink. It has quite a few nifty white pieces, lots of clips which I’m always using and losing, and stands at a satisfying size. Personally, I’m not a fan of the old greys so that counts against it, but otherwise it’s a nice, well priced set… that is, it was. Overall: 8/10 – Well above the average score, this set is aesthetically appealing without completely losing all play value. While I can’t see the seven year olds flocking around it, it seems to be pretty eye catching for slightly older children. And space has always been an intriguing theme! So… we have lift off! Now let’s go and disprove this Swiss cheese thing once and for all! Important! Smoke and excess flame NOT included in the International Space Station.