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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I've got some new sets and it allowed me to improve one of my mocs. This cottage is hidden deep in the Fire Woods - there's magical trees that takes no harm from dragon's fire and lava, so dragons and other creatures of fire elemnt may live here. Cottage have not so much space inside, so I stuffed it as much as I can. On first floor there's something like workplace with shelf full of magical ingredients (it's so funny to build such tiny and simple things - such as "hmm, what is it may be? Okay, magic root or dragon's tooth!" ) , dinner table on the second and small attic for any old stuff. The most trouble I had with roof, it's quite easy to break it but in first I tried to make it look not too bad. After all I completely forgot to add leaves everywhere as elves style needs, so I decided to build different types of trees and make garden of them. I heve idea to make tan-wood tree, it would be an legendary White tree, but I already used my tan half-arcs in another moc, so may be next time. Hope you'll like it! :)
  2. Hey everybody, this is my second MOC I present you. I was really dissappointed that TLG didn´t make any sets based on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This movie had some incredible scenes which they could have turned into some Lego sets. The climatic battle should have givem them a lot of ideas. After I have seen this movie a second time, I´ve got to build something based on this movie, but I wanted to make it look like an set, which TLG could have published. My idea was, to put Captain America and the Winter Soldier into a 15€/12$ set, and I love their final battle, so I started to build something.... Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Final Confrontation Parts: 93 Figures: 2 (Captain America & The Winter Soldier) This set would have included Captain America & The Winter Soldier and a bridge to the server. It has two play features: -the turnable server and -exploding gateway and platform I´ve used the Captain America from the Avenging Cycle, I wasn´t able to pick the more appropiate Captain America from the Cap vs HYDRA set The Cap holds his shield and a chip. The Winter Soldier is made of a black torso, on which I´ve glued a Winter Soldier decal found in the internet, and a simple light grey arm, a black pants from a Space Police alien, a head from an Indiana Jones soldier and Dastan´s hair. He holds a black nozzle and on his back he´s got a gun from Star Wars. I´ve decided to make him maskless because in this particular scene, he doesn´t wears a mask either The bridge is the main feature of this MOC. The play features are the turnable server and the exploding platform. This is not a special play feature. It just turns, nothing more If you´ll push the black handle, the lever will cause the platform to flip back and pushes the gateway up. Works nice as a catapult too Some action shots.... I hoped you enjoyed my MOC. But I have to say, something like this couldn´t have been made as a 15€/12$ set because it´s location based and not an unnecessary vehicle. Thank you for watching!
  3. Hello EB! A few days ago I told that I returned, I was away for a long, long time. Today I'll show you my latest MOC, I still created another one, but I won't show that one. Enjoy my MOC, C & C is always welcome. I alway have loved to make castle MOC's, so here is one again. But in the future I'll change my theme for a while, I'll create a pirates MOC. More I wouldn't say yet.. A normal day in the Middle-ages, the farmer is going to haymake and the chickens are walking around in the courtyard. Enjoy! Some other pictures in the Spoiler: Greetingz
  4. Hello everyone welcome to my very first MOC on Eurobricks. I´m new here and I hope you like my MOC. Here we go: Here is the front view of the mansion. I´ve tried to make the cliff look as real as possible. All of those three stages can be seperated from each other. Here is the side view of the mansion. The mansion is supported by two of those columns and the cliff. The top of the Mansion from above. You see I did not close the roof, so it´s opened. The living room. It contains a couch, a table with a cup, a TV (to watch the news ;) ) and a small kitchen area. Yes, it is imported from the Original Set The lab section from the front Tony´s workshop and the Hall of Armor from behind. There are additional slots for other suits. I´ve just got the MK VI armor from the Cosmic Cube Escape, that´s why the other slots are empty. The workshop from side view. The platform Tony is standing on is turnable. Sry I can´t show you. The Hall of Armor. I used blue lightsaber pieces to simulate the lights and used transparent blue wall pieces for the back. See this lever? For all of you who have seen Iron Man 3 knows for what it´s for. For those who didn´t, skip the next photos. SPOILER KABOOM! The suits will blow away if you push it hard enough. Here you see how it works. For questions, you can ask me by replying Here are the figures. I haven´t got the Malibu Mansion Set yet, so I had to improve and MOCked some Tony and Pepper Minifigs. It´s Tony´s Avengers head, Mutt Williams hair, a custom black torso with grey arms and black legs. For Pepper I used the Tennis Woman´s hair from the collectible minifigs, Marion Ravenwood´s head, a custom torso made out of flesh arms and Marion Ravenwood´s dress from the Lost Tomb and some black legs. I hope you like my MOC. Please subscribe, thank you for watching.
  5. r_history_lego0

    [MOC] The Dragons Castle Gate

    Hello guys, Here I'm back.. I was ofline for a few months by school.. But here is my return with a castle MOC.. I hope you like it.. C & C are welcome.. Soon I would make a big castle.. tips are very welcome.. this was only a sample Enjoy