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  2. Blinded with Fury

    Awesome creation!! I can not wait for your tutorial aswell ;)
  3. [MOC] A normal day in the middle-ages

    Thanks to all :) I was away for a while, today I will probably update some new moc's. Hope I am able to stay now for longer then I could in the past. School takes so much time of my life, also I love to play Tanki Online.
  4. [MOC] A normal day in the middle-ages

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you too! Thank you, it isn't difficult to create.. If you want, I'll post some other photo's of the pond. Thank you! _________ @WilrickB
  5. Hello EB! A few days ago I told that I returned, I was away for a long, long time. Today I'll show you my latest MOC, I still created another one, but I won't show that one. Enjoy my MOC, C & C is always welcome. I alway have loved to make castle MOC's, so here is one again. But in the future I'll change my theme for a while, I'll create a pirates MOC. More I wouldn't say yet.. A normal day in the Middle-ages, the farmer is going to haymake and the chickens are walking around in the courtyard. Enjoy! Some other pictures in the Spoiler: Greetingz @WilrickB
  6. Back on EB

    Thank you all :) __________
  7. Derlin the druids' cottage

    Really beautiful The rocks look likes so beautiful!! Well done!! _____________ @WilrickB
  8. Back on EB

    Hello EuroBricks!
  9. MOC: Ragoth attacks!

    Great, I really like the tower structure! I'll experience with that in the future :) Well done WilrickB
  10. LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    If you find the ''gold minifig'', for how much you can sell it?
  11. [MOC] The Iron Throne

    Wow, a wonderful throne, excellent!!
  12. The Assassination Of Henri IV (14 May 1610)

    Wow great, the windows look great And the carriage too!! Well done
  13. Concentric Castle Moc WIP

    Great update.. I'm waiting for the next one..
  14. Winter by Family

    I go try it by my upcoming MOC.. Thank you
  15. [MOC] Distrazione

    Great watch tower!! Is it not a bit small?? - Maybe a bit, but that makes it so lovely WilrickB