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Found 11 results

  1. This is a story belongs to old western miners. In the spring of 1823, Trevor and Austin brothers found a mine near Louisiana. Their only dream was to become rich, but things did not turn out as they had hoped. Category 1 (SMALL SET) Sheriff's Office : 77 pieces (10 USD) Category 1 (MAIN SET) FIGHT FOR GOLD : ~ 1100 pieces (110 USD) An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Bandits or Miners, choose your side.. Category 2 (MINIFIGURE LINE UP) Miners; Trevor and Austin brothers at right and their cousins at left side. (Dustin, Maynard, Reeves) Bandits; Billie, Jack and Jesse brothers. They had a bad childhood. There is only one thing they are good at, BRAVADO The stands under the figures are also included. You can display your figures with these stands likewise batmobile, thumbler etc. sets.. Moreover, there will be 5 more sets next to the sets above which are; - Gold Mine: This is a set which will be around 70 USD including a skunk, Austin, Reeves and Maynard. - Sheriff's Building: This set will cost around 80 USD and includes 4 minifigures. Sheriff Wyatt, his deputy, Billie and Jack where Jack is in prison and Billie tries to save him. -Camp fire: It will be a 20 USD set consists of Jack, Jesse, a snake and a horse. Jack and Jesse makes camp fire while travelling. -Chasing bandits: Consists of 3 minifigures; sheriff Wyatt, his deputy and Jack also some trees and horses. It will cost around 30 USD. -Stagecoach: It will cost around 45 USD which includes two horses and 3 minifigures as Dustin, Maynard and Reeves.
  2. romashkaman

    [MOC] Series 1 b-headz

    Hello! I'm glad to post my series 1 custom brickheadz. Flickr album with more photos: flickr You can find building instructions here: rebrickable Thanks for your attention!
  3. Hello, here is a render from Bricklink Studio software of a Sheriff's Office that I designed for my Western Town. Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Western Town Sheriff Office by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  4. rock raider

    MOC: Police Motorcycle

    Here's a project I made a while ago but never took the time to upload. I wasn't satisfied with the the pre-made Lego motorcycles so I decided to try my own Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr I ended up making two for my Sheriff's Department Police Motorcycle by Fred Cleaver, on Flickr Thanks for looking. As always, constructive feedback is welcome.
  5. Cloudstrife84

    The Mankind Machine

    Hi everybody, my name is Pierluigi, aka Cloudstrife84, i’m from Italy and aftter months of hard work, I finally realized my Lego Ideas project. Help me make it a reality. Come look, ask if you like my idea and if you want to see my set realized, supported and share it a lot. Supported and share. Thank you very much. The Mankind Machine Relive the most important historical facts of Mankind with this Lego Set divided by past eras. Discovering the history of man has never been so much fun!!! Hunt the Mammoth with the Neanderthal man, dominate Ancient Egypt with the Pharaoh, fight with the Roman gladiators or assault the castle in the Middle Ages. Why don't discover the glories of the Italian Renaissance with Galileo or land in the New World with Christopher Columbus? Help the sheriff of the Far West or allied with Indians. Defend the Japanese Emperor from the attack of ninjas or participate in the taking of the Bastille during the French Revolution. You will be able to do all this and much more thanks to the Laboratory that allows you to travel through Time to relive the most important facts that have characterized the Mankind History. Detailed interchangeable Lego Sets that can be assembled in the central Laboratory. You choose the Sets with your favorite eras or collective all to retrace the exploits and events of man through time. Each Set is composed of about 500 Lego pieces and contains 4 mini-figures representing important and characteristic characters of the time expressed in the Set. Each set can also be closed to form a pretty box. I have always loved time travel and I think I am not the only one who would like a Lego Set that reproduces in a comfortable, pratical and beautiful to see, various historical eras. Perfect, then, in my opinion, both to stimulate the imagination of children, who learn the most important stages of Mankind while playing, and for adults who want to collect all the Sets, thus having at home a perfect reproduction in Lego of the fantastic History of Man!!! Hope you like this Idea. Hope you have a great 2019, see you next year. Thanks.
  6. de-marco

    [MOC] Sheriff car

    Sheriff car building instructions Parts list
  7. I'll let your imagination supply the rest.......
  8. Life in the Wild Brick West is not easy and keeping order is even more difficult. It's not like in Lego City where a couple of megaphones and torchlights are enough to warrant the law to prevail. In the Wild Brick West if you want to protect honest citizens from brick bandits, stud robbers and outlaw Minifigures you need… The Sheriff Brick Corps This is a very small army, actually it's more a "unit" than an army but since it's rare to see the Wild West setting in the Lego universe I decided to share this little project with you Also, I don't know if this is the right place. I know there is a topic about Castle armies but nothing about Wild West "armies" so I decided to post a new topic. Anyway let me know what you think about this project. Comments are always welcome
  9. viracocha

    MOC Fateful Encounter

    If you heard nothing about a gang of Ginger Joe then you probably were born much later the events that occurred on the territory of the future state of Colorado. In 1858, in the streams of the Rockies gold was found. Thousands of people flocked here going for the gold. Soon prospectors camps have turned into small towns and became the object of attack of the the Indians and robbers. Then all knew the most notorious thugs - Joe gang. His fiery red hair was seen at the attacks on shops merchants, robberies on the roads and even attacks on bank branches. So far, luck was on the side of the bandits, but this time it all went wrong... Bank robbery was planned carefully. All foreshadowed easy profits. But, instead of the two guards with sawn-off shotguns, hijackers met well armed force. In the skirmish was killed most of the gangs, but Joe himself managed to escape. He decided to get rid of the chase and to lay low for the some time... By the wild narrow path riding on the Caesar he sneaks to Arizona. But suddenly old Sheriff Bill Kanning blocked the way... IMG_8894_11 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8899_2 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8900_3 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8905_6 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr Thank you for watching and comments! More photos of Caesar and Ginger Joe at my Flickr.
  10. Grimmbeard

    [MOC] A Resting Threat

    Hey again everyone! This is my second MOC on the Historic Themes forum, this time in the Western category. I built this as a way to add variety to my MOCs, as Western is a theme that I like, but haven't gotten that into. I also built it to bring to Brickfair in a couple weeks. So, here it is The whole thing, on a 34 x 50 base Bandits in the mountain. Cowboy Camp. And that's it! As always, C&C welcome. More Photos and full set on Flickr.