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Found 182 results

  1. Ready for an incredible journey on the Mississippi aboard the vessel "Mississippi Princess"? The paddlewheel steamboat has 4 bridges: -The lowest includes sessions for passengers, a sofa and the engine room with the 10-cylinder diesel engine 20000HP -The first deck includes 1 suite, 1 double, 1 twin bedroom, 1 shared bathroom and the emergency room and service. All cabins have windows with portholes. The bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower. The second deck is home to the central control of the funnels and the terrace He sees the presence of a service area equipped with 2 high power LED headlamp for lighting at night and "the BELL ". The last deck on the other hand has a small rooftop and the cockpit. The control center is equipped with radar, sonar and computer. The vessel is equipped with two drawbridges for the boarding and alighting of passengers, both controlled by articulating arms and driven by pulleys. In navigation access to drawbridges it is controlled by gates. The paddlewheel is equipped with 8 blades for pushing. I published this project on LEGO Ideas, where you can find more detailed picts.<p>I used LDD to build and Bluerender for rendering. I hope you like it <span style="color: #76787A"><span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif"><span style="color: #222222">
  2. This train has quite a past.... The train seen above has been a project of mine in LEGO Digital Designer since 2012. This was the first version from August of that year, and needless to say I bought it and it worked well... on straight track only. So I went back to my drawing board and scrapped the engine. After 4 years of wanting to build it "right" and countless revisions, I (with help from EB users TF Twitch and TheShubes and a lot of parts of Lego sets) have come up with the train seen below. This engine was originally modeled after set 7597 (Western Train Chase) with some design inspiration from TF Twitch's "Humble Sapphire" 4-4-0. The engine also features a boiler copied from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to keep it inline with the rest of my steam locomotives. The rear of the loco features a ladder to the tender-top. These passenger cars were mostly inspired by set 10014 (Passenger wagon) but repainted red instead of green and with fancy part 30613 "Brick, Arch 3 x 6 x 5 Ornamented" on the end of the cars. (link to this part on BL: ) The whole train together. I might be mistaken, but user TheShubes may have been the one to inspire these coaches with his own red versions of set 10014. Also, if anyone wants to see the structures that go with this train, please see this thread about the station: Speaking of stations, the one in that thread was ordered yesterday.
  3. Good Evening All, What happens when you smash your 60098 red cargo train into a vintage 7725 then rebuild it as one train? I have been trying to work out what to do with my new 60098 red cargo locomotive as it is just not, well, how can I put this kindly? Coal fired enough. It was a great little loco but those curved red 2x2s on the roof were crying out to be turned into a red 0-4-0 saddle tank engine! I used the same basic layout as my dark blue engine but gave her a sturdier (in appearance but not structurally) smoke box, new bunker and static side rods. The side rods are a compromise as I need her to run reliably at Brickexpo in Canberra in July. The added benefit is that this is all unmodified bricks (this time)! After Brickexpo I will look at moving side rods… Fans of 7777 may identify the culprit wielding the spanner. Thank you to Bricksmith, Rail Co, Paperballpark and Chromeknight for giving me the motivation to complete this project. It would be great to have all our little shunters running together one day but I fear they are all a shade too geographically dispersed. Sorry Modified 60098 With Lowered Roof and Extra Train Weights. It is time to become a steam engine... by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Sorry Modified 60098 With Lowered Roof and Extra Train Weights. It is time to become a steam engine... by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr Lego Power Functions 0-4-0 saddle tank steam locomotive in red by Canvas Rails, on Flickr As always, more photos on Flickr Suggestions for improvements are most welcome and I have plenty of time to make modifications
  4. Hi all! I've just submitted a set idea to Lego ideas, but reached a problem. Here's an image of the set idea below; as of writing this the idea is still awaiting approval so is not on the Lego Ideas website: While i've put a lot into making the set look nice and giving it playability, there is one problem that I still feel like i should tackle to make this a solid idea for a set. Most/all train sets produced by Lego are supplied with the ability to have Power Functions. As this is a small saddle tank engine, there is no room for a motor. The passenger carriage does have space that could accommodate a power functions battery and receiver, but that would mean that the engine and coach would have to be permanently attached. Lego won't make alternative molds for ideas sets, so suggesting an alternative motor design would not be possible. Does anyone have any ideas? would be a great help! Many thanks, Isaac.
  5. Hi Eurobrick Train fans =:) Im trying to find if anyone knows where I can buy these steam train instructions under this listing on ebay 281956356126. The seller mentions printed instructions in the listing notes. I have tried to contact the seller but I have had no reply. Ive looked on railbricks and have downloaded the BR23 instructions there but model is not very robust. Any help appreciated :) Kind Regards Yogi from Oz !
  6. M_slug357

    Design Contest Proposition

    Hi all, I've been doing a bit of brainstorming about what to do concerning the current state of affairs for trains on Lego Ideas, and while I am currently working on a couple different solutions of my own, I finally landed on an idea that would include all of you as well. A bit of friendly competition, all towards a common goal: a better/more appealing train set offering for Lego fans. So, I am proposing we start a set design contest here on Eurobricks!! (maybe even get it up on the front page?) The Parameters: -A complete train set, not a standalone car, engine, or track-side structure. Generally an engine, 2-3 rolling stock, and one structure. -A 1000 parts count maximum, which must include necessary PF elements and at least 20 pieces of track (standard oval). -A self-contained engine, meaning no rolling stock can carry necessary PF elements. -At least 2-3 "play features", not including the operation of the train itself. -At least one alternate build. (Alternate models do not have to meet the same requirements as the primary model) -Must use parts currently in production, however new/different colors of said parts can be used. Some Suggestions: -Come up with a few stories about what the minifigs included in the set could and would be doing. -Try to avoid using generic flat cars and wimpy helicopters. -Use 1-2 rare/unique colors that haven't appeared in a train set yet, like azure, purple, dark red, etc. -Try not to make your train too regionally specific by using road names such as GWR, LNER, UP, CN, etc. Color schemes may be mimicked though. -Develop a play feature that hasn't been used in a train set before. -Try to have each element of the set be as interesting on its own as it is with the rest of the set. I'm not sure how much time should be given to a contest like this, but I'd reckon about 30-90 days would be about right? Then, about 2-4 weeks for voting? The top 3-5 projects (depending on the amount of participants) could then be refined a bit before submitting to Lego Ideas. If this contest receives frontpage support, maybe some prizes could be awarded to the top finalists...? Let me know your thoughts on my proposition, and also who I need to contact to make this happen! Thanks for your time, ~M_Slug~
  7. Hey everyone! Normally I post in the Train Tech forum. I wasn't sure if this MOC belonged here, but Commander Wolf insisted that this was the correct forum. The Lombard Steam Log Hauler was the first commercially-produced vehicle to use caterpillar tracks. They were essentially a small saddle-tank steam locomotive mounted on a frame with a transmission driving a short pair of treads. The front of the vehicle was supported by a pair of skids or small wheels, which were steered to turn the vehicle. Operating the vehicle required a team of three: the engineer, the fireman, and the steersman, who sat on the small platform in front to steer the vehicle. This model uses the same general SNOT-based boiler as my narrow-gauge single Fairlie locomotive. As was the case for that model, I mostly freelanced the design while looking at reference images (this one in particular), rather than scaling an engineering drawing as I usually do (engineering drawings for both vehicles were hard to come by). The end result is approximately the same scale as my other models. Another angle. The interior of this model is identical to the Fairlie. I'd like to have a crew to operate it, but I don't have any lumberjack minifigs! Full Brickshelf gallery here (pending moderation). Let me know what you think!
  8. This engine began life as Anthony Sava's 2-8-4 Berkshire based on the real Pere Marquette 1225, from which I purchased instructions of way back in 2012. I then modified the model with a new boiler, longer wheelbase (two extra drivers making it into 2-10-4), reddish brown exterior paint scheme, new cow-catcher, smoke-box door, and pistons. More recently, I reconfigured the engine back into a 2-8-4 Berkshire in order to add a better front pony truck, modeled after the one in the Emerald Night set. (10194) The engine handles better than the Texas version, and is easier to roll thanks to the improved pistons. Here is the engine on a curve to let you get an idea of the overhang. The firebox door maybe a little large, but I like it better than the original 4 x 4 dish that was on the original Berkshire way back in 2012 when I first built it. No ldd file is available, sorry! ...and here is a picture that looks good as a desktop on my computer: "Take it to the limit" Brick Railway Systems "Berkshire" 6297 meets Southern Pacific "Daylight" 4460 at the yard limit sign near Barrett's Station. And yes, the title is a nod at the Eagles song of the same name. Here is the train this engine pulls: The baggage car The three updated coaches.. and yes, I know the cars are a bit wonky in their placement: the first car is off the rails a bit, while the second is on a bit of a hill and the third is cut-off in the left edge. The observation car... this one features the 909 markings on the rear deck. Originally these cars were 30 studs long and 8 studs wide, plus their were six of them. Their length wrapped around my Dad's 8 foot-long layout, so I got rid of two of them, reducing the length dramatically but also reducing the number of cars to four. A Berkshire (not yet a Texas type at this point in time and way before being color-swapped to brown and going back to being a Berkshire) type pulling a skimpy four car train looked silly, so I came up with what you see here: five 24 stud-long train cars in 6 wide. Where did get the idea for them in the first place? They were inspired by a 8 wide Galaxy Express 999 MOC I saw years ago on Brickshelf. (see it here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=374748 ) The name of this train was changed to the tune of the Beatles song "One after 909" from the album "Let it Be". Then I tried a bunch of words after that go with 909, including the following: limited, express, cannonball, flyer, runner, and a bunch of other names and combination of said names I can't recall right now. Eventually, I ran into National Limited on accident when correcting a typo. I liked the way it sounded, and thus 909 National Limited was born. Unfortunately, their is no LDD file for the passenger train.
  9. As some of you may know, I changed the black-and-red Texas type steam engine to a more photogenic reddish brown color and added a bigger smoke-box door to the front of the engine. Here is the original version of this engine from a few months back. ...and here is the new version, with a photo taken earlier this month. Their was one problem with this engine though. It had only my 8-studs wide 34-studs long train cars for it to pull. These four (yes, only four) train cars looked really weird next the engine, as the cars were almost as long as the engine (without the tender)! So, I set about redesigning the coaches, which had named the 909 National limited. Here is the results of that rebuilding: This car is the baggage / passenger car, also known as a combine. These two cars are passenger coaches, though I might just make a third one someday. Also, as you may have noticed, the cars are too far apart from each other. This was fixed by moving the wheels back a hole in the train base soon after the photos were taken. The car you see here is just the observation with it's "909" plaque on the rear. Where did get the idea for these tain cars in the first place? They were inspired by a 8 wide Galaxy Express 999 MOC I saw years ago on Brickshelf. (see it here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=374748 ) The name of this train was changed to the tune of the Beatles song "One after 909" from the album "Let it Be". Then I tried a bunch of words after that could go with 909, including the following: limited, express, cannonball, flyer, runner, and a bunch of other names and combination of said names I can't recall. Eventually, I ran into National Limited on accident when correcting a typo. I liked the way it sounded, and thus 909 National Limited was born. As a side note, the LDD file for the coaches cannot be given out, for two reasons: 1) MOCpages is having issues with missing pictures, e-mail notifications, and the broken activity bar. MOCpages also happens to be where I upload my LDD files. 2) I made these train spur-of-the-moment, and thus their is no file to give out anyway! I'm quite sure you could figure out how the coaches were made, but if you can't, I will make an LDD file and upload it when MOCpages gets back on the right track. (train pun intended!)
  10. Does anyone know the name or number of this set? Despite my endless google searches I have not come up with anything that looks remotely like it?? Help!

    MOC, WIP, Steam Locomotive

    My BBB wheels arived last week and i was immediately starting to build my first steam locomotive. I won't put. More images here due to the fact that chrome likes to 'help'. link to the rest. roof will be grey and cab will be red. Don't know what happend to the image link. Maybe i should not copy the BB code on my iPad...
  12. M_slug357

    Technically a Train

    Hey everyone! Been fiddling around in LDD for a few days now, and finally have something decent enough to post. I am working on this project with the intention of proposing it on Lego Ideas, however I would much rather know what you all think first!! This project started as an attempt to place PF components into a model of a Midland 4F. The end result imho looks... boxy and generic to say the least, but that may end up being a good thing...? The dimensions in studs are: 34 long by 10 1/3 tall by about 7 wide, not including the side rods. Front: Midland 4F(v3) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Back: Midland 4F(v3)2 by Nick Jackson, on Flickr The colored cables are: red= receiver, green= motor, yellow= lights. Below is a close-up of the frame setup. I REALLY like how this turned out, because: 1) it has space to mount an L motor! 2) I can change gear ratios from 5/3 (speed) to 3/5 (torque) manually! Midland 4F(v3)3 by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Please give me some feedback, all are appreciated!
  13. I have been continually modifying the steamer for 11 years, the diesel for 4 years, and the coaches for almost a decade. The steamer and coaches were produced by my father, while the diesel is a MOD of another person's BR class 08. The steamer is getting new number-plates, working pistons, and drivers soon instead of the original model's 9V-era wheels. The diesel is getting cosmetically updated with a new number, and the coaches are (basically) staying the same. 0-4-0 steam switcher MOC This push-along copy of the engine in set 7722 was my gateway into Lego trains. I later added a My Own Train (set 3741) style tender, a new boiler, and so on. I am now adding working pistons (thanks to Hunter Dobbs!) and numbers to the sides of the engine and tender. The engine has gears as stand-ins for medium Big Ben Bricks wheels. BRS goes on the tender, while 5972 goes on the engine. The number of the engine is a tribute to "Olton Hall" (No. 5972) or "Hogwarts Castle" from the Harry Potter films. I really liked that engine when I was little. Fictional background for the steamer: Built in 1929 by Baldwin Locomotive Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS), engine #5972 was supposed to be part of a 55-strong engine order, but the Great Depression started, causing BRS to cancel the last eight engines, leaving 5972 the last of it's class. The type has been painted in standard black with a red stripe. LDD file for the steamer: http://www.mocpages....1430843115m.lxf BR Class 09 Diesel switcher MOD I borrowed this British diesel design from Eurobricks user ChromeKnight in 2011, and made it in real life for Christmas of that year. This model was my introduction to Studs Not On Top (also known as SNOT) and has been very helpful to me over the years. The rear features three tail-lights. The number of this engine (8311) is the reverse of it's original number, 1138, to better fit with my numbering scheme for my trains. Fictional background for this diesel: In 1960, Brick Railway Systems (also known as BRS) was trying to find a good multipurpose (yet small) diesel switcher. It noticed the success of the British Railways ' Class 08 and so BRS asked the English railway if they would be willing to part with some about 10 Class 08's. The British took their time, but responded with one better: Class 09's, which have a higher speed of about 28 Miles per hour. Desperate for relief for their strained steam switchers, BRS said yes, and in April 1963, ten Class 09's made the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to BRS, whereupon they were numbered 8310 to 8320 and painted black with a single red stripe. LDD file for the diesel: http://www.mocpages....1430843320m.lxf Two-Axle passenger coaches These cars were inspired by two 4.5V sets: set 7722 "Steam Cargo Train, Battery"'s mail car & set 7715, "Push-Along Passenger Steam Train" and it's two passenger cars. My dad built these for me in the early 2000's. I added a passageway through the front of the mail / baggage car to allow the conductor to do his duties and made the bright colors of the original train more subdued with good ol' Brick Railway Systems black with a red stripe. The rear of the baggage car has room for the letters BRS, standing for Brick Railway Systems. LDD file for the coaches: http://www.mocpages....1430843654m.lxf Well, until I get real pictures taken of these, that's it for these. Any thoughts? EDIT: added the fictional backgrounds for the diesel and the steam engine.
  14. I based this model off of set 60009, (Helicopter Arrest) with the tools from set 10027, (Train Engine Shed) and the canopy specifically designed after the Roberts Shed at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri. This model is modular with the office connected to the shed via two Technic pins, and the roof and second floor connected to each other and the first floor by only a few studs. The 2-8-2 "Mikado" usually sits on the far track (near the rear of the office), while the 2-6-0 "Mogul" just barely fits on the near track. (near the rolling garage door) The building with the garage is the offices for the entire repair shop. Below the offices is where small parts are stored until the repaired engine is ready to go to it's home shed. The ground (or first) floor contains a lathe, drill press, and a vise to help maintain any engine that rolls into the workshop. This floor also features a garage which can house a small automobile of about 16 studs or less in length. The second floor contains a desk with chair, couch, & filing cabinets containing repair records. The office also contains a wood burning fireplace and a small deck by the stairs and over the garage. This picture here shows the inspection area, where mini figures scramble all over the engines to check for leaks, oil joints, and do last minute touch-ups to the paint. Here are the locomotives that go with this shed: 2-8-2 Mikado This engine is made up of four different models. This includes ScotNick1's 2-10-0 9F European steam engine, which was shortened to a 2-8-0. The second model is set 10194 Emerald Night, from which the rear truck was taken. The third model is Anthony Sava's Pacific 4-6-2 model and that comprises the inspiration for the tender. The boiler was inspired by the one in set 79111 Constitution Train Chase. Together, these different engines from four different eras and four separate builders come together to create this one steam engine. This model is actually a serious MOD of the Constitution Train Chase (set 79111) with Zephyr1934-designed piston design and Anthony Sava-inspired tender from his 4-6-2 "Pacific" with stripes from his 4-6-0 "Ten Wheeler". LDD file for the complete facility (minus steam engines): http://www.mocpages....1429721454m.lxf LDD file for the 2-8-2 "Mikado": http://www.mocpages....1429143369m.lxf LDD file for the 2-6-0 "Mogul": http://www.mocpages....1429819897m.lxf This is the completed facility and locomotives. Comment, questions, suggestions and complaints welcome! EDIT: added the Mogul's LDD file.
  15. This is not pirates per se, but it's about sail ships so i thought it fits here best. If mods think it should be moved to other section of the site, please do so. But we can pretend one of the ships is actually pirate ship ;) General look: It all started on Pyrkon convention Poznań/Poland in 2014. We got some free bricks and among them there were horse hats (sorry, don't know the proper English word) for old horses that were replaced with new design. Someone said the piece is really useless for anything than putting in on a horse. Someone else joined in and said that the piece is as useless as speedor'z bodies from Chima. O'rly? I wouldn't be myself if i didn't accept the challenge and prove them both wrong. So the Sea Horse steam boat was born: Once i had it i had to build some other sailboats. Then my LUG was in need of sea themed dioramas for our exhibition that is now taking place in Swarzewo/Poland, so i built a scene for it: One of the elements i'm most proud of is the Lightouse:: And the windmills: But the main feature of the scene are ships: And some more detailed look at the ships: For more photos please go to You can also see my other new NPU creation here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107970
  16. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time posting. I came out of the dark ages (15yrs +) last year, saw all the amazing trains I'd missed (damn Maersk and EN) and decided to try my hand at a MOC - The new(?) pieces on offer these days are amazing! The following is all made up btw, it's loosely based on real engines and a bit of the LEGO Lone range train thrown in "The Persian Blue Express is one of the fastest in it's class, with almost unmatched speed for it's pulling power. Shown here is the model T version, which was used to carry the King and Queen through the Great Western plains. Following it's retirement in 1910, it has since made a comeback in 2015 with passengers from the city wanting to experience the regalia and nostalgia of the past." - Longer story is also WIP WIP, CC welcome please. I have a black clips and gold clips version. I'm learning towards the gold, although I haven't got any of those in my collection, but may well be brick-linked tonight! I've managed to build one side in bricks, have ordered all the blue bits I'm missing. I've also order enough parts to make an Emerald night carriage, so I'll hock that up when the parts arrive, before designing my own. Black Clips: Gold Version: Front: Cab: LDraw version, sometimes easier to see: And finally in real life! I built it in brick first, and then went to LDD, where I made some changes along the way..... I like the LDD file better than the brick built version now! The PF are in the tender, and it works well going round the track. (not with those Blue pegs though, annoying friction) - The T.C.R.R is from the Lone Ranger, I've yet to print my own stickers! Can anyone tell me how long the Engine of the EN is please? Mine is exactly two straight pieces long. Thanks Dylan
  17. Last week I've build this steamroller. The Brown Buffalo is a micro scale steamroller inspired by the Blue Buffalo Springfield steamroller. A link to the real steamroller: Pictures: 01_Brown_Buffalo_front_view by LegoMathijs, on Flickr frontview 02_Brown_Buffalo_back_view by LegoMathijs, on Flickr backside 03_Brown_Buffalo_left_front_view by LegoMathijs, on Flickr frontview pictures also at my Flickr page: I hope you like it
  18. Fictional background: This 4-4-0 (also known as an American type) was built by Rodgers Locomotive & Machine Works for Brick Railway Systems (BRS) in 1870, and features a bright red-yellow-&-black paint scheme. Number 11 pulled passenger trains for 15 years before being reassigned to Freight duties in 1885. By 1890, the engine was worn out, and sent to a scrapper, who sold the engine to a museum for $100. Eventually, the museum was reorganized as the Imperial Rail Museum, where the engine rests today in non-operable condition. There were plans to get number 11 in working order for the US Bicentennial in 1976, but nothing ever came it, and the engine has remained cold and silent to this day. (This engine is the oldest surviving BRS loco in existence.) The model and color scheme was inspired by the steam engine from LEGO Toy Story set #7597 "Western Train Chase" (Link to Bricklink: http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=7597-1 ) Here is the original model from the stock set. I've tried three times to get this engine right (working pistons and can go around curves + switches) and, twice I've failed. Let's hope the third time's the charm! The rear of the locomotive. Here is a better view of the side rods and wheels. The letters BRS go on the sides of the tender while the number 11 should go on the cab sides. One of these goes on the firebox door in the cab (Bricklink link: http://www.bricklink...asp?P=4150pb086 ) Other than that those parts, everything is where it should be. Here are the car's it's going to pull: (As a side note, the chains on the car ends have a glitch and refused to bend. They are supposed to sit on the 1x1 clip plates, and not the handrail / bar itself.) I was inspired by HunterDobbs and his red train cars to build my own versions. I think he got the idea from set 10173, Holiday Train. (link: http://www.bricklink...m.asp?S=10173-1 ) but his red versions look so much better than the plain white originals. I intened on using these with my 4-4-0 steam engine... once I build I get around to building it! (Here is a link to HunterDobbs' Flickr photostream: ) Here is the train with 4-4-0. I think it looks like a contrast to my dark green 2-6-0 and matching train. Here is the other train for comparison. The LDD file (for the 4-4-0 engine only) is here, if anyone wants it: http://www.mocpages....1428585286m.lxf The LDD file (for the 4-4-0 & it's train) is here, if anyone wants it: http://www.mocpages....1428593703m.lxf Comments, Questions, and complaints are always welcome!
  19. I have been wanting to build this locomotive for almost 8 years. It is a Reading T-1 Northern 4-8-4. It ran excursions for the Chessie System in 1977 and 1978. I first started designing it in MLCAD in late 2007. Since then I have redesigned it several times and even started building it in brick in 2011. However, I got stuck, became discouraged and didn't get too far. I have never built a large steam engine before so the thought of it was quite overwhelming because I knew it wouldn't be easy. On top of that, because all of the other great LEGO steam locomotives out there, I set my expectations very high for what I wanted it to look like. I am still far from being done after about two months work, but I am far enough along that I am finally ready to share. I have started working on the tender also, but it is a very rough draft right now. I don't claim very many techniques used as my own. I took inspiration from many other MOC's. Mostly Tony Sava for his #4449 Northern. A lot of the pilot truck and cylinder construction is based on his model. After serveral failed attempts trying to figure it out on my own, it was time for help. Here is picture of the real thing For fun I started a blog where I am going to document my LEGO builds. Right now there is a little history of the first 8 years I spent on this engine: John's Blog Thanks, John
  20. vedosololego

    Christmas Train

    Hi everyone Christmas Train22 by Cristiano Grassi, su Flickr This is my version of the Christmas Train and i think it will be perfect in any Winter Village projects and dioramas. It is based on the Constitution train set locomotive. When I project this train I think about Holydays and to what I wanted to find under my Christmas tree when I was a child. I hope you like and comment it. If you want you can also support this project on Lego Ideas following the Link. Thanks to all.
  21. Although I can't participate in the "Space Pirates" contest by using LEGO's Digital Designer (and changing colours etc.), I still felt inspired by the contest's theme. So I played around with some Ideas and created the first two members of my crew. You can find more pictures in my LEGO-Folder on my homepage!
  22. This shed was first built around 2005 by my father as a present to me. It was originally three tracks long, with no side workshop, until I was about to order parts to increase it's length to four tracks. I suddenly decided that while I was at it, it should probably have a removable roof. It kinda snowballed from there into this design seen here. I added a workshop (with it's own removable roof) to the left side of the model. I then took the main section's roof off and made it detachable. The building is 100% build-able, but there is a catch: (Purists look away now!) I'm going to cut a 12 x 24 stud section of an already butchered 48 x 48 baseplate (It's currently in a 12 x 48 size strip, with thre rest being used on my father's own train shed) and replace the hodgepodge of baseplates seen in the picture. Basically, I'm keeping a 32 x 16 and two 16 x 16's for the main shed with the custom plate for the side work-area. The inside will be taken up by my dark green 2-6-0 "Mogul"-type steam locomotive number 4613. The workshop features tools from set 10027: (2003's Train Shed) a metal lathe, drill press and tool drawers, plus a coffee machine. The rear of the model. I only need to buy about 50% of the bricks. There are 833 total bricks in my new model minus the 418 in the original (unmodified) model, so 415 bricks to buy. (Those 3x4 roof slopes are going to be expensive!) My father built his original gray and black Water Tower way back in the 1990's, back when 9V was king. He made me my water tower in 2007, but I later realized that it needed a companion coaling tower. I made my first attempt at a much larger size than this using pictures from, a website of older Lego train models. Rear view of the refueling towers. I have these two models on my desk as we speak. (The coal tower was built in mid-December 2014.) Here is the LDD file for the shed + workshop: And here is the LDD file for the coal + water towers: http://www.mocpages....1412536438m.lxf
  23. Redimus

    The Van Conundrum.

    So I've been steadily increasing my collection of steam era 7 wide wagons over the last few months. Most of them came out remarkably well and remarkably quickly and needed little or no modifications to the original design, others (well the brakevan) needed a little work but didn't take too long all the same. Then there's the van conundrum. I just can't get these right, and it continues to bug me that the most simple shape a railway wagon can be is causing me the most issues. The original design took a lot of time to perfect, and in LDD looked pretty good, but it turned out to be less than solid in the bricks, and whilst it basically looks really good, it's also a bit too short compared to the other rolling stock I have and am designing. After a fair bit of faffing, I was still not altogether happy, so I decided to pad around the net for other people's ideas, and I stumbled across H.A.Brick's PF battery van kit. It arrived, and I enjoyed building it (there's an extra instruction book and some extra pieces to build it without the sensor hole), but it only served to highlight the problems with my existing design (too short, not sturdy enough). Never the less, it gave me some ideas, such as using some black Lego to represent the frames the van is sat on to bulk up it's height, so after slightly modifying the (upper part of the) build to closer fit my needs, I set upon one of my existing vans to have a look at the idea with my standard truck chassis design. The height was good, but the bufferbeam was terrible, in order to line up with the rest of my rolling stock, it needed to be lower than the 'frames' which just doesn't look right at all. The current line up, L-R: modified H.A.Bricks van, modified version of my cattlevan MOC (with some random colours and random gaps), my original standard van MOC. The modified H.A.Bricks design. Internally strengthened and black plate/rail removed from between the body and the roof to bring down to my preferred height. (See also the rather ugly bufferbeam of the truck next to it.) Modified version of my cattle van. Although now the correct hight, I really don't like the fact the bufferbeam isn't inline with the 'frames'. Original design. See the less than perfect panel alignment due to less than perfect internal structure plus old and chewed bricks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still not exactly happy with any of the designs, I went back to LDD. First I married the H.A.Bricks design with my own frames, and it wasn't bad but I was still not sure it was right for my preferred style and level of detail. Another thought I had was to add an extra plank to my existing design (and drastically redesign it internally). I've come up with several variations, none of which feels like a complete winner to me. H.A.Bricks inspired vans, both short and long bodied (whichever style I settle on, I will eventually produce long and short bodied versions). Several variations on the 7 high version of my van and cattle van. At the moment, my preferred normal van is the one with the 1x8 tiles running down the side and preferred cattle van will probably be a long bodied version of the one with the 1x8 tiles hanging down the side (although I can't decide on plain doors (middle version) or slatted doors (other two). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome, also if anybody wants the LDD files to play with (complete with engine and brakevan), feel free to PM me.
  24. Hi all. Here's my (WIP) first attempt at a steam engine. So far I'm pretty happy with the boiler and tender. The cab, wheels, centre coupling and some details need work but they'll have to wait until I can get more bits. The chasis isn't very strong when handled at the moment, may redesign from scratch. It's also having derailing issues on corners - I think the problems the current centre coupling. C&C welcome.
  25. Hi all. I've just come across this wonderful model by someone called Michael gale. (can't add a photo via mobile sorry). I've got lots of track from my younger days and seeing this I'm tempted to get back into trains. So where would I start? Where do I get the wheels and are there any instructions online for anything similar to get me started? I'd like to power it using the 'old' wheel unit (via the tender?). The ones from around the mid 90 ' s as that's what I have. On a budget so would prefer to use these new fangled infrared things if possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ☺