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Found 2 results

  1. After what felt like forever I am finally ready to presesnt you my latest MOC: The Nissan 180SX Type X! Building Instructions are live now on Rebrickable, no more waiting this time : Rebrickable The 180SX has always been one of my favorite cars from Japan. I always wanted to build a drift car, and since the 180SX is probably the most popular drift car to ever exist it was a natural choice. Fitted with a full rollcage, a switch to turn off the HICAS w wheel steering system and a front steering with increased turning radius, ackermann and a positive caster angle this car is sure to be a lot of fun on the togue. One of my inspirations was the badass Sil80 from Initial D, driven by Mako and Sayuki. The License Plate is a nod to this Origin. I even made the front Bumper easy to remove/replace, In case I want to do a Silvia front swap myself later Features:- working SR20DET fake engine- 6speed manual transmission with "Safeshift" system- HoG steering with moving steering wheel. - HICAS 4 wheel steering can be turned on or off using a gear in the cabin- Independent suspension all around- Pop up Headlights can be controlled using a gear in the cabin- Opening hood, trunk and doors One of my goals with this MOC was that every bodypanel of the real car could be built in a different color. My blue+White version has all the spice Type X bits in white color, as it is an earlier 180SX that has been facelifted by the Owner to look like a type X. This was often done back when the facelift came out, because the Panels were easy to swap and not that expensive. That's why you see so many 180SX drift cars with mismatched bodypanels: swapping a "new" panel from the scrapyard is was was easy and cheap. My use of a lot of system Bricks combined with a lot of details caused a part count of close to 4200 bricks Of course I used Sariel's model scaler once again: The transmission and HICAS 4 wheels steering can be seen from below The rollcage provides a very rigid body, you can pick the car up by the roof no problem :) Because GoBricks had all the bricks I needed in flat silver I decided to make all the Engine, Piping, exhaust and the Rollcage in flat silver color. Why not? Due to the many color change requests I recieved for my R32 I made Instructions for 4 different colorscemes this time, and the Black+Orange version can even be built with LEGO only! Find more Renders of all 4 Versions here: Headlights can either use trans clear 2x4 Tile, or Print/Sticker on black 2x4 tile. You'll get the image for the prints with the instructions on Rebrickable. I hope you enjoy my MOC, and I am looking forward to your comments Best regards, Gray Gear Below you can find some more Pictures.
  2. Hi there everybody, since some of you asked for more WIP topics in the "Decreasing number of MOCs" topic, I thought I would take you along with my latest project, hopefully from start to finish. I wanted to build a drift car, and what other car ycould that be than the Nissan Silvia? deciding between S13, S14 and S15 was pretty easy, since pop up headlights are awesome. So I went for the most suitable model, the 180SX Type X. A quick search on google brought up this Blueprint. Not perfect, but good enough. Since this is a car with the classic FR layout I took the 6-speed manual transmission from my Nissan R32 GTR MOC and removed the AWD. I'ts running very smooth. After the pop-up headlights were completed I started modelling the front bumper. This bumper is really difficult, all the proportions are hard to recreate from bricks. I tried it like this, and while it is pretty accurate these stacked plates dont look very nice. Often it is better to choose the less accurate but better looking solution, so that's what I'll try next. I would love if someone could suggest a solution for the front lip that wraps all around the bottom of the bumper. It is 1.7 studs high and the angle does not want to match any solution I come up with. I know this does not look like much, but thats what happens when you look at the early stages of a MOC. I hope you enjoyed this, I'll try to keep you updated on my progress. Gray Gear