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  1. danielwerner

    A wing of A-Wings

    Now there's a story I'd like to hear. ^^ Anyway, I think I prefer your own works, since if you worked for LEGO you would have to make a lot of sacrifices in terms of piece count, playability, build-difficulty, retail price, etc etc etc. The only thing I care about when it comes to MOCs are design accuracy and robustness of the final build. :) *cough* please do a Starcraft Battlecruiser next *cough*
  2. danielwerner

    A wing of A-Wings

    My dream would be to get my hands on the instructions (or at least the Studio-files) for the Starcraft Battlecruiser, and the Warcraft 2 Dreadnought (both featured on Flickr). Always loved Blizzard games, so that would the best thing ever. On topIc: Which color variations do you like the most, fellow builders? I'm really not sure if I like the rugged or clean dark red A-wing the best. And with the R22 I like all equally much.
  3. danielwerner

    A wing of A-Wings

    In the parts list the inverted 3x1 slopes are in dark red, which is fine since they exist (but are rare). However, the horizontal clips only exist in reddish brown (or red, but that's even further away from the dark red tint). For most that's probably fine, but it just bugs me too much so I feel I either have to paint them or find some way to solve it with other pieces. :) So I don't mean there was any errors in the parts list, only that I personally feel I can't use reddish brown there.
  4. danielwerner

    A wing of A-Wings

    I've bought them and can only say: Great work, as always! I was actually just collecting parts to build the Krispy A-Wing (which also is very well made), but this has perfected the design in every way. Scapped my plans and now building one RZ-1 in dark red (the classic, a must have) and one R22 in the inverted blue (was hard deciding on the color there). The ONLY negative aspect is that horizontal 1x1-clips don't exist in dark red. I'm actually thinking of paining (blasphemy, I know) a few with Khorne red Citadel paint which would come pretty close in terms of color. It's no big deal at all, just a shame, but I understand there was no other feasible way to solve it. :)
  5. danielwerner

    A wing of A-Wings

    AWESOME! :D I just wondered yesterday why the A-wings are being left out. Can't wait to buy the instructions and build 'em.
  6. danielwerner

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    I'm buying the parts right now. A couple of questions though: 1. Can I change 30360 to 93168? Or is there any slight differences? 2. Which looks better? The intended old style clips (with edges "all the way out") or the new O-style clips?
  7. Thanks for the info. No worries over here, hadn't started on it yet. :)
  8. danielwerner

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Alright, now I've finally had the time to rebuild, and it looks a lot better. :) I was very careful with aligning the gears and axles at the exakt same rotation on both sides. Right now, when building as far as connecting the wings (page 31), everything is perfectly level as far as I can see. Might be some millimeters off but I can't imagine that would matter. However, the main fu tilt down to the right but not the left. I assume that's normal, it shouldn't tilt to both sides right? I put the key in and the tilting can no longer be done, the X-fold mechanic works fine and looks level to me.
  9. danielwerner

    MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand and Venator

    Awesome work! I sent an email yesterday, hopefully it didn't get in the spam folder. ^^
  10. danielwerner

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Ah, so the the cogs and axles have to have the exact same rotation on both sides? I think that's the issue then. Maybe, if anything, that part needs some extra emphasis. But it might also just be that I didn't pay it enough attention. :)
  11. danielwerner

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Hmm, not sure. To be frank, I'm not even sure where I went wrong myself. The cogwheel was perfectly set in place in the two window bricks, and I tried to put it as close to the pictures as possible. Does it matter where it is placed inside the window "tracks"; how close to the edge on either side? Or should it just be in the middle? I may have screwed up by twisting the axles on both sides. Perhaps you know the exact part where I went wrong, that caused this kind of problem? I haven't had time to rebuild. :)
  12. danielwerner

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Thanks! :) So if the gear is set correctly that part should be able to tilt equally much in both directions, correct? Because right now it's like it tilts 2 cm down on the right side, and nothing on the left (it's horizontal only when pushed as much as possible to the right).
  13. danielwerner

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Hey, a quick question (and bear with me for having troubles explaining, I'm doing this out of memory since I'm at work right now - plus not having english as my first language). After building the first "X-part" that the wings attach to, I noticed that the little gears in the middle (the gearbox that makes the wings fold) might not be perfectly set. This causes the middle part (the one with clips on the sides) to slant towards the left side (seen from the front). So it tilts more towards the left instead of equally much towards both sides. If I tilt it towards the right side it is horizontal with the rest of the ship - with no or very little force applied. So my question is: Did I screw up? Do I need to rebuild that part? I connected all four wings and the folding-mechanic seems to work as it should. I'm just worried that it could cause some trouble later on, or strain on the parts. Or is it supposed to be like this? Sorry for the gibberish; hopefully someone understands what I mean here.
  14. danielwerner

    Bricklinking Cavegod's UCS AT-AT

    I couldn't find it anywhere. What are the dimensions of the built AT-AT? Like height and width (as accurate as possible). I'm curious if there exists an IKEA shelf that can hold this. Also, what are the modifications people have done, to increase stability? Is it fine with just the technic bricks in the legs or does it "need" other things as well? I mean no disrespect to Cavegod - this is an amazing build for sure - but to be fair, it's pushing 10 years soon and I'm sure there are newer pieces that could improve the look (not that it's needed) and stability today. So I'm hoping for a "version 2" some day. :)