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  1. danielwerner

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    I have no idea how to align the gears - first only one of the wing pairs were moving, the other was lose. I realigned one worm gear so it was roughly 180 degrees from the other (facing each other, basically) and after that both wing pairs were moving but one moved a lot more than the other. I thought I just needed to turn the big gear a bit more, but it fell apart instead. Isn't it supposed to have a natural stop when the wings are apart? Don't know what I'm missing.
  2. danielwerner

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Torment

    Thanks, much appreciated! Looking forward to building this. :) Edit: I thought of another thing btw - would it be possible to shorten the height of the stand by using 1x11 and 1x7 liftarms instead of 1x13 and 1x9? As far as I can see it would work, but maybe that would cause other problems with connecting the lower plates or something? Appreciate your input.
  3. danielwerner

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Torment

    I want to start buying parts for this soon, but a few questions before I begin. 1. How sturdy is it? All the 3679-parts are kind of making me worried that small parts are going to fall off all the time when attaching the plating - but maybe not? 2. Has there been any changes since version 1.0? 3. I bought the first "batch", directly from FlyInSpace. I don't know if it's possible, but any way I can get a coupon to be able to switch to the Brickvault version? I should be in the mail history but I can ofcourse provide the password for the instruction file. :) Thanks!
  4. danielwerner

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon

    This is beautiful! How sturdy is it though? Will it fall apart when touching and/or building it? :)
  5. danielwerner

    [Moc] STOP WARS!

    Hear, hear!
  6. danielwerner

    Chicken Walker MOC

    Very nice! Will there be instructions? :)
  7. danielwerner

    [MOC] White Eagle Knights

    This is awesome! Any chance of instructions? :)
  8. danielwerner

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Venator - The Negotiator

    Awesome! Next do a Resurgent-class or maybe a Mandator IV. :) I'm not a fan of Episode 8 but they came up with some cool ships!
  9. danielwerner

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I've got to ask: Has anyone tried replacing the black parts (engines, thrusters and front grille) with light or dark bluish gray? If I'm not mistaken the ship in the movie is gray-ish in these areas. I know that not all parts exist in these colors, but after checking around on bricklink I can replace the engines with dark bluish gray and the thrusters with mostly light bluish gray. The grilles are the big problem since 88646 (Tile, Modified 3 x 4 with 4 Studs in Center) doesn't exist in dark bluish gray and I'm not sure if it would look good in light bluish gray. Has anyone done a color mod for this?
  10. danielwerner

    [MOC] AT-AT Walker

    Awesome job as usual! :)
  11. danielwerner

    Jedi Temple

    Maybe he was just ascertaining that the Jedi temple is large. Which is, arguably, correct.
  12. danielwerner

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Awesome as usual! I missed the detail about 50% for previous model owners, so I paid full price. However, I'm not gonna argue about 9 bucks so consider it a bonus. :D Now to the big question: The clean or dirty look for the Red 5? And I assume most would prefer gray before white, right?
  13. danielwerner

    Brick Vault Minifig Scale Slave 1

    Yeah I'm also waiting for some info on sturdiness and stability. This is the closest thing to a perfect Lego Slave I I've seen, but it's unfortunately a no go for me if it falls apart by looking at it.
  14. danielwerner

    [MOC] …bad timing? Yet another big AT-AT…

    @q_biq Ah, I see. For me stability and sturdiness is a big thing, so I can understand that you might not want to share/sell the instructions due to that. I've bought instructions before where I had to dismantle the MOC because it was just too impossible to get it to hold together (Gol's AT-ST is one, it breaks just by looking at it), and I appreciate wanting to perfect it before that. But if/when you manage to improve that part I'd be very willing to buy this one - it's probably the most accurate AT-AT I've seen. The only criticism I can give the MOC is that to me the bottom part of the feet feels a bit too tall. Like one stud (right now it's 4 studs tall, right?) or so? Or am I mistaken? Would love to hear everyone's take on this. All in all, very well done!
  15. danielwerner

    [MOC] …bad timing? Yet another big AT-AT…

    Wow, looks awesome! Do I understand you correctly if you won't release the instructions for this one? Or is there hope? :)