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  1. Here is a double wishbone front suspension that i just made with all the fancy angle and unequal length a arm with a soft and long travel. Its scaled for the 81.6 tyres.
  2. Sadly i don't, there is a lot of subtle angle that would make it nearly impossible to reproduce in LDD.
  3. Thanks guys! Well I'v just made a prototype without the pull-back motor and the wind un mechanism works flawlessly. The little car weight only 220g and it has enough momentum to roll after i cut the m motor. Now We just need someone to do the same test with a pull-back to see if it works. KERS Prototype by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr Here is a (really) short video of the test KERS prototype by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr
  4. Hello everyone! I just thought of a way to use a differential to use a pull-back motor as a Kers while reading this topic. This is how it looks : KERS V1 by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr The orange axle is the motor input, it can go trough the entire assembly if need be (to the green side). The green axle is the input/output of the pull-back motor. The blue axle is the wheel output. How it works : - When the car accelerate, the PF motor rotate the diff. The green output can't rotate due to the ratchet so all the power goes to the wheel with a 1:2 ratio. - When the car brakes, the PF motor stop and the wheels want to continue rolling (inertia) so all that power goes right through the differential and spin the green axle in the opposite direction, winding up the pull-back motor - The pull-back motor can't spin back because of the ratchet mechanism - To use the KERS you need to use the PF motor to spin the diff and release the ratchet. That will spin the blue axle to too time the speed of the motor plus whatever the speed of the pull-back motor. If you don't use the PF motor at the same time the car will reverse! Sadly I can't find any of my pull-back motors so I can't fully test this setup. However I've already tested all the mechanical component and they works pretty well but you need a really weak rubber band for the ratchet or you loose to much energy. Feel free to test this setup! Here is the LDD files : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxZ7fJtFVZ4HYTdnVlBfeGR0dWc
  5. Well actually TayTay was the inspiration for the build! So it's normal to have a resemblance. I don't have the required green panels to do a proper color representation so i went with the class color scheme. I may try replacing the red with black and the spoiler in yellow to see how it looks.
  6. Thanks guys! I didn't like the front panels and i have finally found how to change it. I have moved the panels in the rear to cover the hole on top of the rear bumper. new frond light opened by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr new front light closed by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr Rear panel by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr I have also managed to route the hog by adding a second gear rack and passing the axle under the gearbox with 2 CV joints. Sadly that meant i had to remove the front anti-sway bar. new Hog by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr
  7. Hello! I'm a big fan of the JDM car culture and i wanted for a long time to build a JDM car with the supercar spirit. I really like the Nissan S platform and especially the 180sx for the fastback, the pop up headlight and the legendary sr20 engine. I decided to build it fully tuned for drift since the real car is often used for that purpose. That means vibrant mismatched color for the body works (due to frequent meeting with a wall), after market bumpers and wing, low to the ground, large steering angle and roll cage. 180sx overall by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr 180sx roll cage by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr 180sx rear by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr The features are : -4 wheel independent suspension (macpherson in the front and 4 links in the back) -Rear wheel drive -Front wheel steering with horking steering wheel -5+R manual gearbox (inspired by @Thirdwigg's ATS for the offset changeover catches) -4 cylinders engine with fake double overhead cam -Pop up headlight with dash control -opening hood, doors and hatchback Here some pictures, you can find more following the flickr links: 180sx shell front by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr sr20det out of the car by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr 180SX underside by Maxime Santerre, sur Flickr Im now in the phase of trying to clean up the build and finding a place to pass the HOG in that mess.
  8. 27. Man TGS 6x4 With Container Hook Functions: Truck: -Hog front wheel steering. -Inline 6 engine driven by the 2 rear axles. -Manual tilting of the cab and opening of the doors. -Leaf springs on all axles -PPTO on the back and on the front of the cargo. -2x 2*11 cylinders to move the Hook arm. -1x 2*7 cylindersto extend the Hook arm. -1x 1*5 cylinder to switch function of the Hook arm. Trailer: -1x 2*7 cylinder to move the transition rail. -1x 2*7 cylinder to move the pusher on the rear. -1x 1*5 cylinder to lock the container. More pictures: Video: Link to the discussion topic:
  9. The hook lift system is pretty much done on the truck. It has 4 pneumatic cylinder for lifting the boom, extending the boom and switching between picking up the container or dumping. The 4th switch is for the pneumatic port in the front or in the back. The load is secured by the hook in the front and by the red 4l axles in the back. You can also see the pneumatic port beside the trailer hitch Here is a little video to show the current pneumatic function: I'm gonna start working on the trailer now because I think that there is not enough function on the truck itself.
  10. It's still in WIP, the pneumatic will be used in the hook lift system indeed.
  11. Hello! My entry for the tc10 is an orange Man TGS equipped with a hook lift system and hopefully a trailer. For the moment the planed function are: -6x4 drive train -L6 fake motor -Tilting Cab -Hook lift system -Leaf spring suspension on all axles Here is what i got for today: Thanks for reading.
  12. I use that idea last year and that doesn't change really much the snow performance of the truck. It does look awesome tho. DSC02184 by Ti_Max, on Flickr
  13. Hello guys, Here's the review of my Ural. 3/4 view par Ti_Max, sur Flickr So the crane is a 2 section one. They both have an LA to move them. The botom one is geared like so: 12T/12T. The top one : 20T/12T - 12t/12T - 16T/16T - 16T/16T - 12T/20T clutch/12T. The claw is prety mutch the same as the 9397. The turtable have a worm screw. crane detail par Ti_Max, sur Flickr crane par Ti_Max, sur Flickr These are the simples outriger that I could build. outriger par Ti_Max, sur Flickr And Here's the video :
  14. This is my Man TGM cab. It has a locking mechanism for the tilting and a blocking linkage, both doors can be opened, an easy removable Batteries Box. The bumper as space for LEDs an for rooting a winch cable. LDD: Man tgx cab par Ti_Max, sur Flickr And on a Moc : Man tgx dumper par Ti_Max, sur Flickr