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  1. nintha

    Post LDD Contest Entries here!

    My entry for the LDD + Real bricks. LDD and Real Bricks A Wee Ninja!
  2. Trying to get active on this site again!

  3. Wow! The big 93.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. nintha

    Who are you in The Prince of Persia?

    Sadly he didn't get the part of being Dastan's stuntman, but they let him be ... A barrel and A sheep. His dreams have finaly come true, to be in a move.
  5. nintha

    Who are you in The Prince of Persia?

    I just noticed that too. Oh well.
  6. nintha

    Who are you in The Prince of Persia?

    The True Indiana Jones has come to save the day when Dastan doesn't want to do his own stunts in Prince of Persia. What a whimp.
  7. nintha

    The what I did today thread ......

    I got this pillow at Ikea! And I finally got my computer working so I will be on more than I was!
  8. nintha

    Spring Time Photos

    My favorite season is Spring and I couldn't wait to get back out and take pictures. I took this at the park and thougt it turned out very nice. My favorite picture in the new season. I can't wait to see other members' pictures.
  9. Atdzimis Diena, a Miraluka sith Acolyte Health: 5 Force Abilities - Mastery Abilities - MasterBio Although Atdzimis Diena fell to the dark side, which is very rare for a Miraluka, he has shown hope that he will "see the light" and join the light side once more. He is trained in all types of lightsaber combat but he mostly uses type IV in combat. He is, quated from a survivor of an attack of his, "A force to be wreckened with."
  10. Here's my character. Atdzimis Diena, a Miraluka sith
  11. nintha

    Cyberpunk story

    "Hmmm," Nintha said while disguised as a Ching, "What is this about a Rat "infestation" I keep on hearing about." Ichi came running down the hall. "Hey whats the rush?" Ichi, "Nothing you need to know about. Anyway who are you?" Nintha hacks into the Chings computer system and creates a new high ranking officer "Ohh umm, Nate. Nate Salem to be exact." "Sorry about that Nate. Well there has been a breach by a RAT member and I was sent to hunt him down in the sewer." Ichi ran off to his mission, "And welcome to the Chings." "So, it is true another Rat member is here. I better find him before there's any trouble or my cover may be blown." Nintha runs off to the closest chute which leads to the sewer. Sorry that this is the first short post in the story and just to be sure. Is Ichi "Oni Agent number 314"?
  12. Yes, you can and sorry for any trouble.
  13. I actually like my character a little better now that I changed it but it really wasn't about several people being Rats, it's just that I like my new version of my character. Here is another change to it. Sorry if I am being hard with this. Name: Nintha Fett Group: any group willing to pay the most Occupation: Bounty hunter Nintha Fett was a psychologist that was framed for the murder of his family and friends. Although this wasn’t true he went into hiding. He received a letter from an unknown person, willing to give him work at Terrel. He looked in the letter for anything else and saw a ticket that was for Terrel. He went to the location that the letter said to. Where upon he was attacked and his life was changed forever. A N.E.R.V. chip was implanted in him against his will. This chip corrupted him into a bounty hunter. His favorite weapon is his custom made silenced pistol. He likes to, shall we say “toy with his prey.” He rather attack them mentally first and let them ruin there own lives so to do that he stalks his prey, to see what they do and give them a psychological profile.