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  1. I have the real action figure version of that set!
  2. You live in Maroochydore? Cool! Thanks for confirming that. I might go down this afternoon.
  3. Checked Myer yesterday, they had ALL the new Police sets, and Kmart had the new Battlepacks. The last time I checked, the shelves were half full, but this time, they were overloading with old sets like the camper van! I must have seen 9 or so side by side along one shelf. What will they do with all that when they get the 2011 stuff?
  4. Okay, I understand now. My thoughts of the coming soon: -Gingerbread people? Cool. -It seems that the doctor is still trying to track down a Fez. "I need a coffee, twelve Jammiedogers and a fez." -River and Amy covered in tally marks? Sounds weird. -A green Ood. One thing I noticed was in "The Satan Pit" and "Planet of the Ood," when they got Red Eye, their translators stayed white. But this Ood's translator turned green with its eyes. -That last shot of the bigheaded man/zombie was seriously creepy.
  5. It seems that Lego has priced the Fairytale minifig and Community minifig sets (227 pieces and 256 pieces) at $98.75 each. Ouch.
  6. Just watched A Christmas Carol fastracked from the UK. One thing I noticed: In Father's Day, Rose holds her baby self and causes a paradox. Whoever Michael Gambon was playing hugged his former self, and nothing happened. What?
  7. I was looking forward to the New Diagon Alley, hoping LEGO would be nice and put it around $190-$210, but no. They put it at $270. That's really too bad, It was my most anticipated set of 2011.
  8. At first I thought Frankenstein's head was a whole new mold, but with that closer view, I'm thinking it's just a regular minifig head with a very convincing headpiece. The Musketeer's hat is soooo going on a Captain Hook fig. I might even make it the Animatronic Cook from Epic Mickey!
  9. The Wildlife world is getting a new LEGO exhibit. Speaking of which, if anyone in Sydney is going to the Breakfast thing to celebrate the opening of the exhibit, could they post a pic of the exclusive minifig(s)?
  10. YG-49

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I wouldn't say nice acting to Garrett Hedlund, but the rest were superb, especially the guy that played Castor. I also saw Legacy, and it was a worthy sequel to its predecessor indeed. I especially liked Disc Wars, Lightcycle wars, and the part where Clu2 picked up the little sculpture of Bit. It was disappointing we didn't see much of Tron, we only saw him as himself for about 3 minutes, the rest we saw him as (SPOILERS HEADING YOUR WAY) Rinzler.
  11. YG-49

    What's the best Minifigure ever made?

    I change my opinion everytime I see a great fig in a new theme, but currently it would be the Anubis guard, or Amset-Ra.
  12. YG-49

    Orc Propaganda

    Thanks Jebediahs! I put him as my avatar. I just did one thing to it; I know that the hair looks blonde in the pic, but it's more of a brownish colour, so I just chaanged that. (Very badly, though. ) It's still a great lookalike, though!
  13. Huh, got my Lego magazine today, surprisingly it came with a mini-model. 30008 Snowman Christmas hanger.
  14. Lol, I just got the latest Target catalogue, 7208 Fire Station: $89 (save $51)
  15. YG-49

    What did you buy today?

    My first Bricklink order. All Pharaoh's Quest things. One Anubis guard, One Snake Charmer mmumy, and one Khopesh. (The Snake charmer was a last thought, so I only just realized I should've gotten another Khopesh till after I clicked buy. )