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    [MOC] Ma.K. Raubvogel

    Utterly splendid, wonderful parts use!
  2. robuko

    [K-F09] Herpyderpyderp

    Tags: exploration, land vehicle Found this old reconditioned Mars tech. Looks like someone didn't like it
  3. robuko

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    A Kawashita badge for me please and the rest of my credits to EE
  4. robuko

    [O-G03] Watching the Surveillance Drone

    That's a great build, hats off
  5. robuko

    [K - G10] Catfight

    Tags: exploration, land vehicle Luckily a friend came to my rescue and I could activate the emergency escape protocol
  6. location: G10 Onix tags: land vehicle, space vehicle, exploration Not all of the biomechs were friendly at first. Alien ships enjoyed the action.... from a safe distance
  7. robuko

    [K-G09] Raging Bull

    tags: land vehicle, space vehicle, exploration picking up transmissions from Arium Major ...yeah, it's from the Raging Bull. Why the rage? Oh, because we should have taken this damn planet 2 weeks ago but the judges kept forgetting to count our points when we were 29 points ahead!! yeah, he's found the source of those EMP pulses. Looks like another alien biomech. Let's hack it to become a Kawashita ally. Looks like a useful friend. (The walker's feet can rotate either as a wheel-and-a-toe with the 2 dark red heads rotating, or with all 3 heads rotating for greater clearance)
  8. robuko

    [K-F09] Angel

    Location F09 Arium Minor Tags - exploration The Angel came to me in the desert in the night. Your faith will be tested, it said.
  9. robuko

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    The build shows a land vehicle which is also a local fauna, and a space vehicle - I believe it qualifies for 3 buff points, it has been given 2. I hate to be that guy, but, Kawashita is only one point away from taking control of G09 which is a game-critical point and this is the missing point!
  10. robuko

    [K-G09] Local hero

    Location G09 Greater Drigo Tages -space vehicle, land vehicle, exploration This had become a hot zone. The only safe way in and out of Octan space for a Kawashita agent was in a stolen Mantis scout craft, with a stolen Octan call sign. The MSS Preemptive Retailiation was manouevreable enough to avoid trouble. This was a sensitive mission. The local rebels had asked Kawashita for assistance against the overweening rule of the Octan bureacrats. They wanted access to our technology, but would not accept the bio-engineering. Kawashita scientists found a happy compromise, and the rebels were able to move their shield generators at will. Their only resource needs were nice hot water and food.
  11. robuko

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Please ignore the previous post, input trouble. May I know please why my Elephander build did not score full tag buffs for land vehicle, space vehicle and exploration?
  12. robuko

    [K - G09] Elephander

    Location: G09 Greater Drigo Tags: Space Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration I discovered that some of the biomechanical beasts could form a symbiote with a minifig pilot. One such was my guide, protector, and friend on Greater Drigo, Elephander. He was so playful and great fun to travel with. Nobody messed with me when I was travelling with him.. He absolutely loved to drink from those bubbling geysers, it must have been where he got his nutrients from. I was very happy to share the good news with my friend in orbit, who was playing target practice with meteorites aboard the Beyser. PS I thought this is an Elephander, I went very Chibi with my version. It's actually a Mammoth...
  13. robuko

    [M - G05] Fugitives Pt 3

    Nice texturing on those guns, and very effective color.
  14. robuko

    [M - F04] The Forwarder

    Great story again, your photography is so good at generating a claustrophobic atmosphere for these small tense scenes.
  15. robuko

    [O - F09] Not the Zoid you're looking for

    Ha ha ha! I'm glad someone is paying attention to our engineering efforts. Those feet may struggle a bit on the rocks
  16. robuko

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Kawashita as the injured party should be given discretion as to where to relocate the builds, if at all.
  17. robuko

    [K - G09] Elephander

    Landscape shot - because I know the judges love landscapes!
  18. robuko

    [K-Tech Alien Communication]

    Kawashita engineers were never really sure if the Universal Language Cube was something that they invented, or if it was lying in everyone's mind waiting to be discovered. They drank a lot of beer and argued about it but nobody could really say. What was clear, though, was that since they installed it on Orinshi, it had attracted quite an audience. It been broadcasting the Universal Message of peace and gratitude since it was discovered/invented, and this had brought together all the peoples of the Andromeda system, with a renewed understanding of the noble and laudable aims of the Kawashita Corporation. [not for judging, just for fun]
  19. robuko

    [K-G10] Road to Nowhere

    Location: G10 Onix Tags: Exploration, land vehicle, space vehicle The Kawashita gentle persuasion vessel 'Modest Diplomat' has picked up a strange trail on her sensors An alien road, in good condition and apparently well used. But where does it lead to? To be continued....
  20. robuko

    [K - G09] A world of clay

    Your lighting is so good! That shot is superb. Lovely use of the armour, and that transport vehicle has a wonderful classic vibe.
  21. robuko

    [K - G09] Sudden Geyser

    Man, that little buggy looks SO playable, I just want to push it around for a while. So chunky! Love the geyser too
  22. robuko

    [O - A06] - Spies Like Us

    Really nice colour blocking with the red highlights and the little car looks great. Nice clean build.
  23. robuko

    Future of AG - It's feedback time!

    I would recommend giving a high weight to the opinions of players who have become inactive. By definition the active players are more or less fine with the current game. The former players wanted to participate but something made them give up. If we can reduce the pain points there would be higher participation.
  24. robuko

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    83 credits to Epsilon Eta please
  25. robuko

    [K-TECH] Project Philosopher's Stone

    Fabulous tech build! I love the angles, the pipes, the door and especially those big coloured technical gears! Beautifully photographed too.