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  1. mrblue

    Are Horizon Express power functions difficult?

    hello, a bit late reply, but I found only today by chance this video tutorial that explain how to add power functions to the horizon express. I didn't watch it all, but from what I have seen it is not very straight forward (and a bit of a mess too...), but it is enough to understand how easy it is to convert that train. have a nice lego day mrBlue
  2. mrblue

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    ha ha ha!!! almost three years ago, I posted on this topic and said this: "ok, for me no way I'll ever buy them, but for sure I may think about copying some ideas." few weeks ago, I received as a gift some sets by enlighten, and I must admit that they are not as bad as I thought. after checking a survey regarding cloned brands, I noticed that enlighten was not considered as one of the best alternatives, but in my opinion should be regarded as a very good alternative, especially for those who don't want to spend such a huge amount of money for their kids. yes, the quality is not the same as lego, the colors are not as bright as lego and so on, but it is a cheap alternative and all the printed parts are printed, no stickers at all!. I will have to build a huge train layout soon, and lego tracks are normally quite expensive, but where I live now (thailand), with import taxes they are even more expensive such as 200% of the standard US price! enlighten tracks are cheap and good, and also that brown color is even better than the lego gray (imho). I currently pay a rail box (8 straight + 8 curves) less than 5 euro!!! and less than 6 euro for a box of switch points... shipped at home! compared to the 17 euro and 20 euro lego counterparts (not including import taxes and shipment) am I happy with these enlighten sets? yes. will I buy some more? maybe yes trains and tracks for sure! and don't forget that you can cut tracks and make new geometry with clone tracks that you would never do with original lego ones ;) mrBlue
  3. with this christmas I reached a huge collection of unopened sets waiting to be built. the reason is that I have moved house and I'm waiting for the new lego room to be ready. among them there are UCS millennium falcon, UCS super star destroyer, UCS imperial shuttle, sandcrawler, death star, new jabba palace, rancor pit, some more sw stes, the full prince of persia theme, the full harry potter 2010 theme, half of indy sets, all the pharaoh's quest sets, all 2009 pirates sets, all the lotr and the hobbit sets, sydney opera house, grand carousel, tower bridge, palace cinema, town hall, pet's shop, grand emporium, town plan, shuttle adventure, all the 1996/1997 western sets, emerald night, maersk train, horizon express, santa fe super chief, bnsf loco, cargo train, and some that I don't recall now... will definatly need some spare time!
  4. LEGO addicted

  5. mrblue

    MOC: My First Train MOC

    as you said: basic, but don't forget that sometimes, going basic and simple, it's the right way to get a thing at its best! and this is the case! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  6. mrblue

    LEGO Train Track

    if it's ok for you to go with non-lego parts, you can try using enlighten brand tracks. they are sold in brown color (that I think it's better suited than the dark bl gray). if you have time to look for them, their price can be even at 5/6€ each box, tracks or points. have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  7. mrblue

    MOC: The Water Tower

    wonderful creation! I can only add that I cannot find the link to your ldd file to steal... oops, I mean take some inspiration to make a similar one! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  8. mrblue

    MOC: My Pony Truss

    well, what to say? a very good and useful build! too bad it has not enough support to be a real bridge, but it can be fixed with a bunch of bricks and plates! I can easily understand why it has been time consuming, but the result is worth every second spent! waiting to see your next creation! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  9. mrblue

    MOC: Train Shed

    well, the color is a bit odd, but the design is very nice! I also think that what you said about keeping things simple and make a shed for only one engine has been a very good choice! what I see from your photos is that you have built also a beautiful water tower, and I hope to see a post about that in the near future. you sure have lots of surprises for us! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  10. mrblue

    My Emerald Night Gold line Mis Printed

    maybe he is just shocked by what happened! once I had a problem with a wrong brick and I used the link suggested by Pet-Lego few posts up here... in less than a week I got the right part in my hands! what really impressed me by the lego customer service is that once I asked why a brick in pab was no more available online and if by chance they knew if some were still available in the warehouse... after asking my address, a nice voice said that they would have sent me some for free!!! a week or so and eight bricks were in my hands! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  11. mrblue

    My Emerald Night Gold line Mis Printed

    I can only agree and tell you to keep it in a safe plastic wrapped place or box. lego has a very good customer service regarding defective bricks (at least for my experiene)! and your "defective" brick is likely going to become a "rare" very expensive brick sooner or later! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  12. mrblue

    MOC: Coffee Tin Tunnels

    that's what I call great! I am one of those who thinks that mixing lego with classic train dioramas material is good! if you make a moc, I agree you have to stay with what lego offers, but in this case, it adds a touch of reality that our loved bricks can't give! simply great! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  13. mrblue

    MOD: James Mathis German DB 111

    for me the links are working fine, but they redirect to the mobile site, this may be the reason of not working for someone. about the moc, it's very nice and look like the real one, at least as far as I can remember! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  14. mrblue

    MOC: Elevated Rail

    for sure it looks nice! but are you sure that there is enough width clearance with those fences? if you plan to run the emerald, I'm quite sure it could get struck. for that "weak point" you can use 2x16 plates instead of the two 2x4, making the rail stay on a stronger "bed". I'm waiting for some update too! have a nice train lego day mrBlue
  15. mrblue

    REVIEW: ME Models Metal 9V Rails

    I don't think I'll invest in a new 9v system or sort of, but nobody knows! my hope is to see a modular system that will be able to control switch points in a way like our loved 12v system. have a nice train lego day mrBlue