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  1. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Music Hall

    Beautiful build! The many details are captured nicely. However I cant help but wonder if the overall balance would benefit from heightening the bottom floor with one stud.
  2. Hobbythom

    Metroliner rebuild

    Thanks for the reply. The difference between old and new gray is even less noticable in real life than in photo's. Besides.. when did you last see a pristine looking train? Therefor I don't mind slight disoloring. The base is actually built with plates, no prefab train bases used.
  3. Hobbythom

    Metroliner rebuild

    Hi everyone, Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of owning the metroliner train. When I picked up the hobby a few years ago I finally bought it.. And.. it did next to nothing for me. It is an iconic set but I felt it was to big, to clunky for my city. So I decided to modernise is. Make it a bit more like a regional train. Below are the results. For those who regard the metroliner as a untouchable classic, this might seem blasphemic. Sorry in advance https://flic.kr/p/2mAEyah
  4. Hobbythom

    small hopper wagon moc

    Thanks everyone for the kind replies!
  5. Hobbythom

    small hopper wagon moc

    Thanks everyone. Indeed, I borrowed the mechanism from 10017. It is nice and simple. I think I subconciously build these!
  6. Hobbythom

    small hopper wagon moc

    Hi all, I've been building some small rolling stock. Because my two boys (ages 3 and 6) also play with the LEGO trains, there were some design specifications: 1. Sturdiness When kids play, stuff breaks. So the wagons needed to be sturdy and easily built. This makes it possible for them to repair it themselves. 2. Ease of operation Any moving parts or functions have to be easily accesible and ease to operate to enhance play. No tipping over the wagon to empty it. 3. Interesting silhouette/colors My boys don't care for realism. They care for recognizable and vibrant. Combining these I built these small hopper wagons. They are easily loaded and emptied and very sturdy. And the are buildable in a wide array of colors. I hope you like them! https://flic.kr/p/2mrfRVB
  7. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    These are awesome. Would love to see how the twoheaded gentleman/men and the bucket carrier are constructed.
  8. Hobbythom

    Help with a building technique

    Perhaps using corner plates on the back of the inverted slopes?
  9. Hobbythom


    I am glad a pirate set is coming but to be honest, this set does nothing for me. It looks like a big brown mess. I'm curious what the designers are going to make of it.
  10. thanks for sharing the LDD. Great build!
  11. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    What a splendid build! Well done! The hermit crab actually looks realistic enough to be real, having found an actual lego toy ship for a shell. Awesome
  12. Hobbythom

    [MOC] These Romans are crazy..!!

    Excellent build! As others have said it is instantly recognizable. Put it on Ideas!
  13. A work of art. Nothing less. The construction is admiravle but the use of color truly outstanding.
  14. Hobbythom

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    As always a masterpiece!
  15. It is a great set but imho completely overshadowed by its predecessor. That being said, the construction of the white house in the middle is one of the most satisfying builds I've experienced in an official set.