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  1. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    These are awesome. Would love to see how the twoheaded gentleman/men and the bucket carrier are constructed.
  2. Hobbythom

    Help with a building technique

    Perhaps using corner plates on the back of the inverted slopes?
  3. Hobbythom


    I am glad a pirate set is coming but to be honest, this set does nothing for me. It looks like a big brown mess. I'm curious what the designers are going to make of it.
  4. thanks for sharing the LDD. Great build!
  5. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    What a splendid build! Well done! The hermit crab actually looks realistic enough to be real, having found an actual lego toy ship for a shell. Awesome
  6. Hobbythom

    [MOC] These Romans are crazy..!!

    Excellent build! As others have said it is instantly recognizable. Put it on Ideas!
  7. Hobbythom

    Happy Hourglass

    A work of art. Nothing less. The construction is admiravle but the use of color truly outstanding.
  8. Hobbythom

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    As always a masterpiece!
  9. It is a great set but imho completely overshadowed by its predecessor. That being said, the construction of the white house in the middle is one of the most satisfying builds I've experienced in an official set.
  10. Hobbythom

    MOC - Mill Raid

    Great build. Reminds me of the old Lego catalogues. There must be some sweet flour in that mill for it to be attacked by both factions at the same time!
  11. Hobbythom

    [MOC] Angel - Emerald golem

    Superb. Just superb. Simple yet complex. I love it
  12. Hobbythom

    Kaliphlin at work - Day 13: Sculptor

    Superb build. I can allmost smell the sweat on him. You make me want to try my hand at one of these type of figures myself.
  13. Hobbythom

    [MOC]Malaysia Style Coffee Shop

    Fabulous build! The sheer size is impressive and the details are just right!
  14. Thanks everyone for the replies! I'll try my luck with the old 9v motor. If I can get my hands on a polarity switch I can start experimenting!
  15. Hi everyone, I'm planning on motorizing the crane that comes with 7994 harbour. I want to build it as compact as possible. Does anyone have any experience using the motor from 6484 F1 Hauler for a crane like this? I know it is the weakest motor but the compactness is really usesfull and it would only have to lift small loads. Failing that, does anybody know if the older 2838 motor can be powered by the 4760 batterybox? Thanks in advance for any replies!