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  1. If you are a good boy we can bring the Eurobricks Corner back I'm sure we'll work something out for the next issue... Damn Nexoknights - I want my name backl Thanks!
  2. At some point we may have to consider including EB nicks to the articles to know who is who
  3. His second LEGO Ideas house to pass the 10.00 vote barrier was not picked up by LEGO. I doubt he'll submit all of them, but it would be great to see a few more as official sets!
  4. I'm glad you liked it @MAB. We try to offer as wide a variety of topics as possible and when I learned about Six Bricks earlier this year I knew I had to get an article into the magazine.
  5. @ACPin unfortunately I won't be there on Friday, but @lluisgib will be there to represent HispaBrick Magazine.
  6. In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine® we have taken our networking skills to a whole new level: We attended the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund and met up with over twenty Fan Media representatives. In this edition, you will find a report of that event as well as a number of interviews with LEGO franchises we did during the event. While in Billund, we also ran into Robenanne, the designer of the Old Fishing Shop, and we interviewed him. Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick put together a reconstruction of the conversation we had with Bali Padda for us to publish and Stuck in Plastic have contributed an article about their toy photographers collective. We have also worked closely with Eurobricks to offer a new collaborative section in our magazine and on their forums. But, it’s not only Recognised LEGO Fan Media we have worked with. In collaboration with Kockice we have started another collaborative corner in our magazine and together with their team we are proud to present a Croatian language edition of HispaBrick Magazine 028! This edition also includes articles about education with Six Bricks, reviews, robotics, MOCs and a lot of attention for the new LEGO Boost platform. HispaBrick Magazine is free to download in Spanish, English and Croatian, so get your copy today and spread the word! You can download the magazine here: )
  7. HispaBrick Magazine 027 is out

    Not all at once please, but we do appreciate your feedback on our efforts ;D
  8. I hadn't thought about that. Good point. I do keep mine in to keep the seats in the right place. All the more reason now.
  9. Yes it can, but that requires 3 parts instead of one so LEGO naturally chose the more economic option. Additionally I find the pin with pinhole sits a lot tighter than the solution you propose as the clutch power on the pin with pinhole is greater that of the axle pins.
  10. Glad you liked the mod - it was something that really bothered me, not being able to see the mechanism inside. I'm curious about the 3L red axle connector you removed. Would that be the one that is in front of the drive selector? Adding the body makes the whole structure more rigid. That means reducing friction that might come from bending. Of course that applies less if you don't add the wheels and lay the chassis flat on the table. I have a feeling that it may indeed have been deliberate, but not for the reasons they give. If you use the correct sequence with the full body attached (and so practically no view of the mechanism or the engine), it is very hard to see (or feel) you have actually changed gears. If you use the incorrect (official LEGO) order you feel a much clearer difference between gears.
  11. MOD is a big word at this stage, but in addition to the video showing you how to detach the bodywork from the chassis I also made a short video showing how to get to the offending gears and correct the gear sequence, based on the completed stage 1 (chassis):
  12. Thanks for another great solve! I spent several minutes just placing the black double bevel gear fora similar reason. It is very easy to push it too far onto the 5L axle with stop, and because it has a stop, that will lock up the gear as well. Had there not been a stop it would have been a non-issue This is where I run into trouble with alarming frequency: all is well while I pull on the paddle, but as soon as I let go the mechanism will slack and the orange XO beam that connects to the link wil move back up to 30º. As a result sometimes a second red clutch gear is partially engaged, resulting in a clicking noise, or even engaged enough to lock up the engine. Have you found a way to prevent the mechanism from rolling back too far?
  13. Thanks. And the best thing is it only takes a few pins!
  14. Great review Jim, and excellent pictures!! One of my main gripes with this set is the fact that you can't really see any of the mechanics in tg set. It has all been very nicely hidden and there is no way to see it in action after finishing the model. And it will have been so easy. I've made a video to show his, with just a few steps, you can take the bodywork off the chassis to show off the innards.
  15. HispaBrick Magazine 024 is out

    And for those of you who have just discovered this magazine, we have a webpage where you can find the announcement for this issue on our blog. The announcement not only includes a download link, but also a link to download all previous issues