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  1. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    Thanks everyone Yes I managed to scale down the cost by far more than 5!! I'm considering making free instructions for it...
  2. Almost exactly six years ago, I built a MOC, the first non-digital one since I get out of my Dark Age... And the Assemble the Fleet Contest on Flickr was the exact thing I needed to pay hommage to that MOC I like so much. So I started thinking how to scale down a 160 studs long spaceship fit into 32 studs. I tried to keep the shapes, the colors and details as much as possible, and it was no easy task. Of course some compromises had to be made in some areas. I also corrected the one thing that bothered me for all these years: adding hangar bay doors on both sides. Micro Zenith Class Cruiser by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Micro Zenith Class Cruiser by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  3. Bob De Quatre

    [Review] #75269 Duel on Mustafar

    Thanks everyone for pointing out my mistakes (two more reviews to go, so I still have room for improvement!)
  4. Bob De Quatre

    [Review] #75269 Duel on Mustafar

    Set information Set Name: Duel on Mustafar Set Number: 75269 Number of Pieces: 208 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £19.99 / $19.99 / €24.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75269 on Brickset #75269 on Rebrickable Packaging The front of the box shows the usual Star Wars theme for non RotS sets. As usual, the bottom right corner shows the 2 minifigs included in the set: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The back of the box shows the set and all the play features. Content of the box The box contains 2 numbered bags and the instruction booklet. Minifigures The set contains 2 minifigures: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in their Mustafar outfit. Both minifigs are exclusives from head to toes... but not up to the hait pieces. Build The build is easy but not that interesting. The first bag will create the two base halves, each with a sliding path, while the second bag will add the two platforms and details. Play features There are lots of rotating or sliding parts, that makes that set a real playset, but I'm honestly not sure if children would actually play with it. The set could also be a displayed completely folded in or out, and make a nice display model, even if some modding may be required. There is a small mecanism to throw lava in the air, but it doesn't work that well. Conclusion Design: 7/10 - The model is nice and the mechanisms for the platforms are well done, but the lava could have been better (less red, more flamish yellow) . Parts: 6/10 - The part selection is average, except for the trans-orange parts. Build: 5/10 - A pretty straightforward build with no interresting techniques. Playability: 8/10 - The set has lots of play features, and the platforms for the two duelists are nice. Minifigs: 10/10 - The two minifigs are nice and detailed but also exclusive! Price: 8/10 - With a ppp of 0,12€ and 2 exclusive minifigs, this set seems is rather interesting. Overall: 44/60 (73%) - A nice playable set, with great minifigs, but nothing more. The focus couls have been less on the playability and more on the display model aspect.
  5. Set information Set Name: Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder Set Number: 75271 Number of Pieces: 236 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75271 on Brickset #75271 on Rebrickable Packaging The front of the box shows the usual Star Wars theme for non RotS sets. As usual on the bottom right corner are the 3 minifigs included in the set: Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and an anonymous Jawa. The back of the box shows the set play feature: an openable hatch to store goggles. Content of the box The box contains 3 numbered bags, the instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. I'll apologize right away as I misplaced a sticker while building, but noticed my error only when editing the pictures. Minifigures The set contains 3 minifigures: Luke Skywalker in his Tatooine outfit with a poncho, the usual C-3PO and a Jawa. Nothing new here, except for Luke's poncho. Build The build is easy and features a lot of SNOT building techniques that are pretty interesting. The result is a nice Jawa cave, and of course Luke's landspeeder that looks great with more detailed engines than the 3 previous iterations. The use of stickers for the sides instead of flex tubes is for me a good solution as it implies SNOT building and more parts, but the downside is obviously more stickers in a set that already uses a bunch of them for the engines. The only other option would be for Lego to provide printed parts for the side tubings or the engines! The set comes with a few nice parts, like the Brick 1X1X3 1/3, W/ Arch in light blueish grey, and some recolored parts in Dark Red and Nougat. For me there is still one key part that is missing: the lanspeeder's windshield! If Lego wants to continue releasing Luke's Landspeeder every two years, they could look at the movie and give us a more accurate windshield. Play features The set's play feature are quite simple: an openable hatch on the landspeeder, and a rocky cave for the Jawa to hide in. I had the previous landspeeder still built so I took a few pictures side by side of the models. I clearly prefer the new one, which is still perfectible but adds lots of details especially on the engines areas. Conclusion Design: 8/10 - The model is really nice, but relies too much on stickers for the final look. Parts: 8/10 - The part selection is very good, with some great new parts! More printed parts instead of stickers would have been nice though. Build: 8/10 - Interesting build for the landspeeder with nice techniques. Playability: 8/10 - The cave is anecdotic, but the landspeeder is rather enjoyable to play with. Minifigs: 6/10 - The minifigs are the main downside of the set, with nothing new except a poncho. Price: 5/10 - With a ppp of 0,126€ and 3 unexclusive minifigs, this set seems a bit overpriced . Overall: 43/60 (71%) - A rater nice set, with an iconic vehicle... but the minifigs aren't up to the landspeeder.
  6. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 75263 - Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter

    I don't think the old pistols fits the SW universe, and especially this character.
  7. Set information Set Name: T-16 Skyhopper vs Bantha Microfighters Set Number: 75262 Number of Pieces: 198 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75265 on Brickset #75265 on Rebrickable Packaging The box of the set is the usual size for double Microfighters. On the front we can see both models and the two minifigures, while the back shows the few play features and another scene. Minifigure The set comes with two minifigures: a Tusken Raider and a T-16 Pilot. The Tusken got a new prints and head this year, and for now is available only in this set and #75270: Obi-Wan's Hut. The T-16 Pilot is exclusive to this set, but uses non-printeg dark red legs. Builds As usual, the set comes with two numbered bags and two instructions booklet, one for each Microfighter. That allows to invite a friend or family to build together, or organize a small building contest! The Bantha is a nice build and looks great... from a certain angle... The neck area don't looks that great when viewed from the side. Also, the blue Technic pins used to attach the horns shows a bit. Using a 1x1 brick with stud on side would have looked better, but a bit more fragile. The T-16 looks really good, except maybe for the Technic pins visible from the back, bt like the bantha's horns, there are other solutions to hide them. I must say I have a soft spot for the T-16 since the Rebel Assault video game... (The transparent parts were added by me to support the model) Conclusion Minifig: 8/10 - A minus point for the T-16 Pilot legs, but the two minifigures are great. Builds: 9/10 - Both builds are very nice, and we finally got a bantha! Price: 9/10 - With a ppp of 0,10€ and two minifig, one of which is exclusive, and a nice part selection, this set is a great bargain. Overall: 26/30 (87%) - A great Microfighters set, with only a few negative points, but so much good ones.
  8. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 75264 - Kylo Ren's Shuttle Microfighter

    You're right, it is a main character and it is a cheap way to get it. But if I had to choose, I would have prefered something else, like a Sith Tie with a proper Sith pilot maybe.
  9. Set information Set Name: Kylo Ren's Shuttle Microfighter Set Number: 75264 Number of Pieces: 72 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75264 on Brickset #75264 on Rebrickable Packaging A classic Microfighter box, with a 3/4 view of Kylo Ren's Shuttle on the front of the box. The back of the box shows something unusual for a microfighter: a play feature! Minifigure The set obviously includes a Kylo Ren's minifigure. It is the same that comes with the set 75256 Kylo Ren's Shuttle, but without the cape. His mask looks pretty good with all the red lines, but that's the only part of the minifig that his new, since the torso, legs and head have been used for Kylo Ren haven't changed for the last 3 years. Builds Kylo Rens Shuttle is nicely done, but don't use any new or fancy part. Bonus point for the folding wings. Conclusion Minifig: 4/10 - Yet another Kylo Ren's minifigure... Build: 7/10 - A nice build with foling wings, but a poor part selection. Price: 7/10 - With high ppp of 0,14€ and a minifig, this set isn't as interesting as other Microfighters. Overall: 18/30 (60%) - A nice Microfighter, but the minifig and the parts aren't really interesting.
  10. Set information Set Name: Resistance Y-Wing Microfighter Set Number: 75263 Number of Pieces: 86 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £8.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75263 on Brickset #75263 on Rebrickable Packaging A classic Microfighter box, with a 3/4 view of the Y-Wing on the front of the box while the back shows the rear of the starfighter and the whole Zorii Bliss minifigure. Minifigure The minifigure in this Microfighter is Zorii Bliss. She comes with two old style pistolet which is rather disappointing. It's the exact same minifigs that comes with the 75249: Resistance Y-wing Starfighter. The printing on the legs suffer from bad alignement between the legs and the waist but also between the waist and the torso. It would have been nice to have an actual head, even a random one, instead of a blank black one. Builds The micro Y-wing is pretty nice, and using some good parts. The only downside for me is the shooters. I'm sure the shape would have been even better without them. The pilot is also sitting a bit too low so her arms have to be raised up which is kinda weird. Conclusion Minifig: 6/10 - Zorii Biss minifig is nice but suffers from bad prints alignement. The black head and the old pistols are also a minus point. Build: 8/10 - The Y-Wing is pretty cool, instantly recognizable. The part selection is good. Price: 8/10 - With a ppp of 0,12€ and a minifig, this set is rather interesting, especially if you're looking for this particular minifig. Overall: 22/30 (73%) - A good Microfighter set, despite a minifigure that could have been better.
  11. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 75266 - Sith Troopers Battle Pack

    No, I added it to have a better picture. As I said, they could have included something to make the Jet Troopers fly.
  12. Set information Set Name: Sith Troopers Battle Pack Set Number: 75266 Number of Pieces: 105 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £12.99 / $14.99 / €14.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75267 on Brickset #75267 on Rebrickable Packaging The box shows the Star Wars' theme, used for sets of the latest movies arc. The front of the box shows the content of the Battle pack in action, while the back shows all the play features which are... one. Minifigures The set contains 4 minifigures: a Sith Trooper, two Sith Jet Troopers and a First Order Officer. Each comes with a stud shooter. The Officer is pretty nice, with a simple design highlighted by thin red lines. The Sith Troopers are really great in their red liveries, with black and dark red markings. I prefer them to the white version! As every empire/sith troopers, they come with the classic angry clone head. The jetpacks and the printed tiles on the are really nice parts. Builds The set comes with only one side biuld: a small speeder. It has two seats and a gunner position on the front part, with an attachment point for a stud shooter. Conclusion Playability: 6/10 - The speeder is nice and can carry up to three minifigs. It's too bad Lego didn't include a way to have the Jet Troopers stand in the air, like the part used in the DC Collectible Minifigures. Minifigs: 9/10 - The minifigs are great, troopers look really good in red, and the Officer is also nice even without leg printing. Again, some "real" blasters would have been nice instead (or in addition) of the studs shooters. Price: 7/10 - With high ppp of 0,146€ and 4 minifigs, this set seems well priced for a Star Wars battle pack. Overall: 22/30 (73%) - A good BP but maybe not for amry builders as only one normal Trooper is included, but I have to admit I really like those Sith Jet Troopers! And red is known to be the fastest color!
  13. Bob De Quatre

    [Review] #75272 Sith Tie Fighter

    Yep, I completely forgot to edit that part... Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for trying the different windscreens. The classic one looks indeed the best.
  14. Bob De Quatre

    [Review] #75272 Sith Tie Fighter

    Introduction We've seen a lot of different shapes and configurations for the Tie's wings. This time the designers decided to use triangles... While I'm not very convinved by a shape so simple, let's see how it looks in Lego. Set information Set Name: Sith Tie Fighter Set Number: 75272 Number of Pieces: 470 Theme: Star Wars Year Release: 01/2020 Prices: £64.99 / $79.99 / €69.99 (Euro prices may vary) #75272 on Brickset #75272 on Rebrickable Packaging The front of the box shows the usual Star Wars theme for the movies related sets, with angry Kylo Ren in the upper right corner. As usual on the bottom right corner are the 3 minifigs included in the set: Finn, a First Order Tie Pilot and a Knight of Ren. The back of the box shows the set's play features, which are only two: using the spring-loaded shooters and landing the Tie on its docking tower... Content of the box The box contains 3 numbered bags and a letter sized booklet. There is no stickers on this set which at first seemed a bit odd for a set of this size. Sadly, In my haste to build it, I totally forgot to take pictures of the sealed bags. Minifigures The set contains 3 minifigures: Finn, a First Order Tie Pilot and a Knight of Ren exclusive to this set while Finn outfit can be seen in set 75257: Millennium Falcon. Finn is quite plain, with a civilian outfit. He has a double-sided head with a smiling face, and an alternate screaming face... or is it his standard face? Maybe... The Tie Pilot is lovely, even if already seen in set 75101: First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. His helmet is particulary well done, with the tubing going to the torso. The Knight of Ren outfit is nice, completed with a new helmet. Fun fact: it seems that the Knight main weapon is printed on his torso and legs while it is included in the set in Lego form. Build The build is pretty easy. The hull and arms of the ship are reinforced by using long plates and brackets. The connection to the wings is quite sturdy, even if they can be detatched with no difficulty. With the first bag, we'll build the 3 minifigs, the ship's hull and the "docking tower" to land the Tie onto. Bags #2 and #3 will both give us one of the wings, which are almost identical, only the position of the spring-loaded launchers differs. Obviously I couldn't make any interesting picture after bag 2 since the Tie was completely out of balance. I'm not very fond of the model. It has some very nice features like the red linings on the wings, the new cockpit's window, and the grey portions at the ends of each wings, but even those kinda lack of details. I also find the model unbalanced, with the rear end of the wings being at the same level as the back of the Tie's spherical cockpit... From the side you can even see the Tie's engine at the rear of the "sphere". The docking tower is also not that easy to use, especially for children. It may need some reinforcements if you want it to stay in position. I'm also puzzled by the use of one of the Ninjago 2x1x2/3 slopes with printed  control panels, while a Star Wars's one is also present in this set. There are a few spare parts... 3 or 4 I think, not worth a picture... But we get some nice parts like the printed cockpit parts, and of course the new wedge plates in both red and black. And there are quite a number of them! Play features There are not much to do with the set except swooshing it while making weapon sounds! Of course the cockpit opens and you can (barely) fit the pilot inside. As said previously, the docking tower is rather fragile and not that easy to use, but it is needed if you don't want your Tie to lie on it's wings lower ends. Conclusion Design: 6/10 - I'm not enthousiastic with the wings' shape, I think it could have been more detailed, and the docking tower could use more stability. Parts: 8/10 - The part selection is good, with all those new wedge plates! Build: 7/10 - The building of the Tie's hull is nice but the wings are quite repetitives. Playability: 5/10 - The Tie swooches nicely, but landing on the docking tower may be risky for the pilot. Minifigs: 7/10 - The minifigs are nice and well detailed, but with a minus point for Finn. Price: 7/10 - With high ppp of 0,149€ and 3 minifigs, this set seems well priced for a Star Wars set. Overall: 40/60 (67%) - I'm not fond of the shape of that Tie Fighter, but that's of course only my opinion. Otherwise the sets contains nice minifigs and a good amount of nice parts.
  15. Bob De Quatre

    [Review] #75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

    You're right, I've updated my scoring method for Battle Packs to give more focus on the minifigs.