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  1. Lightning Dragon


    My favorite legendary is Darkrai, because of Nasty Plot/Dark Void/Dark Pulse. My favorite type has to be dragon, and I say the best non-legendary one has to be Dragonite. I pretty much have every game except for BW, didn't get it because I don't really like the starters. Reshiram and Zekrom are good though.
  2. Lightning Dragon

    Lego Mirkwood Elf Guardian Polybag @ Toys R us

    I found a lot of these at my TRU, and a few adults and some kids were snatching them. I ended up getting two of them.
  3. Lightning Dragon

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week Four

    Sure you can have a mask for Christmas!!!
  4. Lightning Dragon

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week Three

    So, you got your head and hair ripped off and then new ones popped on? Just for Superman to like you???
  5. Lightning Dragon

    The Top Ten Sets of 2012!

    Hmmm... 9450 Epic Dragon Battle (Wow! What a great dragon, and some awesome minifigure, including two exclusive Serpentine Generals and Lloyd Garmadon) 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown (A cool bike and a lot of dark red pieces) 9474 Helm's Deep (Well-designed castle) 9574 Lloyd ZX 79003 An Unexpected Gathering (Can't wait to get it!!!) 10228 Haunted House 6864-Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase 10226 Sopwith Camel (I love the features!) 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle 9442 Jay's Storm Fighter
  6. Lightning Dragon

    NBA and basketball in general

    Mine are the Lakers, though I watch the Heat and and sometimes the Knicks.
  7. Lightning Dragon

    Ninjafy Your Avatar - Voting

    Tried to think of a good way to ninjafy my avatar, but couldn't really think of anything good. Praiter Yed-1 point CallMePie-2 points
  8. If there is one, I would like it to be green, and easily swappable with the Acidus minifigure. Anyway, I took a snake tailpiece, and put it into a packet. Yeah, they fit, but they stick out so much that if a minifigure had it, you could tell just by looking at it. TLG probably will reuse the snake tailpiece, just probably not in the CMFs.
  9. Lightning Dragon

    Vending Machine and Zombies

    I really like the design of the vending machine, and I also think using the small street scene from the Catwoman set is a great idea.
  10. Alien Trooper looks way better than I expected.
  11. This is your speculation, right??? The title kind of confused me a bit. I wouldn't care whether or not if the previous series were re-released, since I have all the minifigures I want, but I guess others could really want them to come back.
  12. Lightning Dragon

    Super Hero Caption Contest! Week One

    "Batman!!! What happened to Poison Ivy???"
  13. I'm curious to see what CMFs will be in Series 9.

  14. I am curious to see what CMFs will be in Series 9.