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Found 27 results

  1. PaddyBricksplitter

    [MOC] Zombie Lighthouse Fortress

    Hi all. Here is my entry for the sci-fi forums Zombie moc competition. I know it's a little late, maybe by about two years but I have only just gotten round to photographing it. Please note this build comes with a bonus layer of dust to add an apocalyptic feel to the scene Hope ya like it.
  2. Nachapon Lego

    [MOC] Plants vs Zombies

    I built a small garden for Plants vs Zombies minifigs (EA licensed) just got today. Hope you like it. The quality of plants are good, good looking and easy to shoot the bullet. But zombies are not so good. 1. Only zombies's head arms and legs is printed, body and all accessories use sitckers . 2. The arms of zombies are very loose and very easy off. lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr Playing Plant Vs Zombie by Yakin Sure, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr
  3. Hey everyone! Tyndale here. I've been recently searching around Eurobricks for a Post-Apocalyptic building theme, or something somewhat relatively close to it and I could find none. That's probably one of my favorite types of themes to build in, and I'm sure people across Eurobricks somewhere must love this theme as well. So if anyone has any knowledge of a Post-Apocalyptic Theme, or something close to it, please let me and the others reading this topic know in the replies. If it doesn't exist, who knows we could try to figure it out, maybe create one even, but I don't want to get to ahead of myself. Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day! Tyndale
  4. ======================================================================================================= “勇敢”的勇士在努力和僵尸“作战”
  5. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Surviving, Not Living

    This is an updated version of my entry to the Braaiiinnss!!! contest on Eurobricks. While I have changed a number of areas, the bulk of this was frantically built in about a day and a half. I also have a new camera, a Canon EOS REBEL T5i, and a homemade lightbox. If you guys have any advice on either, but more so the camera, I'd be more than happy to hear it!
  6. SirDoobie

    [Brains] Cat A - Casino Royale

    While searching for supplies, The Doomsday Preppers try to rescue a group of survivors in the ruins of a casino. Check out SirDoobie's album on Flickr
  7. SirDoobie

    [Brains] Cat C - Bug-Out Truck

    \ Check out SirDoobie's album on Flickr
  8. Before The Apocalypse, these neighbors would get together on the weekends to plan for when SHTF. While trying to recruit other community members, they were labeled and ostracized. They were even dismissed by their own family members as “crazy”. Skeptics are now flesh-eating zombies, while the Preppers live on. Chuck AGE: 55 OCCUPATION: Texas Ranger WEAPONS: .357 Lever-Action Rifle, Bowie Knife BACKGROUND: Chuck is a 30-year law-enforcement veteran. He is the oldest, wisest, and most courageous of the group. He’s constantly in search of non-perishable sponge cakes with creamy filling. Raj AGE: 48 OCCUPATION: Naturopathic Physician WEAPONS: Dervish Blade BACKGROUND: Raj’s training in mainstream Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine makes him an expert in first aid and holistic health care. His calm demeanor keeps the rest of the guys level-headed in stressful situations. His interest in botany allows him to identify all types of therapeutic plants, which he collects in his messenger bag. Jonny AGE: 32 OCCUPATION: Recreational Vehicle Salesman WEAPONS: M21 Sniper Rifle, .45 Semi-auto Pistol, Machete BACKGROUND: Jonny made his career as an RV salesman, which gave him the opportunity to become a great outdoorsman while he traveled across the country. His basic survival skills include hunting, purifying water, and starting campfires. The Preppers were formed after a few late night poker games at his house. Daniel AGE: 38 OCCUPATION: Auto Mechanic WEAPONS: Wrench, Hammer BACKGROUND: Daniel is the do-it-all handyman and most innovative of the squad. He has impeccable driving skills and can repair any vehicle from farm tractors to fighter jets. He built the Bug-Out truck from scrapped parts. Michelangelo AGE: 26 OCCUPATION: Professional Mixed Martial Artist WEAPONS: 12-gauge Shotgun BACKGROUND: Michelangelo is a brash pro MMA fighter with an uncontrollable temper. His past life was spent training at the gym, cage fighting, partying, and chasing women. Fearless and impulsive, he relies on his athleticism and dumb luck to survive. Check out SirDoobie's album on Flickr
  9. Here is my entry to category A of the BRAINS contest. It is the zombie apocalypse in a world of pirates. I went for a half submerged shipwreck kind of look. I hope you all enjoy. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Overall view. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr A closeup of the top of the ship. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Another closeup. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Beneath the waves. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Pirates and tribal islanders teaming up to fight the zombies. Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Untitled by ryanconnor3, on Flickr Some views of the ocean floor and shipwreck without the water above it. Thanks for viewing. C&C appreciated.
  10. Agent Kallus

    [Brains] Cat B - Nexo frontier

    The cowardly knights of nexo are now fleeing the reanimated corpses of the castle and space themes that they slew. IMG_2179 A captured prisoner serves as bait for their zombie trap. IMG_2190 The breathing apparatus is there to keep the zombie's snack fresh. IMG_2183 An aperture science core watches the fight from his management rail. IMG_2207 Figs removed.
  11. IMG_2164 The cooky old crank Artric had finally finished his device to rid Liverpoolium of the plague of the creeping carcasses, unfortunately for him when testing what solution to fill his sky sprayer with his zombie pesticide actually spread the scrooge and got him bitten by one of the roaming dead. IMG_2165 One of the royal legion slaughtered what remained of Artric during a daring battle on the wreck of the craft. Sorry my photography skills aren't the greatest. IMG_2163 IMG_2174 That's how he fits inside. IMG_2172
  12. After the last few months, my family has learned that nowhere is truly safe. Allies become enemies. Walls are breached. Simple illnesses become death sentences. Anyone who thinks he is safe is kidding himself. I remember the last time we felt safe. That was before my daughter was an only child. Full scene by BillyBricks, on Flickr Recently, we have found a rhythm in moving from place to place in the city. After our apartment complex fell to the dead, we managed to escape into the streets, foraging as we went and finding shelter that could last for a few days before having to move on. Although the dead seem to constantly stalk us, it's the living we must watch out for. If we thought people were self-serving before, we were mistaken. Crashed Car by BillyBricks, on Flickr Gunshots by BillyBricks, on Flickr Watching as my husband and daughter get what sleep they can, I remember when keeping my family safe meant buying the right foods, watching for suspicious characters at the playground, and going to the doctor annually. Those memories are already starting to fade. Now, they are replaced with frantic running and desperate attempts to find supplies to keep going for one more day. Female Survivor by BillyBricks, on Flickr As I carve this new spear, I almost start to relax. Two days ago we found this deli, which must not have been heavily looted because there were stacks of canned food and bottled water hidden in a corner in the basement. We've been here ever since, creating some simple defenses and even taking the time to hang a sheet so we can have a "private" toilet. Full Basement by BillyBricks, on Flickr It's times like these when I have to remind myself that letting my guard down can mean the difference between being hungry and tired tomorrow or never seeing that new dawn. I...What's that noise? It sounds like our trap upstairs worked. Speared Zombie by BillyBricks, on Flickr That will be something to deal with tomorrow. Another problem, and here I was feeling safe for a moment. But I have to remember, in the apocalypse, safe is a four letter word. Basement in dark by BillyBricks, on Flickr This is my first time entering a contest on Eurobricks. I have lurked on this site for months, enjoying the pictures of wonderful creations that others put up every day. I've only been back in LEGO for about a year now, and I've been building MOCs for less than half that time. It's probably pretty obvious that I am a newbie thanks to the fact that I decided to build three full walls on my bottom level (dark much?) and I'm using the camera on my phone to take pictures. I built this MOC so I could easily take the two levels apart, so at least that planning worked out. Coming up with an idea for the contest and working toward the deadline were both fun. I loved seeing all of the other entries, as well!
  13. Even after the Earth is dead and gone, music will live on. Here are my undead minifigures for the Brains contest, also known as the Undead Masters of Music. From left to right: DJ Eddie M. and his pet bat, heavy metal guitarist Rick Ormortiz, singer/songwriter Sarah Phim, composer Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead, country singer Tom Stone (the radioactive zombie). More information on each character: DJ Eddie M. - Once a beat-blasting music producer, Eduardo Muerto (more commonly known by his alias Eddie M.) has returned from the dead to re-live his days of playing electronic music festivals. Armed with his two vinyl records of choice, he is ready to once again take the world by storm with his scratching abilities. He has also drawn the attention of a strange little bat that resides on his shoulder, most likely drawn to the screeching sound produced by his sick record scratching. Rick Ormortiz - Having spent his career writing and rocking out to songs about death, Ormortiz was not especially happy when he kicked the bucket himself. Ormortiz suffered a fatal blow to his left eye in a freak guitar pick accident, causing his bandmates to hang up their instruments indefinitely...or so they thought. Deciding to join the land of living once more, Ormortiz returned from the grave to breath new life into his old band and spread his new insights on the afterlife through the only means he knows how: heavy metal music. Sarah Phim - The once dazzling star Sarah Phim has been appearing on stages all around the world recently despite her death five years ago. Initially, many believed her return was just a myth, similar to the claims of Elvis still being alive, but these rumors were confirmed to be true when fans were treated to unexpected show at a graveyard one gloomy night. Though she wasn't quite the looker she once was, the zombie that had appeared was no doubt Sarah Phim herself, wearing her signature, though tattered, white dress and still boasting her heavenly voice. Johann Sebastian Bach-from-the-Dead: Not to be confused with another, more famous composer, Bach-from-the-Dead considers himself to be the world's greatest musician... albeit, no one has even heard of him. Believing he was robbed of fame in his time and determined to solidify his name in history, Bach-from-the-Dead arose from the earth to prove to the world that his music has no equal. However, he has since discovered this might be more difficult than he originally thought as he now has an insatiable taste for flesh, which is why he is usually seen with his conducting baton in one hand and some kind of limb in the other. Tom Stone - Though not your typical zombie, Tom Stone walks the earth as a man both living and dead. Previously a successful country singer, Tom Stone found himself turned into an undead, radioactive man after confusing a flask full of nuclear waste for his bottle of whiskey. The nuclear waste Stone consumed slowly ate away at his life until he finally succumbed to death's sweet embrace, that is until one night when he awoke once more in the middle of a cornfield. Reanimated with pale green skin and covered in barbed wire, Stone now scours the countryside for nuclear energy or perhaps a brain or two. Thanks for looking! Additional, higher-quality pictures can be viewed here on Flickr.
  14. OrangeGareth

    [Brains] Cat B - The Hideout

    First post on Eurobricks - yay! I'd like to thank Graham Gidman, who helped me immensely with this build.
  15. Unlucky Diver Team (Who shouldn't have opened the treasure chest they found...) Here is what happened to a Diver Team when they opened the chest they found deep in the sea... The chest was full of strange glowing material the divers were happy to study ! But the scientist of the team hadn't the time to discover what those strange minerals were... He just became sick and turned out to Zombie form quite quickly. In no time, all the team finished in zombie form devouring one another... The Zombie Diver Team all together. Commandant J-Y Coustold, team Leader. Doctor S. Y. Ringe, Team Scientist. Miss H-Am'Mer, Team Engineer. Major Screw, Diver of the team. Lt Cab, Diver of the team. Here is my entry for the Braiiins Contest ! I have good fun time building the team ! And the same fun finding them funny names ! I hope you'll like them !
  16. Bricky Dee Williams

    The Walking Dead (TV Series) Discussion

    So here we find ourselves at Season 7. Upon a quick search of Eurobricks last night, I found that this topic didn't already exist. The show has a tremendous following, and believe it to be a fantastic show on every level. Given "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be," we have plenty to talk about. So, what did you all think of Negan's choice pick? Was it a shock, or did you see it coming? Was it too much? How will it further effect the cast throughout this season and beyond? -Speaking of which, this should be a no-brainer (get it? :laugh:) but I don't think this is the place for any gruesome photos from the series, especially those of the spoilery type. Mods: I understand if this is a TV-MA series, and thus a more adult topic. I know there is also a Game of Thrones thread, so I don't believe this will go too far.
  17. Hello everyone, I have the pleasure to present you today my entry in this a-maze-ing contest: “Shaun of the Dead - THE Plan”. This entry is actually the outcome of a collaboration with my usual partner in LEGO-crime … my good friend PixelFox. This creation is also the opportunity for me to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Winchester project being turned down on Cuusoo (anyone still remember this?). In a way, this MOC is shock-full of irony (and tiny zombies), presenting an undead “Cuusoo” project within an approved “Ideas” one is almost like LEGO inception.. a dream within a dream… Anyway, I digress, on with the pictures! Shaun of the Dead - THE Plan My goal with this ‘maze’ was to keep the design simple - allowing for a fast-paced gameplay - but also have a layout that would hopefully be instantly recognizable. I did try different scales for the micro buildings – some versions allowed for the ball to roll in or through them but I found that due to the larger scale and added weight it was then becoming increasingly difficult to keep a well-balanced board and it ended up hindering the gameplay. So, I kept it simple. I wanted to give credits to Barton Thinks’ Brownstone design that heavily inspired my take on Shaun’s townhouse. As a bonus, please see below or at this link an action-packed video gameplay, enjoy!
  18. Space Police XVIII

    [moc] Vile Blacktron Space Magics

    By the technomagical necromancy of the Blacktron Summoner Corps, the dead of wrecked colonies rise once more, to visit vicious vengeance unto the alien. The Mourneblade speeder bike is unique to the Summoners. It carries the mage's staff mounted to fire directly forward, a backup summoning/control unit and backup weapon. The pilots are equipped with twin-engine jetpacks for individual mobility; these can be used to supplement the bike's own engines. Selected standard-issue equipment is shown here. On the right are two pylons usually teleported in at the start of the fight, to provide extra shielding and stealth to what comes next: Space zombies. This photo is terrible. These things form the core of the summoner's fighting strength, usually called in batches of three: two fast attackers with carbine and sword, one with heavy weapon. Bigger threats require bigger summons. that went well Here's a better shot of the zombies. Adorable, yes? Just look at their cute pearly widdle teeths, aww <3
  19. durazno33

    [MOC] The Untouched Laboratory

    I created this moc for an upcoming display for my local LUG. Basically the story is: The zombies are destroying the world (insert archetypal end of world situation.) However, in a remote part of the North American desert, a small research facility had become a haven for a small group of survivors. Guarded by the extreme heat of the sun and desolate desert, they had live secluded from the extreme destruction across the world caused by the outbreak of the zombie epidemic. Here they live striving day in and day out to find the cure. By now, the zombies have infected most of the major cities and smaller towns of the world and were running out of people to feed upon. Desperate for new prey, the zombies have begun wandering to the more remote parts of the wilderness to discover, by chance, hidden populations to infect. One day while out to collect supplies for the research, one of the men is discovered by a band of zombies and in a panic to escape, he retreats and is followed to the research facility, revealing the hideout's location to the zombies. Will the Untouched Laboratory meet its end? There are more images on my flickr feed. You can get to the album by clicking the first 2 pictures.
  20. fred67

    9465 - Zombies

    Withdrawn. If you're interested in the Zombies set, see the link in my signature.
  21. happer

    Zombie Wedding

    When I finished this vintage limo i placed a zombie minifig driver to check it, which was simply the closest minifig to me, and the next second I came to this Idea about Zombie wedding. It made me laugh and I want to share it with you. I also add it to Lego.Ideas, so if you like it pls vote here
  22. Here is my latest MOC, a triple axle "Eye Scream" truck. Feed back is appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  23. I partnered up with a very talented animator Garrett Barati on this Halloween themed brickfilm. Enjoy!
  24. This is a test run for a transportable build for the Sydney Brick Show. C and C welcome. [ Home Sweet Groan by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr On display at Sydney Brick Show by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr Home sweet groan by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr