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  1. Thanks! Let me test this on the EV3 and I'll see what happens! Do you mind if I come back to ask more questions? /ben
  2. Thanks. To clarify - are all those text nodes looking at the SAME external file? How do the motor nodes understand which bit of the text file is relevant to them? /ben
  3. I'm not using any language. I'm just trying to figure out how do-able this is. I'll look at X3... /ben
  4. Hello all I'm new to Mindstorms and I am trying to figure out whether the system will let me do something before I leap in. Here's a sketch of what I want to do, in the hope someone can help me. Is it possible to use Mindstorms to instruct a motor to follow a sequence of events it reads from an external file? E.g. - perform 10 rotations over 10 seconds perform 12 rotations over 10 seconds perform 18 rotations over 10 seconds perform 20 rotations over 10 seconds and so on and so on, potentially for hundreds of lines The goal here is to build a machine that can follow very precise programmed sequences. The data that drives that would have to be held in external files (probably just text files, or some sort of database) rather than constructing it in the Mindstorms app from potentially hundreds of blocks. Thanks in advance! /ben
  5. benredstar

    Worm gears

    Awesome! Do you know the part # for fhat 1M with friction?!
  6. benredstar

    Worm gears

    Hello Technic Wizards I am building a mechanism using worm gears However, the ones I have in my collection have no friction against the cross axle I slide them onto; they just freely slide up and down. Is this the normal behavior? I need them to be fixed to the axle so they actually push things! Thanks in advance if anyone can throw any light. /ben
  7. So I installed the new LDD update and... it just me or can you only access the new parts when running in extended mode? They don't show up in the part bins in the "normal" mode. /ben
  8. Hello all Bricknerd has linked me to this amazing Y-Wing MOC and the builder has provided instructions and a parts list! Does anyone know a quick and easy way to get this parts list directly into Bricklink so I can buy all the bits! Thanks! /ben
  9. benredstar

    BrickLink Question

    Can someone please help with a BrickLink issue. I have a piece on my wanted list which I want to buy 4 of. But when I go into a store, I sometimes see many of the same parts offered for sale, such as in the picture beneath. This is annoying since if I now click “Auto Fill Cart Min” I get 4 of each of these items; when I only want 4 in total. I now have to go through the whole list removing all the ones I don’t want, which takes ages. Is there a way to hide all these multiple copies of the same item? I don’t really understand what difference the store perceives in them, they’re all “new”; what’s the A-1 A-10 A-3 business all about? Also when I browse my wanted list “By Shop” I see the column “Lots (Unique)” like in the below picture. I get this is telling me how many of my wanted list items the store sells; but I don’t get what the Lots are what the Unique Lots are. Can anyone help? Thanks! /ben
  10. Hi all Can anyone tell me what sort of elements they've currently got in the pick a brick wall at the Sheffield LEGO Store? I'm wondering if it's worth a trip out there to stock up on bits. I'm building microscale space mainly, so I really need fiddly little spacey bits. /ben
  11. benredstar

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Hello all With Episode VII appearing in cinemas at the end of the year, and the Millennium Falcon clearly having a starring role, does anyone else think next Christmas would be an excellent time for LEGO to release a new, updated UCS Millennium Falcon... with a *rectangular* radar dish! I for one would vote with my wallet! /ben
  12. Hello all I'm planning to spend my VIP points at Can someone tell me whether, if you use the points to buy something, you earn more points on the purchase? /ben
  13. benredstar

    Which set should I buy?

    Hello all I've just sold a couple of sets and I have bunch of money to burn! Recommend me a set to buy - I want the set that offers the best building experience as I will inevitably sell the thing on Bricklink when I've finished it. I've been considering the UCS B-Wing; or one of the modular buildings; or that 10228 Haunted House. /ben
  14. Hello all Firstly, apologies if this thread is deemed off-topic - I wanted to post to the buy/sell/trade forum but it won't let me for some reason (?). Anyway, here's the thing:- There's a LOT of new sets I'd like to buy and build in 2013; more than I can really afford or find space for. What I'd like to do is buy the sets new from LEGO direct, build them and keep them for maybe 6 months and then, unless they're worthy of being kept permanently, sell them on. If I could get a reasonable fraction of the original buying price I'd be happy with this arrangement. However I have a few questions and maybe some of the folks here can suggest answers... Can anyone recommend the best forum for selling used sets? Ebay? Would it make sense to sell them with their boxes and instructions et al or just as parts (saves postage too)? What sort of price should I set for a used set? E.g. if a set is £100 new is it worth £75 used (presuming no retailer starts discounting it meantime).]? Any help appreciated! /ben
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread; especially Matt the Tuba Guy who's answer was very useful. You have high praise for this set indeed and I think I'll take your advice and snap one up before they discontinue it. /ben