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  1. Could you reconfigure the "platform" so that the scissor beams are attached/run along the side rails of the platform and have the floor of the platform "slung" below. It might not look as nice aesthetically as the yellow rails but allowing the beams to attach higher up means they don't have to lie as flat when it's in the down position. Potential problems are that it can no longer reach as high.
  2. The_Cook

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    It's a Nute Gunrary with alternative head and hands.
  3. The_Cook

    How to build a medieval priest minifg?

    Ewald from China has a light blue / white robe. Saruman would also make a good priest; but he’s in silly money territory{"iconly":0}
  4. I finished this little build a few months back and just as I got it photographed Mark Of Falworth posted his Black Falcon's Fortress Re-Imagined;mine somewhat pales when placed alongside that creations scale and ambition but then mine was designed to fulfil a certain specific set of criteria. My goals were to produce an updated 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress with an identical floorplan but using the modern building techniques from 10223 Kingdons Joust. The floor plan of the castle remains the same; two towers flank a large gateway and a half timbered building with peaked roofs perches upon the back wall. The large panels making up the towers in the original have been replaced by a mix of facet bricks and cheese wedges attached to 1x1 brick with stud on the side. Arches have been retained in the correct places which necessitated some head scratching to ensure the facet detailing accomodated the arches. The drawbridge has been updated to use chains and lifting beams; the lifting beams themselves are attached using technic friction pins so that the drawbridge can remain up. Articulation of the structure has been retained; the two sides are hinged and can be folded outwards from a split in the back wall. This versatility in the early castles (375, 6080 and 6085) allowed them to be played with as either an enclosure or as wall. The half timbered detailing of the building has been retained but recreated using techniques lifted from 10193 Medieval Market Village. I was surprised to find that 62361 Vehicle, Mudguard 1 1/2 x 6 x 1 with Arch is still quite rare and I ended up having to source one through bricklink. The rear wall of the building used a staggered pattern of light bluish grey 1x3 bricks with dark bluish grey 1x1 rounds. Whilst this provides pleasant detail and texture the pattern itself forms 4 wide panels with no interlocking unlike the original 4444 Panel 2 x 5 x 6 Wall. Once the parapets were added the construction gained sufficient strength but it's nowhere near as robust as the original. I'm very happy with what I acheived;the ambitions were deliberately modest. The structure alone (excluding minifigs, weapons, etc...) is 660 bricks which is significantly more that the 430 (including minifigs, weapons, etc..) of the original. Most of the additional bricks come from the large panels being replaced by brick built solutions. The LDD file is available from my MOC-Pages posting.
  5. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    The raised baseplates were typically used by the flagship set in the line; not just Castle but Pirates, Space and Adventurers as well. Packaging cost may well be the driving factor here you need a large enough set with a big enough box to be able to accomodate a raised baseplate. I'm not sure that I agree with your conclusions on the similarities between Ragana's or Goblin King's and the earlier River Fortress or Black Knights castle. Whilst all four given examples are "unitary" builds rather than "modular" the principle differentiating feature for me is that the modern sets are designed as a "wall", there is a front and a back with easy equal access for play on both sides. The older sets; both the ones cited and the modular sets are designed as "enclosures" that contain a space. I wouldn't be surprise if TLG has done extensive research with focus groups and they've found that the "wall" plays better than the "enclosure" because it's more accessible. The nice thing about the original 6080 King's Castle and 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress were that whilst they were "enclosures" they could be opened out via their hinges to become a "wall"; I miss that from the more recent 7946 King's Castle and 70404 King's Castle where the lack of articulation in the modular pieces within the large set constrains the set as a whole.
  6. The_Cook

    Troll Town [update 19/04/2018]

    It's been a good few (say 18) months since the last posting but Troll Town moves slowly forwards... I was staring at my Troll Harbour and thinking of other options. A Mine is still a possibility as is a Prison; the latter stuck, there is potential merit turning the current 60130 Prison Island into a Troll set. To start with it's based around a rocky island which is a good candidate for conversion. Whilst the architecture is more modern the actual shape of the structures could easily become Troll-like. My initial attempts tried to insert the prison into the wall of Troll town but after downloading a pre-built Prison into LDD and starting to delete all of the boats it occured to me that actually keeping the Prison as an island is a valid concept. Replacing the helicopter pad with walkways lifted from [url="">Trolls' Landing</a> allowes it to be stand-alone in the middle of the sea or part of the walkways abnd piers attached to Trolls' Landing. The frame and bar structures were reaplaced with a stack of 3 fences, door controls replaced with Troll style angular archways and floodlights with burning torches. The remaining piece of work is to rebuild the look-out tower, either as wooden structure similar to the siege towers, or as a stone structure similar to the towers in the fortress. The building of the prison in ABS was spurred on by the original set going on offer at . That gets me most of the plates, burps and larger structural pieces but there's still a lot of "Troll" pieces needed to complete the conversion. A number of Bricklink orders were necessary to obtain enough black spindle fences and I realised that I have no 2x3 reddish-brown wedge plates as they're still fairly rare. My final burst of Bricklink activity deals with 1x1 dark bluish-grey plates. I'm always loathe to order 1x1 plates as they're often expensive in relation to the weight of ABS obtained but the upshot of this ordering policy is that I have a very limit stock of 1x1 plates in any colour. The 20 or so that I've ordered in Dark Blusih-Grey won't last long; it's something that I'll have to keep adding to orders as they get placed. The Dark Bluish Grey 1x1 plates duly arrived. Fitting the plates to the columns on the tower; just need to build the very top now. Might even get as far as photography tomorrow... Having said the above with great gusto; weeks pass, weeks become months, empires rise, empries fall... There are a few little details to fix and I need to select minifigures. The minifigure decision is harder than it looks. I even end up building most of another (non-Troll) model in the intervening period. Finally I spot a 75198 Tatooine Battle Pack in my local supermarket. Replacement legs and heads and some Pearl Dark Grey spears turn the Jawas into Guards and a new head, cape and helmet turns the Tusken Raider into an Overseer. The 4th minifig is drawn from existing stock. Need to find 4 minifigures from the human side as inmates. I grab a couple of Vikings for their rough and ready appearance and then use Crown Soldiers to man the balloon and boat. The balloon gets a makeover; Red-White fits the Crown colour scheme. The Trolls need their equivalent of a helicopter; cue a dragon! After many bitty Bricklink orders to get parts, the final result in ABS. All of the trapdoor functionality from the original Prison Island has been maintained; the rear view shows access to the cells and all of the play possibilities. A Side by side comparisson with the original Prison Island. Conclusions, it's good. The original had lots of play features which have been retained. The trap doors, sewers and breakaway bars allow lots of play opportunities; more than any other set I've seen in a long, long time. Structurally it's very robust; I've regularly picked it up from the corner opposite the landing pad and the whole thing stays together. The weakest part is probably the top of the main tower; with hindsight I'd use two black 1x4x6 door frames to support the dark brown slopes that hold the top octagon. It's not immediately obvious but there are some technic bricks to allow it to be joined into the Troll Town city wall. This post can also be found on MOCPages and the LDD files are located there.
  7. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    Looking at the Brickset review for 75933 T.Rex Transport your wish has come true. Looks like just 4 in the set; a MOC castle from these might be an expensive proposition.
  8. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    It's also ease of buidling. The target market for Castle has always been the younger demographic and the use of the large panels makes it easier for them. It's also creates bulk, volume, without and extraordinarily high brick-content. Castles are supposed to be impressive, big things, but Lego need to do that in as few bricks as possible to make them cost effective hence the use of panels and in the early day's raised baseplates.
  9. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    The nice thing about the early castles (the true "Classic" castles in my mind) were that they could be combined. Whilst 6059, 6061 and 6062 all had playability in their own right from the seige perspective; they could also be incorporated into the big castles. This is something I've missed in the modern castles.
  10. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    The parts count for a solid keep would be as much as the curtain walls themselves and push the price point beyond what most parents would be willing to pay for an 8 year old child. I could see it working as D2C, where the keep opens up Dolls-House style to reveal rooms inside (think Ghostbusters HQ) but either the cost has to be high to cover brick built or the panel count has to be high to keep the costs down (and think of the ire the panels would raise on these forums).
  11. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    One of the skills of the Lego designers is delivering products as large as Castles in as few bricks as possible. Most modern castles have been in the 900-1000 piece range, the D2C's of MMV and Joust were 1600. You probably want to reserve at least 100 bricks for minifigs, animals, weaponry and items/tools. Careful and creative use of panels is a necessary evil if you're trying to create bulk whilst maintaining a piece count; and therefore a price point! There is an art to designing "buildable" sets that is often lost in these castle forums where fiddly detail is much admired.
  12. The_Cook

    Future Castle Sets?

    That's the point that many here seem to always seem to miss. The tastes of children; the target audience (and core market) most Lego products (some D2C excepted, eg MF); has changed over the last few decades and will probably continue to evolve. Mark Stafford mentioned, in one of the early Nexo-Knights Q&A's that he did, that Germany was the Castle themes core market; easily outstripping even US sales; traditionally Germany focused on it's medieval roots rather than it's 20th century history. However since the millenium; children across Europe have been brought up on the same set of Japanese inspired animation which mashes up the genres; and more recently the resurgence into popular culture of the Superhero's; consequently they're spending preferences match their viewing habits. The mash-up that is Nexo-knights must have play-tested well with the children for it to make it to market; if you want someone to blame, blame the kids! Arguments can always be made that one child or another likes classic medieval style castles; but a representative sample must have responded better to the mash-ups than pure medievalism to be where we are today. To remain a going concern TLG needs to follow the wants of the market; regardless of whether that intersects with our niche interests or not. Maybe tastes will change again; but the lack of any child friendly medieval or fantasy movies; compared to the glut of Superhero movies; means that this is unlikely and that at best we could hope for Castle being a niche release like trains have become.
  13. What @Nabii was trying to point out is that Steampunk as a concept for a theme doesn't work because young children don't have enough knowledge of history to see the humour and juxtapositions that are steampunk. Faux victoriana isn't enough to grab their imagination. Steampunk as a design aesthetic will work (although it can fall into the trap of stick some gears on it). The theme is monster hunters or sky-pirates but the characters within are using vehicles that utilise the steampunk aethetic; the play experience is still hunting monsters or chasing pirates through the sky.
  14. Unless you place the poll on the EB frontpage and allow everyone on EB to vote you're not going to get a sensible answer; instead all that will happen is that you'll confirm the assumption that people that frequent the "Historic" forums generally don't like Nexo because it's not a Historic/Fantasy theme. I can't face trawling through the old posts but the original "rumour" went something along the lines of "It's castle, a bit like fantasy era" which got everyone in the history forums all excited; if only that person had said "it's sci-fi with medieval influences" then the world would be a very different place with significantly less shattered dreams. Expectation management is everything; TLG need to get better at phrasing the rumours that escape so that the correct expectations are set.
  15. The_Cook

    Forum Upgrade

    That's the bit of information that I was missing; I thought it might be something like that. It might be worthwhile stating that a bit more explicitly in the front-page post; "it might take up to a week to rebuild all the old posts and that they might not display correctly until they have been rebuilt."