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  1. The_Cook

    Troll Town [photos re-uploaded 04/07/2020]

    My inventory is somewhat haphazard; but from where I'm sat I can count: 2x 7048 Troll Warship 1x Dragon Carrier 1x Small Ship from Graving Dock 1x Sailing Dinghy from Fisherman's Landing I'm fairly sure I've got at least another 2 warships in dismantled; boxed state with parts to build at least 2 more (or into other variants such as the Dragon Carrier). I've been watching Hungarian Horntails slowly increase in price over the last 5 years but careful Bricklinking and eBay purchases mean that I can mount two airborne divisons of 10 dragons each. I have one Trolls Mountain built, two disassembled and several that have been parted out; only the minifigures are unique in the Fortress.
  2. The_Cook

    Troll Town [photos re-uploaded 04/07/2020]

    MOC pages has gone down and I don't have an alternate means of distributing the LDD files at the moment; PM with me with an email address and I can attach the relevant files. Uploading the images to Flickr and updating all the earlier posts is on my list of things to do; but other more immediate concerns keep getting in the way. As to which is best; it's entirely up to you and what you want out of the model. I try to make sure that they've all got some degree of playability in them. If you've got 7048 Toll Warship then the Fishermans Landing, Graving Dock or Prison are all water/boat orientated. If you're more interested in building out a town and the industries within then Blacksmith, Marketplace or Guarded Inn would be more approriate. The bricks you have access to (either directly or through BrickLink) might also be a constraining factor, Graving Dock is definitely the biggest, Marketplace and Blacksmith are much, much smaller. Some pieces are fairly scare and that is reflected in their price on BrickLink, Troll Sails and Dark Brown Viking Hulls are the obvious ones but interestingly the Dark Brown Inv 75 Slope hasn't been used in a set in over a decade so are increasingly scare and expensive.
  3. The_Cook

    Troll Town [photos re-uploaded 04/07/2020]

    Yes I speak English.
  4. When there is no pricing data to go on then an auction is the most appropriate method. The price will be dictated by how much the buyers are willing to pay to obtain the item in question. This isn't Lego specific; this is how it's done in real life from Cattle to Flowers to Fine Art. Usually there is some historic precedent; even with unique items like fine art there is always a similar paint or the artists pervious work that was sold to use as a benchmark. The key is to make sure that you've got the right set of buyers lined up to bid against each other. For these items you'll be wanting buyers that collect rare and prototype pieces.
  5. The_Cook

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    Dark azue, white and orange is veering towards the gulf colourscheme from Le Mans racers.
  6. The_Cook

    [TC18] Porsche 944 Gulf Color Scheme

    The rainbow colour scheme reminds me of Cor Eusers Marcos LM600 racing car:
  7. The_Cook

    [MOC] The Roost (Black Falcon's castle)

    Bricklink doesn't list 4444p03 as being available in white but that photo does appear to be real bricks. It's not impossible that they've got hold of prototype bricks; but equally some masking tape and a pen could easily create or perhaps printed paper and glue.
  8. The_Cook

    [MOC] The Roost (Black Falcon's castle)

    Whilst the white panel hasn't been released pubically I was certain that I'd seen a version of it before. Look for the pictures of the Europa theme at the bottom of the first post. The white panels 4444 panels are actually a slightly different design to the standard 4444p03, probably just the designers drawing on a plain white 4444 panel.
  9. The_Cook

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    Hmm, I'm very happy that it's been chosen; castle could do with some love but it will be interesting to see what compromises TLG have to make in order to make the "greeble" heavy design work within the structural and stability guidelines that TLG sets have to meet. At least the walls on this set are primarily comprised of stacked bricks rather than stacked tiles a-la "Derfel Cardan" style moc's. My gut feeling is that the roof is most likely to under-go some simplification to make it "buildable from instructions".
  10. The_Cook

    [Moc] Classic lives again

    I see the inspiraton from 6086 Black Knight's Castle in standalone building. I notice that what they currently lack are connection points; you can't join things together to create a long curtain wall like you used to do with the 80's ear castle sets.
  11. The_Cook

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    A really nice build; it certainly captures the ambiance and style of the classic 80's castle. I'm going to be ultra-critical here; please take it in the spirit of improving what I think is a good idea rather than me dismissing the idea (I will be supporting it over on ideas). - Do you think the storyline is going to sell? Here is a forum thread you can communicate the ideas through lots of pictures but what if you were constrained to just two or three "windows" on the back of the box would that be enough to communicate your intent? - Is the storyline going to resonate with the target market? Historically Lego's target market for Castle were 8yr old German boys. Germany being one of the biggest Lego markets in Europe and the Germans perferred the medieval period since early 20th century conflicts didn't exactly cover them in glory. Is that market going to go for the "Boy meets Girl" storyline? I would suggest that the "Good vs Bad" conflict might sell better; but in true 80's style it would be nice not to dictate which side is good or bad; it could be the forestmen it could be the falcons. - Medieval conflict often became seige warfare, storming the castle. A gate to storm and defend would allow more play here. - Can you actually play in the rooms? This is where a physical prototype is going to be beneficial; the electronic builds can't test this. Are little hands capable of reaching in? My gut instinct is that the lower tower rooms are difficult to access; the position of the Princess minifigure on the lefthand side of the Hatch Access image would be really hard in real life; there's no room to get the figure in. Our logical adult brains need stairs but children don't they just move the minifigs up and down as they need to play. If you do want stairs consider turning them to face the opening so that they are more accessible.
  12. The_Cook

    [Moc] The last Kingdom of Falcons

    Really nice. My personal preference would be that if you want to get for the Old-Skool look of the 80's then don't greeble. Greebling is an affectation of the historic forums; Derfel Cadarn being one of the ultimate exponents. The masonry bricks are anachronisms; 1x2's in old-grey. A red roof would align you with 6086. A litle yellow above and below the 3 brick window around the back of the tower might break the expanse of blackness as welll.
  13. The_Cook

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    I've just downloaded the LXF of The Wharf from MocPages and it loaded up in LDD without a problem. Perhaps some issue with the StudIO import functionality? You might want to ask in the LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools forum; they might know more.
  14. The_Cook

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    The wharf is here (it's probably somewhere on Eurobricks as well); essentially it's a Castle-fication of the 6277 Imperial Trading Post Unfortunately the raised baseplates aren't available in LDD so the digital model uses a brick built substitute.
  15. The_Cook

    [Retro MOC] Market By The Wall

    I still lurk around here ;-) I've no plans to recreate this in StudIO as I don't have that particular application installed; however if you head to the MOCPages page which covers this build the LXF file (for LDD) is available to download from the very bottom of the page. StudIO might be able to import LXF's