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  1. Amazing build, with highly detailed interior, congrats, one of my favorites is the Bel Air, Regards
  2. Atilio

    [MOC] The Ring of the Nibelung

    This is very nice, love it! Keep on doing such pretty things in the Historic Themes
  3. Atilio

    [Moc] Knossos Palace

    This looks great, like a maquette in an exhibition, I have also visited Knossos, and this gives back the feeling of the ancient ruins under the dry air of Greece during the summer
  4. Atilio

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Just looked around, you should have a tremendous amount of bricks right now to construct such amazing things, I like those Castle themed ones pretty much,
  5. Atilio

    [MOC] Wolfpack Ambush

    This is pretty cool, I also had the Wolfpack guys and Dragon Knights when I was a boy,
  6. Atilio

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    Really nice build with good selection of bricks for in and out, I really love the snow textures also, regards
  7. Atilio

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Cool, I am also from '82, so I can imagine, keep doing such amazing things I am a big Castle fun, but my second-best was always Pirates, Now just thinking about (and collecting bricks and figures) how I would create a MOC which has piracy and Castle Fantasy Era trolls united in it,
  8. Atilio

    [LEGO Ideas] The Pirate Bay!!

    Really nice job with all the amazing details, I was also wondering if everything is available in this color, as Robin_IV did, but I couldn't find the ladder in dark tan for example, this would be really worth being a live set,
  9. Atilio

    [MOC] The LEGO Castle of Captain Sabertooth

    Oh boy! An impressive built with fine details, Love the color selection also, Nice job,
  10. Atilio

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    Hi pantelis, this is pretty cool, remembers me my childhood, when we were about 8-10 years old in the beginning of the '90s, and played with the pirate themed sets, Your MOC is a pretty nice combination of this good old feeling and the new bricks and elements, Congrats!
  11. I love all the Troll Town creations, great work, just started to collect a couple of torsos, legs, etc for troll mini-figs, and ordered some viking figures during the spring. I's a pity that the horntail dragon is hardly to have, I hope we can read some updates soon, regards,