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  1. Another Coaster attempt

    Hey fish, it´s all in this thread here or just click to my flickr album.
  2. Another Coaster attempt

    Sorry, for bumping this old thread up again and again. It´s just a time and money destroyer project. But right now im reaching level II, which will be ending to the lift section. Haven fun..... IMG_7493 by BobBongo, on Flickr IMG_7494 by BobBongo, on Flickr IMG_7490 by BobBongo, on Flickr A few weeks ago the coaster was branded to Cannonball. cannonball by BobBongo, on Flickr Stay tuned Klaus
  3. Another Coaster attempt

    Here we go with the base of the station. regards from sunny Düsseldorf
  4. Another Coaster attempt

    Still working on this neverending "Part-Eater" project. The vertical lift ist still removed for easier building at the track. Last but not least another short video. Stay tuned and have fun. regards Klaus
  5. Droid Flightmask

    During sorting my Lego, somtimes crazy ideas happens. I will try to shot a picture tonight, to get the LEDs more intensive.
  6. Another Coaster attempt

    Just a smal Update, the chaise got a brother this afternoon. heading on to the NXT Step........
  7. Another Coaster attempt

    The answer is the vertical lift with tilt function. I will improve the speed of the lift, it´s much to slow right now. Have fun again.... Video of the action...
  8. Another Coaster attempt

    I think it will be around 2x1m, I hope so.
  9. Another Coaster attempt

    Thank you very much for the replies. Today was the station drive train day, the so called SDTD. Everybody want to see moving pictures too, so here we go. Have fun....
  10. Another Coaster attempt

    It´s time to release the next pictures and a video of the actual status. Transport system for the station.. The coaster in realtime... Stay tuned for more.
  11. Another Coaster attempt

    Heading on to the MK II Version with a lot of improvements.
  12. Another Coaster attempt

    Long time no see. This project is not dead, I´m still working on this coaster. Here is a short video of the actual status. More images can be found here kind regards Klaus
  13. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks a lot for your feedback folks, the next days I will shoot some of the other areas, of my deathstar.
  14. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Inside-3156b von BobBongo auf Flickr Inside-3157b von BobBongo auf Flickr
  15. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Inside-3145b von BobBongo auf Flickr