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  1. Japser

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    Thanks MasterX244, much appreciated =]
  2. Japser

    Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    Genious stuff. I am currently in process of buying the parts for this fantastic creation (bought instructions from Anio). Just was wondering if these components required to build the magnetless solution were included, I think not but I did saw turntables in partslist. If not, how many did you use of these fixes and what parts should I additionally order? Those magnets are pretty expensive so looking for some cost savings and a more lego-like solution :)
  3. Japser

    [MOC] Aston Martin DB11

    Awesome, I am in progress of building the 42056 at the moment. This one will definately be a follow up once the instructions are available. Would love to play with the gearbox. Already had a lot of fun with the Porsche one, but the one in this car is looking very awesome!
  4. Japser

    UCS Falcon replica

    Thanks for notifying me on that! This link should work, now I made it public: http://s1068.photobucket.com/user/Japs1977/My 10179 Build/story I must say, I lost some of the pics during the process, sowhat you'll see is what's left of the pics I had from the start of the building process, some parts photos and the end result.
  5. Japser

    UCS Falcon replica

    And approx 5 years later I am done :) This turned out to be a long term project from the moment onward I got all parts. I just built it on and off because of time and wanting to extend the fun. But all in all, it is now finished so I am happy. Note that the antenna is sort of a custom quick build, will receive a normal one soon next week to finalize it. Per the link some random pictures from the early days till end of this morning when I finalized the build. http://s1068.photobucket.com/user/Japs1977/story
  6. Japser

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Quite the project you have here. Just found it while browsing through forums. Did you do initial design in a virtual lego design tool? Would love to be able to start such a project myself one day! also, looking forward to see how you are currently progressing on this :)
  7. Japser

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    Well, here we are, 7 months later. Finally got all the parts bricklinked except the radar dish and boat rig and 7 other parts I'll collect later on. But anyway, the time will come to start the big build for me as well. Costs are around 650,- euro. Wouldn;t have done it without this and some other threads! Yippeee! :)
  8. Japser

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    See here : http://shop.lego.com/en-US/Pick-A-Brick-ByTheme
  9. Japser

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    I am actually doing the same thing as of today! Current progress is below: Total Parts required 5187 Parts Bought 2628 Order 1: 1510 pcs for $ 140,50 Order 2: 582 pcs for $50,00 Order 3: 18 pcs for $10,00 Order 4: 518 pcs for $32,26 So halfway there for around $250,-. Do you have any tips on how you manage the Wanted list? I have to follow a 3 step process : 1) search for cheapest price per part 2) place the order 3) update my excel partslist sheet 4) update my wanted list on bricklink (deleting manually each item purchased) Also would like to know if you placed many small orders to get the cheapest price per part or did you place large bulk orders? Hope you can share some tips and tricks because sometimes its all very overwhelming when trying to find good stores!
  10. Just bought me the 10212 after finishing the Executor!
  11. Japser

    UCS Falcon replica

    And here I was a couple of days ago sitting behind my pc browsing bricklink thinking I could get all 5162 parts (or whatever the exact amount was) ordered in 1 batch.......boy was I wrong. Love this project! I'll go continue to ponder on how to make it a reality for myself :)