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  1. LegoDad

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    I wouldn't have minded another Toy Shop had it been different, towns have similar retail all the time, but to essentially mail it in and make a tweak here or there was selling out. Completionists of this line like me will buy it just to have them all, but I won't be happy about it. I fully understand those that don't have 10199 being happy, I would be too.
  2. The only thing off limits in my house is Modular Row. Since the kids mostly just play with the bulk bins and not the actual sets, it's pretty worry free. I'm generally more worried about minifigures walking away from our house more than anything.
  3. What's the VIP set that's getting early accessibility on the 17th?
  4. LegoDad

    Found: NISB Grand Emporium for $100

    Rollermonkey- Good luck with this, but as I see it, you are going to get either of 3 things. 1) A Grand Emporium from (insert your retailer here) with someone else's credit information on it because it was purchased with stolen credit card. 2) Nothing 3) A turd in a box. That's great that you paid with Paypal so that you are covered, but what about the person who's credit was stolen to purchase this set? What about the retailer who ends up out money when the credit card company won't pay for the stolen goods? What about when Lego comes after you asking why you received something with a stolen credit card? The person you purchased from will be gone by then, and you will be stuck holding the bill. Buying from sites and sellers like this only perpetuates the problem further. It's too bad there are shady buyers to go along with shady sellers in the name of saving a few bucks.
  5. LegoDad

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Is it just me or does it look like the inside is lit up? Kind of looks like it has LED in it. Could just be some funky lighting, but that's the feel I get from it. This is such an upgrade from the original, very glad I sold it to pay for this one.
  6. LegoDad

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Where in NE are you? I picked up a couple in Lincoln about a month ago and I think they may have been the last 2 in town, can't find them anywhere.
  7. LegoDad

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Knowing nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy, I would've told you that ship came from Chima. Looks like Eris' Hyperspace Eagle.
  8. LegoDad

    Lucky LEGO finds

    Picked up a 100% Harry Potter 4757 Hogwarts for $100 locally. Very nice box with it as well.
  9. Thanks for having me, glad I could participate after Day 1.
  10. No need to be worried, but at work I don't post every time I check things out. Of the current prospects, I can't say as I'm 100% convinced of any of them being scum at the moment. Who could? I'm not so much worried about Bleeb casting the final vote, but about his accusations toward Timothy at the onset of Day 2. That was bad, which is why he is my vote for now. Timothy was the main ringleader to get the lynch, so he shouldn't be completely left unaccountable either. For Kelly, yeah, you could test the cop's claim with her death, is that what you need to feel good about him? I know it would help me, but I'm not convinced that Kelly is scum. You seem very nonchalant about killing a townie to prove another townie's claim. I'm not sure why you need absolution on the subject of Kelly/Helen/Derek so much. Didn't they seem to get that figured out earlier today?
  11. Ok, if there's some history to this being possibly a town action, that works for me. It seemed like quite a leap of faith, that's all.
  12. Because everybody these days likes to claim everything to Helen. For good or for bad. It's not her fault, but in Helen's past life, everybody claiming to her probably single handedly sealed the game for the scum team. Something to think about when spouting off to those you can't 100% trust. Why do you think that the person with the ability to curse is town? Maybe I'm off base, I can't think of a reason why the town would hold that ability.
  13. Now we're starting to get somewhere.
  14. I was going to quote some of your comments about the situation at hand, but I think I would have made the longest post in history, so here goes. I'm not sure what is going on with Helen and Kelly, but it's been about the only thing that has created any drama and there seems to be a lot of she said/she said going on. For the record, I don't think that Helen is faking being cursed. To me, that is silly, and frankly, I don't think Helen could pull it off without going insane. We've been around her enough to know that this is probably driving her crazy. Whatever happened in pm obviously made Kelly lose her mind for a bit, and is still pretty pissed about it. Maybe we could open some wine and have a little girl time. We can relax and see where it goes, since the guys here aren't paying attention to me. I even changed my wig for them. Anyway, it seems to me that something between you two isn't adding up. Did someone get caught lying? Is this a big charade? My gut says you're both town, but I'll be honest and say I feel more at ease with Helen, even with the investigation. She has tricked me before, but she came out with her Mummy identity very early and has been a raging townie pretty much from GO. Carl, I will admit I haven't paid much attention to you, but your post when you voted for Bleeb seemed very nervous, when I read it at least. Don't sweat too much with that wig on, it's not a good look.
  15. The longer it has gone without anybody counter-claiming Derek, the more I have to believe that he is what he says he is. However, nothing concrete has come from him, as in any results, so I'm still worried about everybody giving him information. I'm just not convinced that the positives outweigh the negatives right now. At the same time, what else do we have to go on? Voting habits? By that M.O. we should be looking at Bleeb and Timothy for their respective roles in that lynch, and then Bleeb going off and pointing fingers immediately on Day 2 about Timothy was odd. Defensive much? He's my favorite for the moment, and since we can unvote, I'll Vote: Bleeb (Bob)