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  1. The tools I use for building a modular house : LDD and google images. At first I set myself a particular objective, for exemple a house in a certain style. Then I search for pictures of buildings which looks like most what I want to realize. Then, I build on LDD and test some combination with real pieces, just to know if it's doable. One thing is for sure, your building will go through many changes in the process of construction. It's not rare that my building is copy/paste a dozen times to test some combination. The challenge in building with lego is to create something with a limited number of pieces. Something every MOCer is experiencing.
  2. Bricktown

    2016 layout.

    That's a wonderful layout. It's nice to think that only one person can built a layout that size. I have some project for my town, that require a lot of bricks (around thousands). More than what PaB can supply. I see that you too, use a lot of brick (for your roads and your layout base), where and how did you buy that quantity of bricks ?
  3. Bricktown

    Unbuilt Set Backlog...

    It must be hard not to open these boxes. ^^ I have to admit that I'm curious to know the buget you allocate to Legos.
  4. Bricktown

    MOC Rural railway station

    That is an amazing diorama ! Nice work on the landscape, I can imagine the complexity encountered of not repeating the same pattern.
  5. Bricktown

    What got you into lego trains!

    I like trains since my youngest age. But one day I've found out that lego was making train. For me, the 4512 freight train was the triggering factor. I still remember going to "Toys r us" for Christmas when I was about 7 Years old at the time. Rushing to the Lego shelf of the store, seeing that train, being astonished and telling my mother that it could be the best gift. The best feeling was to find it under the Christmas Tree. Right after building it, I decided to build a city. That's how everything started :).
  6. Bricktown

    Airplane in LDD

    Very nice project. Maybe you could try to avoid studs on the top of the nose.
  7. Bricktown

    Texas Brick Railroad at Brick Fiesta 2015

    Nice work ! Everything in it is perfect : The trees, the relief, the rolling stock,...
  8. Bricktown

    [HELP]About a 7-wide SD40

    The way lego did to hide the PF's elements is not so good, to my mind . It's another reason for me to build a 7-wide one. I've found a guy that did a SD40 BNSF in 6-wide, he had put a sticker to cover the PF elements. But I think that it's not the best way.
  9. Bricktown

    [HELP]About a 7-wide SD40

    The main reason i want to build it in 7-wide is to put the batterie box and the IR receiver in. This is simply impossible to realise in 6-wide.
  10. Bricktown

    [HELP]About a 7-wide SD40

    Hello, I'd like to update my MOC in order to adapt it to the PF system (I think it's time for me to leave the 9V system), and add some details. It's an SD40 union pacific. So I have decided to transform it from 6-wide to 7-wide (I think that 8-wide is too big for a rolling stock). Well, I need help : With an engine like the SD40: is it useful to convert it to 7-wide, rather than powering it with a coupled freight car ? My main problem with a 7-wide SD40 is that it require a nose of 5-wide, how can I deal with it without end with an ugly nose ? Thank you :)
  11. Bricktown

    Tram 8404 on 9V

    A friend of me has already adapted the tram with 9V system. He included it in a little diorama. I can guarantee you that it was amazing.
  12. Bricktown

    Brickville views and everyday scenes

    Hello, do you have a train layout around your city. I've noticed few rail on a picture and i'm wondering if you have a complete railway.
  13. Bricktown

    MOC: Suburban passenger train

    Nice train. Its shape look very good. You've found an easy way to use PF system, and hide it.
  14. Bricktown

    Hi all

    Do not worry, I'm mature enough. And you'll notice immediately.
  15. Bricktown

    Hi all

    Hi all, My name is Amaury, i'm 15 years old and i live in France. I love lego city and trains and i've got a lego city. I was surprised by the beauty of the mocs of members, so I told myself that I can sign up here. Be soft on my english, please. bye