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  1. FGMatt

    Black Five Locomotive

    The gearing on the Technic motor should be a little higher by my reckoning, meaning that the train motor has the mechanical advantage and should largely just force the Technic motor to run at the same speed... at least that's the theory! Will see how it works in practice.
  2. FGMatt

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    My old boss was the First Sea Lord, and he had a command staff that allowed him to control marines.
  3. FGMatt

    Black Five Locomotive

    I think it should be OK as the pistons have a full stud width of space to allow the bogie to turn, however will test thoroughly!
  4. FGMatt

    Black Five Locomotive

    Part of a bigger project upon which I'm working, but as I've finished the design I thought I might as well post it here! It's based on an LMS "Black Five" locomotive mostly because I needed a prototype to work from as I'm imagination-deficient, and I thought that looked about right! Motorised using both a train motor in the tender and a Technic motor driving the main wheels. I've put together some of the bits, but it's not quite finished in the brick yet so just a render for now.
  5. FGMatt

    [MOC] British Rail Class 20

    Think the obvious place to go from here is a Goldeneye version!
  6. How did you make the five-blade main rotor?
  7. I don't think the 12V third rails fit on 9V curves.
  8. FGMatt

    Brickville Railroad WIP

    I'm excited to see the Jazz Club. Nice.
  9. FGMatt

    REE Models CIWL Baggage Car for 21334

    The description says that the centre wheels slide, so presumably the outer axles are fixed.
  10. I did have a little play around with pantographs, got a basic version working with a 9V track working before I decided to go in a different direction. That kept things nice and simple, just cut a 9V cable so that it could be split off to the pantograph.
  11. FGMatt

    Connecting 12V Motor to 9V RC Motors

    Cheers, will bear that in mind
  12. FGMatt

    DB F-Zug

  13. FGMatt

    DB F-Zug

    Looks great! What part did you use as the connecting rod between the driving wheels?
  14. FGMatt

    Connecting 12V Motor to 9V RC Motors

    Cheers, very thorough! It's going to be an exceedingly large layout, so the power supply will all be customised rather than using any Lego components. I'm planning to keep corners relatively to a minimum; no more than 90 degrees within the train length, and I'm also thinking of making a larger radius by alternating pieces of curved with straight track.