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  1. A_Forest_of_Lego

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    This looks incredible! The colors on the ground really help make everything pop out! And that poor soldier... thankfully you forgot to add a shark.
  2. A_Forest_of_Lego

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    I love your project! I'm already supporting you on Lego Ideas! Hoping you get to 10000 votes!
  3. A_Forest_of_Lego

    [MOC] Mr. BeanĀ“s Mini

    It looks awesome! Even before you added Mr. Bean, you could still tell right away whose car it was!
  4. If they design the prints so they can be used in multiple sets, it would help keep the cost down. A good way to compare the price would be to find two similar sets with about the same amount of parts - one set with only stickers and the other set with only printed parts - and then compare the price.
  5. A_Forest_of_Lego

    [MOC] Ice Station Icarus

    I love how you made the snow!
  6. A_Forest_of_Lego

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Thanks for welcoming me, nice to meet you guys!
  7. I filled your survey. Good luck with your project!
  8. I'm looking forward to hearing them! I must say, I'd find it hard to believe that the price difference could be that high just because of printed parts. And of course an extra 25$ for a 500$ set is not quite the same as an extra 25$ for a 30$ set. I could understand the need to keep the cost low for small sets that are aimed at kids because of course parents want something that is not too expensive. But for bigger, already expensive sets that are aimed at adults, I feel a slightly higher price wouldn't make that much of a difference. And I agree with you, I would rather have fewer, well selected decorated parts of high quality than tons of stickers.
  9. Danth, it's almost like you can read my mind, because you have really listed all the reasons why I prefer printed bricks over stickers. Have you any ideas on that? The first thought that comes to mind is a petition, but I honestly don't feel like it would be useful, since Lego already seems to be aware of the many people who would prefer to have printed parts. I must say, before reading this thread, I didn't even know that some people actually prefered stickers. Has anyone ever made a poll to know what's the general preference?
  10. A_Forest_of_Lego

    Hi, I'm new here!

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I had taken a break from Lego for a year or two after I got too busy with other things, but now I just got back into it, so I was looking for some communities to join. I look forward to discussing Lego with you!