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  1. DoVoMonOgel

    [MOC/MOD] June's Cargo Train. (10219 in Friends Style)

    @legolux1973 "Freakin' awesome" (mildly put) :-) Did you by chance share instructions or a "Set inventory" for this lovely MOC? Our little "June" over here is so into her doll world, and me into my trains ... that she definitely needs one like this :-) On Flickr I only see one or two poster shots like the one above, are there more detail pics anywhere? Found your account on, but not this set there . . . anywhere else to look? PS/OT: your remake of the famous yellow castle is absolutely magnificent!
  2. DoVoMonOgel

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Hi everyone. 12 Volt enthusiast here. All my "normal" trains run on 12 Volt, even with PF train motors (Horizon Express becoming a true express; 10277 heavily modded, running on two normal PF train motors... etc etc. But that's for another forum & time). First things first. Credits: Most of what I show here is not my inventions. There's been some 12V MRs around before, but I really didn't find too much of it to be honest, despite many hours of searching and following traces. When I get some more time I should make a list of things I took from you other inventors out there who developed what I based my work on. Big t-h-a-n-k-s to all of you and your countless hours of paving the way. Intended to publish my 12 V Monorail work for ages, never got round to do it. Been working on this for about 4 years on-and-off, taking lots of ideas from all the great contributors here and elsewhere, and trying to combine their solutions for a 12V high-speed boogie-based 12V MR, using standard and common parts as far as possible. Not entirely "pure", maybe a few "illegal" details here and there. But the latest prototype is back to "pure original unmodified" parts (except for the cabling). Rail geometry may need the one or other cut power rail though, settled for the blue 70s stuff as it's cheap and hey, who else does red-blue tracks :-) ? Below is just one pic of the "snake train" I more or less settled with. I went through about 20 different arrangements of motors, power pickups (some "self-made" experiments but in the end settled for the good old 12V pickups from the 70s/80s), bogies, gearing. Using PF train motors, various wheel arrangements, 9v block motors (settled for them, cheap stuff, robust, can take 12V apparently "forever", heavy, leading to good traction); tried PF motors, too, but don't like them as much. Overall, aims were: Speed Speed Speed Make the functional internal stuff of the trains 4 wide, to get the trains 6 wide (plus a bit maybe, but generally 6w), and be able to work on the technical internals while keeping the fuselage more or less the same to develop both independently or re-use what had worked okay. hide the bogies as much as possible. So after many tries over the last years, I now have a "snake train" approach working quite well. Snake train double power pickup boogie, first car, and first dual-engine powered bogie. There's a driver sitting in front of the bogie actually, but he's part of the fuselage that slips onto the depicted internal module. Here's a front/rear car cover. Plates on the sides and at the ends of the cars with studs to the sides not fancy, could be tiles eventually. Function first... 20220606_183955 by Tolv Volt, on Flickr Another working approach is a "locomotive-pulled" train, like in conventional trains. Two bogies powered by two vertically mounted 9v block motors with some top-gear. Eats up more energy, not as fast as the snake approach, and the internal structure tends to "bend" through after a while. Could be fixed by designing a fuselage linked fixed to the internals instead of the "slip-on" cover approach used for now. Not really following this road at the moment. 20220606_185900 by Tolv Volt, on Flickr So much more to do... make more robust track (it's all quick and dirty "function first"), especially pillars. As my test track had to somehow fit onto the underlying 12V layout, there's no space for more than 2x2 brick pillars leaving the entire track a bit shaky. And inclined curves eventually, to tilt the trains inwards. Switches... have some prototypes setting out the general geometry. Fine tuning and motorizing them should only be a question of time and technic pieces. Rotating 2-way switch 20220606_192853 by Tolv Volt, on Flickr Want to see stuff in action? Plenty more pictures (all quick and dirty for now; tons more on my phone...) on Flickr. [Edit: removed the embedded photostream here after adding pics on Flickr not directly related to this snake train solution] Looking forward to many adopting 12 Volt MR challenges :-)