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  1. Fair criticism, but its a battle pack. If the figs don't get you excited, the builds definitely won't. The mold of the B2 doesn't look much different, but the plastic formulation does. Looking at side by side comparisons, they have a different sheen to them, hoping this is the same sort of pearl dark grey that the new stud shooters are made of. The stud shooters are designed to have extended fatigue lives which bodes well for B2 durability, even with repeated clipping and unclipping. The Mexico factory is gonna dedicate half its production capacity to this battle pack, and still grey baseplate youtubers will be struggling to get more
  2. ForgedInLego

    [MOC] Midi-Scale AT-AT Diorama

    Oh nice, somebody posted another large scale AT-A.......wait a second. I still have to pick out individual pieces to remind me just how small this thing is! Amazing work!
  3. It can't fit through the ramp unless you twist it 45 degrees, but it fits all right in the cargo bay if its all you want to hold. No shot with a minifig on it though
  4. ForgedInLego

    UCS Venator Mods Unmodified .io file finished, feel free to spread it around and do whatever with it
  5. Let me introduce you to the metallic blue B2, I am lucky to still have a TORSO in one piece I think its just the pose, look at middle B2 in the lifestyle image without the kid, last image on the legoleak reddit post
  6. STAP looks good, Octuptarra looks fine, but the speeder bike and turret are becoming parts packs . Excited to get a couple, but be warned, a lot of the brick and mortar stock will probably have no minifigs because of theft. I've gotten burnt twice now with that, both with brand new, hard to find in stock sets
  7. Pretty much exactly the old 327th trooper but in the current clone trooper style, probably has 187th commander legs but the image is cropped so you can't see the purple
  8. ForgedInLego

    LEGO #21344 - Orient Express

    Forgive me if this is unreliable at high torques, but could you power only the blind wheel and drive the flanged wheels with the connecting rods? With a proper 90 degree offset and axles between the wheels, it will leave more space for structure on the inside while using half the gears. Either way, keep up the good work, that double motor setup is awesome!
  9. ForgedInLego

    UCS Venator Mods

    Sounds good to me, your post has my blessing! My flickr page has more pics if you think one looks better
  10. ForgedInLego

    UCS Venator Mods

    Done @DarthUrban I attempted to post on r/legostarwars a couple days ago, but it flagged my post for manual review because my acc is new, we'll see what happens
  11. ForgedInLego

    UCS Venator Mods

    If someone has already made a .io file of the unmodified set that I can use I won't charge for instructions, but if I have to make it all from scratch I'll have to charge a few bucks. I was thinking about just making a video tutorial, but that would probably end up being very hard to follow with the amount of changes I made. Thanks for your interest!
  12. ForgedInLego

    UCS Venator Mods

    I do have progress! Sorry its been slow going, I have taken most of it apart and started over several times now, but I think its almost done. There are a few things i would like to improve, like the jagged hull plating and the back hangar wall, but I am pretty happy with how its going. Getting the gap down the middle smaller has been much more of a challenge than I expected, but I think it is acceptable now, and structure hasn't been compromised too much.
  13. Mandr / lifebricks / that crowd will probably have in hand reviews up before the reveal again lmao, especially for this set
  14. Luckily, my experience has been much more kind than many others. Yeah, people thought it was a little weird as a teen, but my friends were supportive even if they weren't interested in Lego and it helped me bond with my younger brothers. I think building Lego MOCs eventually inspired me to become an engineer and since I started working a couple months ago at an aerospace company so no one can really criticize me about it. Several other people even decorate their desks with Lego stuff in the office!
  15. ForgedInLego

    Why is Bricklink down?

    Yeah, the database Studio uses for part availability relies on Bricklink, so while its down there will be problems...