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  1. joebiwankenobi

    [MOC] Crystal Caves of Ilum

    I'm surprised no one has commented on your excellent work. Absolutely incredible build and love seeing a 2003 Clone Wars build! Really unique way to represent the caves and I like how you used a variety of different transparent parts to convey the kyber crystals. That assassin droid build is something else. This is the first attempt I've seen that's absolutely nailed the look while being posable and well built!
  2. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    If enoch's helmet cut corners I assume they're just going to use an existing mold? I haven't watched the show but from what I remember on the shape, they could use a tank trooper helmet from RO and do the face print on the front.
  3. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I've also noticed the injection molding problem with parts although I would argue that it's been since around 2017 was when I first noticed. Ever since I've been bringing it up and most people have dismissed it completely so I'm glad to notice that there's someone else who's been in LEGO for longer than 20 years that has confirmed I'm not off my rocker on seeing it. It's not like it's just a few parts out of each newly manufactured set either. Literally every part has marks that remind me of sprue marks from low grade model kits and it's incredibly disappointing IMO. I also have compared new parts to new old stock parts from MISB sets prior to 2010 and I've noticed that the older parts have a more satisfying connection and click than their newer made counterparts.
  4. joebiwankenobi

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The hairpiece works so much better for Madine than for the character it was created for. I believe we still have not achieved a good post-ESB Luke hairpiece or decent Luke faceprints.
  5. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    This. People need to understand that apart from the vulture and tri-droids, separatist capital ships, and droid gunships, none of the vehicles of the CIS that appeared in the films or the original EU continuity were CIS blue/grey. The 2008 Filoni CW series chose to apply that paint scheme to vehicles that never had it in the films. The AATs in ROTS seen in the background of the Felucia battle scene where Secura gets shot were Trade Federation Tan. I can understand people wanting different color schemes but prefer ones that are more visually consistent with the actual movies. Depending on the parts, one can always color-swap many parts to get what one wants. We've seen where many people have done that with the current gunship to significant effect.
  6. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2024 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'm somewhat optimistic that maybe, just maybe, we may eventually get the royal starship this year. Sure, it's absolutely a random want; however, I do have it on good authority that some years back, TLG was heavily considering doing the set. It was slotted for a release window around the 20th-anniversary sets in 2019, IIRC. Unfortunately, it was dropped for what I believe was a combination of two issues they foresaw: (1) not having an appropriate number of parts to nail the shaping (I'm assuming curves and such, but they do have a number of new pieces now), and (2) the color (they were going to do it in LBG and assumed fans would not be happy with it not being chrome). I think they could pull it off now if they chose to do so for the USD $160 slot. Though, I do understand if it's still something they are hesitant to produce. An updated Gungan sub or MTT would be nice alternatives although I would like to see something they've never done before.
  7. joebiwankenobi

    Could it be a LEGO SW Prototype?

    This website is where I pulled the pic from, and it is old but gold for referencing all the blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it type stuff from the films. I'm attaching a link where you can browse and see all sorts of things that aren't even covered by guidebooks and such. I didn't even notice the Hoth rebel troopers having arm/shoulder patches before looking into this for you! The webpage was last updated in 2000 so it could have been used or referenced by some of the designers back then lol!
  8. joebiwankenobi

    Could it be a LEGO SW Prototype?

    I remember years ago that FBTB had some preliminary pics of 6211 when it was initially leaked WAY WAY back in either late 2005 or early 2006. Unfortunately, since the FBTB forums are now defunct and most of the links were dead before the website was completely restructured, that pic only exists from my memory. Have you considered contacting LEGO directly to see if anyone would be willing to help you identify it? I don't know how willing they would be to help, but I don't think trying would hurt. I've spent years trying to find many preliminary pics of sets from the early 2000s up to around 2007. I've kept a copy of the prelim pics that were posted here of the original Clone Wars wave back in 2008. I printed off pages from the thread with them and took them to midnight madness in late July that year at TRU. The printouts still sit in my desk drawer to this day. The only issue I can recall with many of the prelim pics of this era was that the quality wasn't the greatest, and the figures were usually blacked-out placeholders on the roster on the box. You'd have to be pretty eagle-eyed to spot prototype figs since they were only used in the set mock-ups for the photos. I do have to agree with the others, though; that torso looks more rebel than imperial. Could it have been used in the original prototype for the unproduced Yavin set as some rebel variant? Or maybe even a prototype for the TRU-exclusive hoth rebel base from 2007? I was also wondering if it could be a prototype figure for the TRU-exclusive Home One set they did around 2009, I think? I'm going to double down on it being Hoth-related. I was going through some film stills and behind-the-scenes photos. It looks similar to the Hoth Trooper rank badges or plaques. LEGO took liberties with designs during the classic era, and this is a pretty close match. It looks more like a vest and is bulkier, like a winter padded jacket.
  9. joebiwankenobi

    Yet Another MOC Republic Gunship

    Ironic. The Gunship model I've worked on for years has also used 7163 as a foundational base. People underestimate many of the O.G. sets, but there are some actual diamonds in the rough. I can't wait on the MTT.
  10. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Exactly. People need to remember/realize that sets are designed roughly 2 - 1.5 years out before release; it’s not the year prior. The approval, allotment, design, and packaging all take more time than people would believe. Unfortunate, but leaves the door open to them possibly doing a remake of the 212th battle pack somewhere down the line. IIRC, the design team had referenced possibly considering the crab in a battle pack in the future so who knows what they’ll do. Would be nice to get an opportunity for the crab droid, two 212th infantry, and two 212th airborne. Thank you for the reserved but candid responses!
  11. joebiwankenobi

    [MOC] Darth Maul's Bloodfin Speeder - Free Instructions

    This is outstanding and looks to be pretty stable too! I've yet to see a MOC of this speeder I liked enough to build until now since they always look so fragile. I've worked on combining the last two system sets of the infiltrator into a larger model, but now I'm eagerly awaiting your take on a very underappreciated ship!
  12. joebiwankenobi

    Yet Another MOC Republic Gunship

    Looks great! I love some of the design choices you made, such as making the front door 3 wide, especially the firing missile launchers between the engines/rocket pods. You always incorporate play features uniquely and stylishly and inspire me to do the same. You also did an excellent job making the bottom floor flare out on either side with the angled plates. I'll eagerly await the instructions to release for this down the road, but I have to request that the next model you create in digital/make instructions for be your MTT. I love the deployment feature on that build!
  13. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'd firmly put money on the crab droid being there since the SW designers said they'd consider including a crab droid in a set in the near future when Solid Brix went to Denmark and interviewed the design team.
  14. joebiwankenobi

    LEGO Star Wars 2023 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    They hit the E-Wing out of the park. Will be purchasing a number of them loose on BL or through third party. Just need to mod the landing gear so they’re not so long and the ship sits a little lower. Should be easy to do. As for the Sabine figure, just wait for firestartoys to inevitably release printed arms for her for around $4 or so. Instant upgrade that will do wonders for the overall look of the figure imo.
  15. joebiwankenobi

    UCS X-Wing 2023 - Mods

    3 x 3 dome would be the correct size but the 4 x 4 looks far better than the 2 x 2.