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  1. That was my thinking too, especially the steering linkage. So I've tried creating very simple chassis with steering locked by a liftarm to rule out movement of steering linkage. It still had the same issues. I even tried pushing an axle through the hub and wheel with no effect. Connecting the axles (and thus defeating the point of the hubs) disabled toe in/out but does not negate friction of course. I might be out of luck using the hubs with larger wheels then. Will try using smaller ones on some sports car in the future. [/img]
  2. Hey everyone, first post! So I've enjoyed creating MOC cars, mainly experimenting with creating suspension with the parts I have available. I have the Ford Raptor set that comes with wheel hub 23801+92909 and right after building the set I've found the quality of this wheel hub is terrible. It has enormous inner friction and mainly wheels suffer from serious toe in and toe out. This leads to high friction and the more heavy the car is the more severe this is. "Car" weighing ~100g (without wheels) is ok but 300g+ starts having issues. It goes so far that the Ford Raptor set is even difficult to navigate by HoG! Usually one direction (reversing or going straight) is better, depends on setup. I've resorted to creating my own axles but I'd really like to use the hubs as they would make life easier. Is there any trick to fixing them? I've tried lubing them but that does not fix toe in toe out and doesn't really work with inner friction either. Thanks, Methes