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  1. Beefbanana

    LEGO Keychain Removal

  2. Beefbanana

    LEGO Keychain Removal

    I recently bought a jester keychain and plan on using him with castle themed buildings,vignettes,etc. But I can only remove the chain not the metal bit which is on his head, I searched the forums and couldn't find anything about it. So does anyone know how to remove it? Sorry if this is in the wrong section BTW, I couldn't really think of where to put it.
  3. Beefbanana

    Historical Themes Misprints

    Not sure if its a misprint but all the bronze helms and axes with my dwarves mine were brown.
  4. Hmmmmmm... I certainly wouldnt agree with that, while sets like the fire breathing fortress and night lords castle are good, they aren't good enough to be a top ten. But Vladeks dark fortress is made of many bulky pieces and it has many random gaps in the walls. The same goes for Leo's castle, just a bit better. But it didn't even mention 6085 black monarchs castle or 6086 black knights castle...
  5. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Yeah, I didn't get that either, how can the knights hit something with a short sword?
  6. Beefbanana

    How many factions in your kingdom?

    I have a small crownie force, who rule over villages and one large city. Then there are the crusaders (mix of human factions) who are the largest human faction and have the finest cavalry in the world. The ninja's who are ruled by a shogun and although few in number, are extremely skillful. The lions are a small faction who rule some villages. The dragon knights are raiders and war often with other factions. The vikings are fierce barbarians who love to pillage and raid! The black falcon are a large human faction with the finest archers in the world. The fright knights are the most powerful men in the world, they are scattered around the place with nobles with militia, but when a bat lord, a extremely powerful man who is far more powerful than any mortal, calls for war, the nobles gather and guided by dark powers they wreak havoc upon the world... The orcs are brutal warriors who fight and pillage just for the hell of it, they are led by a group of orcs called the seven orcs who are quite intelligent. The forest men are just a group of men who live in the woods often pillaging.
  7. Beefbanana

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Thanks, the leader is just a fully black figure with a classic evil skellie head and a hood, he carries the same staff as the wizard. Also black thrones look the evilest.
  8. Beefbanana

    What's your latest acquisition?

    Nice! If I got them I would have ripped them open instantly! But PAB doesn't have bows or black quivers, so are you going to buy them of bricklink?
  9. Beefbanana

    Least Successful Collectable Minifig

    Here's my opinions. Series 1: I can't really think of one, I wasn't too excited about the cheerleader and some others, but they were alright. Series 2: I didn't really care about the lifeguard or spartan, probaly because I'm not really intrested in spartans, and he looks a bit ridiculous with the red cape, and the lifeguard isn't realy intresting. Series 3: Probaly the snowboarder, I'm not really intrested in snowboarding (or sports) so I didn't really have anything to put her in, also I got like five Series 4: Probaly the surfer girl, mainly because I think the others are more intresting. Series 5: Probaly the fitness instructor, for similiar reasons to the surfer girl.
  10. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    I just thought they would be barded, as it would probaly be some heroic joust type thing. Although it might not be kingdoms factions.
  11. Beefbanana

    MOC: Small Trade Road

    I like the inclusion of a minecart which can only just be seen, and nice story, but what happened to the orcs? Did the loot the place and leave, or are they still under there...
  12. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    I would love a jousting set too! Mainly because it would be a cheap way to get a barded dragon knight and lion knight!
  13. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Has anyone heard anything about another wave of sets?
  14. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    You can use this body for a mutant orc torso And maybe this, but it would look a little wierd. torso
  15. Beefbanana

    2011 Kingdoms + US prices

    Well there's the choas dwarves from CMF series 5 which I just picked up three off but got no choas dwarves, hopefully I'll get some next time.