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  1. To celebrate the new year, over the past two days I've been working on what I asked about in a past thread: A timeline of all LEGO Themes. The timeline is only possible due to Rebrickable's Lego catalog database containing theme and year data for all sets, so much thanks to them. My code is available at https://github.com/jxu/lego-theme-timeline The first timeline is of some themes I selected. I picked the colors and themes haphazardly, so all suggestions on new timeline views or themes to plot are welcome. I can also compute some statistics like the theme with the most years or the longest continuous running theme, if there is sufficient interest. The big timeline contains every theme (technically, the broadest "parent theme" as there are 459 total themes recorded). It uses the default ggplot colors because I didn't want to think of that many colors. You can download the original image to zoom in.
  2. One of my hobbies during the holidays is to go back and find and unite all the pieces of old sets in my house that I misplaced as a messy child. I can't be the only one who does this? My process is to part out the piece list on Bricklink as a Wanted list, and then buy any remaining pieces. I'm interested to hear any stories of people who have done the same.
  3. jxu

    [USA Only] Costco Lego

    Today I picked up 11022 Lego Space Mission parts box, $50 for 1700 pieces. on Lego.com it's $70. If you care about such things, the price-per-part is just under 3 cents, which seems like a great deal (with today's inflation) for new parts.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but Cutthroat Bricks on Bricklink (no affiliation) is selling a Technic Pins Grab Bag of "approx. 150 - 200 pieces" for $3.141. I assume this is a good deal even if some individual stores can sell technic pins for pennies.
  5. jxu

    Size of photos allowed

    Imgur seems to be safe for long term storage (I don't think they've deleted any images yet like Photobucket hosting has)
  6. Seems to be a similar feature to Rebrickable's sets owned. Now I can in theory manage the few sets I have from BL instead of Rebrickable
  7. I know Rebrickable supports indicating that a model is built from parts from an existing set. Does Studio Gallery support that?
  8. I read online that there are already linux drivers for the infrared device, so I just need to find a program to upload and a C-like compiler. Online I found a subset called Not Quite C (NQC) which matches what I've also thought about creating (a subset of C without a lot of the historical weirdness).
  9. I don't think I'll ever know the exact set, but 9723 Mindstorms Cities and Transportation Set is the closest in spirit. Plus, it's available for about $100 on Bricklink. Back then I and a friend built a yellow forklift, only for it to drive off the edge of the table on video because of a programming error I made Now that I think about it, 4094 Motor Movers may have been included as well. I vaguely remember some clear gearboxes (46220c01) which only appeared in that set. That would also be the source of the long yellow bricks with holes.
  10. I went to a summer camp around 2011ish and they had an old MINDSTORMS RCX kit, maybe as an educational kit, which I remember having lots of long yellow technic bricks with holes (I may be misremembering the color), light gray motors, storage bins, and technic gear racks (3743). Does anyone know which set this might've been? Probably a mix of a bunch of sets. I'm looking through the RCX kits on Bricklink and it could've been any one of the USB compatible kits (no computer had serial ports by this point). I'd like to buy a kit again but most are hard to find so I thought about just getting a bunch of old RCX era building pieces. Also does anyone know if I can program the Programmable Brick on Linux?
  11. Trig... how many decimal places are needed to build in reality (up to the manufacturing tolerance of actual pieces)?
  12. Last time I uploaded to galleries in 2020 I thought Rebrickable had a nicer presentation for MOCs than Studio Gallery. However the Gallery looks much closer to Rebrickable's MOC pages than I remember, with a picture album, likes, and comments. Which do you prefer to upload to?
  13. https://bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/15917/replace-brick-inplace-in-studio-2-0 Here is a more detailed guide I have the same issue where I frequently accidentally use two different pieces that are almost identical. Here pieces 3794 and 15573, both 1x2 jumpers, are mostly identical and only differ in the bottom molding. If I want to buy the parts for the model, I need to go through and manually replace similar pieces because some stores may not have both.
  14. Exactly. Though I will probably still try to make my own because this is slightly out of date, only going up to 2018 (so recent ex. Harry Potter don't show up), and I would like to color code more than unlicensed/licensed.
  15. I definitely would not list out every set, just a general timeline of themes. My thought was that I think Brickset provides a data dump of every set and which theme it comes from: https://rebrickable.com/downloads/ btw if you're interested in data visualization it's a great resource. If I remember I'll try to make something this weekend.