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  1. DBlegonerd7

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just finished building both Santa’s Visit and Santa’s Sleigh sets today. Due to my low vision, I asked someone to help me build before we could get busier during a Christmas season. Anyways, when I finished building, I am blown away by both sets combined! I’m so glad I made a decision to buy both sets. They definitley have a magical vibe. Like…a little girl is surprised to see Santa’s sleigh outside her home while her parents laugh delightfully. What a wonderful combination of lego sets… I don’t understand why some AFOLs don’t like blue walls tho? This color scheme is lovely and cozy rather than “cold”. I don’t need to swap them for tan parts. I’m greatly pleased that Santa’s Visit set is not completely realistic - Santa is included which it’s a bit of fantasy in that set. I really don’t need to buy an extra Santa’s Sleigh set. I mean sure, Santa does have 8 reindeer but I’m completely fine with 4 reindeer myself. I mean…it may be a waste if I buy more sleigh parts, in my opinion. I really don’t think that sleigh is that big. It’s a right size, no quesitons asked. By the way, who designed Santa’s Sleigh if it’s not Chris McVeigh? They are my first Winter Village sets (even tho Santa’s Sliegh is NOT a part of Winter Village). I will give it my ranting - 5/5. :) Okay, I will wait for TLG to come up with a new theme - Autum/Halloween Village!
  2. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Okay there will be a new Modular Buidling - this time, it will be a hotel + art gallery. Where is an art gallery set for City?!? And Hotel?!? Shame on designers….
  3. DBlegonerd7

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Okay, I will admit it - I have my own dobout in triangular buildings only…. It’s STILL hard for me to imagine that way. but the description does sound great to me.
  4. DBlegonerd7

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah? Not one-purpose building then? But art gallery?! YES!!! About darn time!!! Huh? Ok that sounds very odd for me to imagine…. How the hotel would look like if it has more than one floor and its shape would be triangular? I guess we will have first-look pictures.
  5. DBlegonerd7

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It sounds like you are talking about the WHOLE Nightmare Before Christmas in the CMF. Just two characters (Jack and Sally) from that CMF Disney Series 2, that’s it. However…you probably make a point. Well, Jack Skelleton is not 100% accurate. I mean he is supposed to have a pair of Woody’s longer legs.
  6. DBlegonerd7

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Even tho it’s not international….I just want to say Happy National Fossil Day from Ameirca! :)
  7. DBlegonerd7

    New themes in 2022?

    Oh yeah. For those who loves Halloween, I think it would be great to have a new one-set-per-year theme - Autumn or Halloween Village, similar to Winer Village. :) of course it won’t be likely for 2022 but hopefully, it would happen in future.
  8. DBlegonerd7

    New themes in 2022?

    I prefer the return of the in-house themes….like, uh, oh yeah….Johnny Thunder! Or Pirates! Or Castle! Or Blacktron III (i make it up)!I regret for not getting some Castle or Pirates themes from 2013 and 2015 respectively. I’m personally not satlified with Pirate Ship or Medieval Castle sets, just not enough to have their own themes, in my opinion. We have Ninjago for, like, over 10 years. And Nexus Knights barely lasted for 2 or 3 years. What next? Futuristic pirates with solar-powered pirate ship? Or Johnny Thunder Jr’s Adventure? We will see….
  9. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Yeah I did hear about that hiring process as much as I know.
  10. DBlegonerd7

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Thank you so much!!! :D
  11. DBlegonerd7

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    Sorry but I don’t think I can find a list of “official” character names. Does anyone know their names? like…we had Samuraapper or Discowboy.
  12. DBlegonerd7

    Custom Figures and CMF

    I LOVE Silence in the Library and Blink episodes too. They are the most perfect episodes. But I Blink is the terrifying one to see Weeping Angels if you blink. Anyways…yeah I agreed. Since Ideas’ Central Park set was a huge success, they produced Freinds Apartments set. So I was kinda hoping they could do Doctor Who sets eventually but it may not be likely. OOOOOOOOO Halloween! I will keep my eyes open for this one.
  13. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Exactly. As I mentioned in my post above, I am lowering my expectation. Leaks could be unpredictable.
  14. DBlegonerd7

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    I think it’s best to lower our expectations at this point. Of course, it’s just a leak season for winter wave!
  15. DBlegonerd7

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was about going to ask anyone about their thoughts on the Camp Cretaceous sets. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I appreciate it!