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  1. Such a cute and lovely model! And such a pity story with this bricklink demo story... ;(
  2. dicujo

    1956 Ford F100

    Wow. Just wow and no more words
  3. dicujo

    [Delete] Pagani Zonda R

    Fully agree with this and many thanks for sharing such a nice moc
  4. Congratulations to all competitors - everyone did a great job! And special thanks for top3 (which finally is the same as I voted to;) Hope to see all instructions available for others (free or money worth either)
  5. already see it and that was the reason to summon you;))) pics are awesome! PS answered you on rebrckbl
  6. @Charbel hi, i cant pm you here so sent you an email on rebrickable, could you check it plz?
  7. This is no doubt fantastic build! thanks for making it and sharing
  8. 3: 10 9: 6 6: 4 1: 3 10: 2 21: 1
  9. Will you try to stick to original suspension scheme thou?
  10. Cute car, thanks for sharing! will try it in different color, may be red