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  1. sorry for the limited description, my plan is to use no drive train, and have 2 motors on each rear swing arm. the fake buggy motors tend to cut out sometimes so i will use the PU XLs if that happens. also the motors will be paired via the second generation diffirential (the one with 16 teeth and 24 teeth) also, i only have 1 PF XL so thats also a limitation
  2. The idea with this is project is to get speed from buggy motors, and torque from PU XLs, which have a very convenient shape. Powering the hungry buggy motors from 2 buwizz units and the PU XLs from the big technic hub, which will be in the rear and controlling it with the buwizz app. Servo for steering, PU L for fake v8. Perfect car. I would enter it in the mad max contest but 2 things stop me. 1, I doubt I will finish in time and 2, I don’t have any real buggy motors and will be using fake ones.
  3. hi dugald, i think this vehicle is AMAZING! any chance you could provide more driving footage? the main video on youtube doesnt show much drive footage. also do you thing you could make another koenigsegg with rc motors?
  4. Thanks for the help! I will attempt to implement the suggested solutions.
  5. Clev

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [VIDEO!!!]

    That looks sick! You should make instructions when you finish it
  6. I’m fairly sure the hubs are parallel to the chassis, my bad photo taking skills may make it seem otherwise
  7. I need some help with my buggy. I can’t figure out how to get Ackermann geometry on my front steering unit and previous steering systems were either too large or unusable. I have been heavily inspired by didumos’s greyhound 4wd rc buggy. photos on bricksafe: