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  1. Not really a surprise, Porsche has been released in june.
  2. It looks thicker than a brick.
  3. any release date for this serie?
  4. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Big tires are shock absorbers I have this high quality metal model at home http://www.constructionscalemodels.com/en/grove-rt865b-rough-terrain-crane-nzg-nzg394
  5. Arocs was 220e The last 200e flagship is 42009.
  6. I could say the exact same kind of things, you've done nothing but acclaiming and speculating about 2H sets. you do not decide for others if something is great or not, it's a personal opinion. I know that its the forum guideline to find everything awesome, even the worst, but that's not mine. Sorry to be distant from that, I have the right to find this batch not so extraordinary. Apart the crane (which still hides its secrets, i'm hoping for great gearbox), a little fenwick (the previous one is from 2005) and a new pneumatic valve. For sure its better than 2016 and 2017, but its not stellar, even with 5 sets instead of 3 (quantity =/= quality). Im now back into Lego collection since 12 years, loving technics. Maybe you are lacking of hindsight or your requirements are low to qualify a model as "great". Maybe not. Just my opinion, if you do not like it, it's not my problem. And I'm totaly free to "piss on that", and you are free to enjoy the upcoming sets
  7. You're not afraid by the totaly ridiculous price?
  8. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    edited: wrong topic
  9. 42043 42053 425054 the last I bought
  10. And two main rails for guidage.
  11. The use of one single arocs rack in a central position is not a great idea in term of design, I think. It looks bizarre
  12. Your expectations are low Forklift look average, not really great Volvo look boring, not technical and very expensive for what it does. Far from great Forest truck is also overpriced, low playability, too few functions, poor design. Not great even with new switch Crane is ok, not stellar but compared to its predecessor ... 42070, almost great