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  1. Started my project- its going to be approx 1/12 scale but not exact. I'm including rear rippers on it, also a floating undercarriage. Here are some pics so far: I'll update as I move further along. Cheers. ** why does this website tell me I'm only allowed to upload 102 kb ? These are photos taken by my phone and should easily upload to this site !? Is eurobricks behind In this simple technology of upload ? Or am I a donkey ????? 102.4kb is what it tells me when I choose a file photo to upload? What's the issue here folks ???
  2. Any plans to share build instructions? This is one amazing moc !!
  3. Hi saberwing I did see your post thank you. I would prefer to use up my own technic pieces as yourself but would require at least 1" coverage on the cylinder body for strength. Yes those brackets are quite expensive I agree !! But sometimes we need them
  4. That's great !! I will buy the same connectors if I can't jig something up with all my technic gears
  5. Hello I can' click on your link
  6. Amazing work !! Do you have build Instructions ? Or detailed pictures along the build process you want to share ? Thank you
  7. Aventador I tried your method and it's not bad but your caution warning may be right Also watched collet video and I am trying to use up my technic inventory first The efferman piece is interesting but will try more reply ideas Cheers
  8. K will try this tomorrow morning I am come up with something as to hug the cylinder as well for support to ease off the pressure off the outlets and sole connection spot at base
  9. Thanks Eric I haven't tried the special connector from 8275 as I'm not sure it will fit as that special connector will join 2 older style cylinders and not sure it.will work on the new longer cylinders which come with the Mercedes Arcos I'm still trying to figure out how to post pics
  10. Hello Does anyone have any ideas to connect two large V2 pneumatic cylinders (part 19467c01). I am currently building a large mining liebherr shovel and will be finished shortly I will display the large design here in the coming weeks thank you kindly