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  1. They finally added Saw to the 25th lineup on LEGO. Loving that fig!!
  2. Infiltrator foto has been leaked finally
  3. Did the site show a picture of the pauldron? I have been looking for the last couple of days, but didn't seem tot find it. Might also be as I am in the Netherlands. But it would be weird to that in the UK and nowhere else right? Been wondering why LEGO wouldn't sell kamas on their site. If they know the demand was there, you would think it was a no-brainer. Don't include them in sets, but if any collector would want them (and there are enough I guess) sell them separately.
  4. Wouldn't it be weird though to get an Ezra as all the other figs have never been produced before? And Ezra has. And according to the leaks he will be in a later Ahsoka set, so why have him as an anniversary figure?
  5. Maybe it will be a better fit for the 30654 then. Let's see.
  6. They just added a new pic with the feature of it breaking.
  7. I wonder how that Falcon will size up against the X-wing and Tie fighters of the Death Star Trench diorama...
  8. Cool...then let's talk about the new midi-scale line that was just leaked. Loving the Falcon, not so much the other two.
  9. I have to say that I don't contribute a lot to the forum, but man these last couple of pages are seriously ridiculous. Members blasting each other for what. Can you not have a different opinion anymore and respect that? Helmet holes, kamas, helmet printing...I get that it is your (and mine) hard earned money, but jeez is there a possibility that we can talk about something else than this moaning on who is right or wrong. Some of you are seriously taking this too seriously.
  10. Or Dedra Meero, but just re-reading the thread someone already named her.
  11. Mon Mothma? Although I don't know what makes her controversial.
  12. That's what turned me off of the model. Such a shame!
  13. Looks super slick. Well done!!!
  14. Maybe with the extra revenue they can make more Bespin Duel sets and distribute them over the rest of the world. ?