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  1. Crazydance

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    Only one question... PS has a remote... WHERE IS IT FOR EV3? Robotics are cool but look at the tracked contraption... Should have been nice if that had a manual mode as well. But you never know. Maybe it will be possible in the future :)
  2. Crazydance

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    What bugs me the most about the 42009 is the lack of a bigger turntable. The keep making these giant models that I really love, but just don't buy because the small turntable makes those big moving modules they invent WAY too wobbly. The should just make a big turntable to fix this. On the other hand the tow truck looks amazing, so I'll probably buy that and at least one other model. Probably last year's helicopter. Or if it's cheap the 8070 racer!
  3. That's right. You can also click on the link in the youtube video. That'll get you there too... Lookt not too complicated to build, so we'll have a go later on. I'll probably do a red version because of the lack of panels :)
  4. Want!!! Leuk ding hoor! Zou TLC eens moeten proberen met de bijbehorende PF elementen.. Denk dat je dan voor een eurootje of 60 een leuke instap PF set hebt?
  5. What happens of you change that gearing? Switch the sizes, and replace the biggest one with a clutch-gear.
  6. Well, it doesn't go fast, but if you have a congested lay-out you could do fire-truck coloring and have it zoom about a bit. That being said it's key for this kind of MOC to have it fit with the environment it's in. I would do a fire or police truck color-scheme, but other than that it definately can compete with the City scale it looks intended for. Overall I LOVE the tech-part you did on this small but exciting MOC. Maybe LEGO wakes up and does a series of micro-PF parts for small sets. (Just so you can cram it up a bit more, lower the truck a bit, and possibly can ditch some of the cabling.)
  7. Crazydance

    Flagships 2000-2012

    8275, 8110, 8042, 9398 AND 8421! With the 8275 as my absolute favorite!
  8. Crazydance

    Help please!

    Meh, it's just a car. And it's studded.. If you're down for that you should take the 8880. On the other hand the new Crawler (9398) is something else. Maybe not as awesome as a super car it's playability is much higher, Plus you get the new PF motors which can be used in future studless models. I Myself would buy something 'future-proof' thus ending up buying the new crawler.
  9. Crazydance

    Cuusoo Bike by Bricksonwheels

    You got my vote!
  10. Crazydance

    Which set should I buy?

    I've got: 8068 Resque helicopter 8069 Back-hoe 9393 Tractor 8275 Bulldozer 8419 Mini excavator Seeing this list the UniMOG or the Supercar should fit right in.
  11. Crazydance

    Which set should I buy?

    I'm at a crossroads! 8070: Supercar 8043: Excavator 8110: UniMOG 9396: Large resque helicopter 9397: Logging truck 9398: 4x4 Crawler Which one first?
  12. Crazydance

    REVIEW: 8236 Bike Burner

    How do you get your review academy approved? I should change the icon on top of my technic review as well then :p The quoted comment doesn't make any sense, as technic sets are score by the reviewer! If he thinks these numbers are good for the model he's probably right in his mind, no matter how YOU would have scored it. Most of these models are lost in history because everyone remembers only the flagship models, and having a review here of a smaller set doesn't hurt at all right?
  13. Crazydance

    9396 Super Modifications!

    I LOVE the DBG and black one! It's almost one of those army-choppers we all want so bad. Hopefulle all those parts will be released in dkGreen soon!
  14. Crazydance

    Another Coaster attempt

    Whoa! As a rollercoaster fan I can't get enough of these models. This one looks nice and works quite well! I'm following this one really close!
  15. Crazydance

    10220 T1 VW camper van MOC

    It's best to take time to make your pictures. If you haven't got a digital camera or such borrow it from your parents or friends. They are resized by the forum software once the page is loaded so it's not that big of a problem. The blurriness is another thing. Anyway it seems like good practice to take part in the reviewers academy program. Not only for the forum experience, but help with photography as well. It's one of the reasons the reviewers academy is there, to upgrade the quality of reviews. MOC or not.