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  1. The Kom’rk Class Gauntlet was the original Mandalorian starfighter that first appeared on the Clone Wars series. Its signature cranked arrow wings can pivot 360 degrees around the cockpit to reduce the G-force on the pilot while doing heavy maneuvers. The Fang Fighter was derived from this Gauntlet, since I have already designed it I thought it’s a good opportunity redesign it to the original Mandalorian starfighter, its overall shape is based on the 2021 Mandalorian Starfighter Lego set.The Gauntlet has twin engines on each wing, while the Fang Fighter has only one on each wing with a central engine behind the cockpit. I modified the wings to accommodate the twin engines. The four engine outlets are made by two 2x2 round plates. There are only three pieces of 2x2 round stud tiles, but you need four for the trans-light blue inverted radar dishes to represent all four engine exhausts. If you had made my A-Wing, B-Wing or Gunship builds, you will have a spare 2x2 round stud tile. The Gauntlet has long forward mandibles with twin laser cannons in between, while the Fang Fighter has the cannons on the wings. The cockpit was redesigned to fit two minifigures and used two 1x12 black plates to support the long mandibles. Two lightsaber hilts are used for laser cannons. Due to the piece limitations, the wings cannot rotate into an upright position for landing. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-180639/Wurger Bricks/mandalorian-komrk-class-gauntlet-starfighter-alternate-build-of-75362-ahsoka-tanos-t-6-shuttle/
  2. I was very encouraged by the success of my B-Wing design, I wanted to try my hand on another Original Trilogy classic, the A-Wing. The 75362 has the perfect windscreen piece, four technic round blocks and plenty of brackets and slopes. The main difficulty I foresaw with the A-Wing design is the lack of wedge slopes, I had to recreate the wedge shape by arranging curved slopes sideways and forwards along the edge of the fuselage.The dark red tiled top panel swoops down from the cockpit, giving this A-wing a fast and sleek vibe. The panel is connected on both ends with a hollow mid-section. That red continues on the sides, bottom, and even the engines. The windscreen piece is the standard one used for Lego A-Wings and the pilot sits back on the studless connection; the shield generator located behind the cockpit is built with various curved slope pieces.The single barrel laser cannons can swivel top and down, very robust connection on two studs each. No landing gear pieces are available, so I built a stand from the spare pieces. The angled engines are built around brackets connected to the fuselage by a technic pin, locked down by a clip plate. The vertical stabilizers are plates connected to studded bricks. And those pearl dark gray Technic round blocks? They add a nice touch of detail, mimicking the trust vector control rings.The finish model is very robust to play with and the slopped fuselage is very smooth and streamlined. I hope I captured the essence of the A-Wing Starfighter. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-178807/Wurger Bricks/a-wing-starfighter-alternate-build-of-75362-ahsoka-tanos-t-6-shuttle/
  3. Return of the Gunship: T-6 Shuttle Edition!Remember that popular republic gunship I built from 75333 Obi-Wan's Starfighter? Buckle up because I am back for another round! This time using the 75362 T-6 Shuttle which has more than double the amount of the pieces. This new creation is another Midi scale version of the classic gunship, ideal for those who love iconic designs but are short on space. Resourcefulness is the Name of the GameThe T-6 Shuttle might not have all the standard gunship parts, but I went around it with some clever workarounds. No bubble canopy? No sweat! I fashioned a rounded back using curved slopes, perfectly capturing the gunship's iconic silhouette. The cockpit comfortably fits a single clone trooper pilot, ideal for darting around on recon missions. Throughout the build, I have incorporated a bunch of bar handles and clip pieces to achieve those signature slopes that define the gunship's shape. I have also added some wedges and triangle pieces for extra detail, and even used spare brackets and plates to reinforce the cargo bay and top section, making the entire structure nice and sturdy. Building is A SnapFor easier building, I have broken the whole thing down into 10 manageable sections: 2 wings, 4 side panels, a pilot-sized cockpit, a back ramp, a spine, and a base. The side panels have bricks and plates on the back for guides, so snapping them together on studs is a breeze. The back ramp might not open and close, but the angled grill pieces look fantastic as thruster slots! In terms of handling this model, I would recommend picking it up from the spine, and swooshing it around holding the cargo bay floor or front side panels. Do not try to pick up from wings and the cockpit area. Packing a PunchTwo projectile launchers are mounted on the sides of the T-patterned nose, below the cockpit. The side panels’ dark red stripes are created by wedges and triangles. The cargo bar is 6 studs wide and 7 studs long, it can fit 6 clone troopers facing forwards; the model displayed with 4 clone troopers facing sidewards.The tail gun was connected to a bar using 2 round plates, it can swerve up and down. The missile launchers have been made in different pieces due to what’s inside the set. Ideally there should have two long yellow axle pieces, but there is only one. One of the missile launchers is connected using the short axle piece. These are just some of the challenges faced when designing alternate builds. In between the missile launders, I used 4 slope pieces on the spine of the gunship to represent the missile belt doors.The wings are slanted with support from slopes and technic bricks, I managed to keep the wings to only 2 plates thick. No ball turret was designed but 4 rockets are underneath each wing. They are only connected on 4 studs each, so do not try to pick up the ship using the wings.Small But Mighty, Inspired by the Real WorldThis single-seater gunship draws inspiration from the real-life Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter. Its compact size and agility make it perfect for scouting ahead of larger battles or performing daring rescue missions in tight spaces where a regular gunship wouldn't be able to maneuver. You could call it the LAAT Reconnaissance Gunship, or LAAT/re for short. It'd be a fantastic addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection! Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-176316/Wurger Bricks/republic-gunship-midi-scale-alternate-build-of-75362-ahsoka-tanos-t-6-shuttle/
  4. This is the story of my B-Wing Mark II, a starfighter I built by giving LEGO set 75362 Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle a serious makeover. There are those awesome alternate designs that other builders like Zsoltom has made, they inspired me to make another one.I wanted to use the T-6's cool spinning cockpit piece to build something new, but with no more than three engines due to the piece limitations. That's when I saw YouTuber EC Henry's B-Wing design – super creative, with twin engines and a rear turret that packed a punch.Here's what makes my Mk II special: One pilot, lots of firepower: Just like the original B-Wing, it's a single-seater, but with a remote-controlled turret in the back for double the blasting fun! Wings that transform: The airfoils have an angled edge at the front, and the S-foils can flip out into a big cross for combat mode, then fold back for cruising. Weaponized to the max: This B-Wing is my most heavily armed ship yet, with a whopping eight cannons! Two blasters under the cockpit, two ion cannons on the wingtips, and three more ion cannons plus a blaster cannon on the main airfoil. Talk about packing a punch! Building it wasn't all smooth sailing. Connecting the big main airfoil to the twin engines was a nightmare – that thing is heavy! I had to take a break and come back to it later. In the end, I totally redesigned bottom of the engine mount to achieve a rock-solid connection. The entire airfoil does not display the undersides of the plates, this is my first-time design something like that.The S-foils need be to be propped up by fingers to get into the cross, but they clip onto the wing for a secure hold. The round brackets around the cockpit use an illegal technique to make both sides look exactly the same. Did you know the whole ship is symmetrical except for one plate difference in the cockpit connection?More than 500 pieces are used for this model, but it has a smaller footprint compared to my 400ish pieced Fang-Fighter build from the same 75362 set, I put quite a few pieces on beneath the cockpit to balance out the ship so it can sit on the engines without tipping over. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-176746/Wurger Bricks/b-wing-mk-ii-alternate-build-of-75362-ahsoka-tanos-t-6-shuttle/
  5. The 76278 Rocket's Warbird vs. Ronan set caught my eye with my favourite colour scheme (navy and orange) and two massive 41mm Technic Wheel pieces. Those two wheel pieces make the perfect engine nacelles for the Z-95’s engines. I used technic arms combined with bricks to show the engine mounts on the wing undersides and wedge sloped and triangular pieces on the top. I tried a few different versions of the elongated nose, ended up with this version with a dark blue centerline stripe, orange nose cone with red fins. I wanted to make the nose as long as possible with 4 plates thick for sturdiness. The cockpit is deep enough for the clone pilot to sit upright inside the trans-light blue bubble canopy. Two spring-loaded shooters at the wing tips to represent laser cannons. The Muunilist 10 is an elite task force who used specialized ships with an unique paint scheme. The rancor teeth look great on dark blue wings using white triangular pieces. I really like how the dark blue interacts with the orange and white, it’s just a great colour scheme. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-175838/Wurger Bricks/muunilinst-10-clone-z-95-headhunter-alternate-build-of-76278-rockets-warbird/
  6. Just amazing the amount of Alt builds you are getting from this set!
  7. Thank you, I did the car first, and took pieces from the plane to make it better too. Cheers, I also like the car better!
  8. I've recently been thoroughly enjoying "Masters of the Air" on Apple TV, and it's sparked my interest in WWII-themed LEGO sets. While browsing, I stumbled upon the 77012 Indiana Jones Fighter Plane Chase set, which boasts impressive minifigures and two decent models—a Citroen Légère Cabriolet and a Pilatus P-2.Taking inspiration from this set, I embarked on a creative endeavor, utilizing parts from two 77012 sets to craft two distinct builds: the parade car Grand Mercedes 770 and a single-seat twin-engine heavy fighter reminiscent of the Luftwaffe's Messerschmitt Me-410.The Grand Mercedes was used by high-ranking officers of Nazi Germany during World War II. It is powered by an inline eight-cylinder housed inside the long bonnet with two spare tyres, while repurposed headlights now serve as rear-view mirrors. Able to accommodate four minifigures on its eight-stud-wide chassis, the vehicle features a central door hinge separating the seating areas, with the trunk doubling as additional seating and storage. The folding fabric roof is simulated using a variety of tan and grey pieces.As for the Messerschmitt Heavy Fighter, its power emanates from twin liquid-cooled inverted V-12 piston engines, with cylinder heads positioned below the crankshaft, denoted by low exhaust ejectors. Unlike traditional German design, which typically places radiator and oil cooler inlets on the wings, LEGO's rendition follows the P-40's configuration. Despite limitations with the four-blade propellers (as opposed to the historical three-blade design), the model accurately captures the Me-410's blunt nose armed with two stud shooters, an armoured headrest within the cockpit, an elongated fuselage, and a prominent vertical stabilizer. I extended the wings while maintaining sturdiness, utilizing round tiles to depict the aircraft's roundel insignia. Its narrow landing gear, reminiscent of iconic planes like the Spitfire and Bf-109s, can be easily detached to showcase the model in flight mode, adding versatility to its display options. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-173739/Wurger Bricks/mercedes-benz-770-and-messerschmitt-heavy-fighter-alternate-build-of-2-x-77012-fighter-plane-chase/
  9. The 60430 Interstellar Spaceship is a very nice small ship made using wedges plates and wedge slopes. I personally find the openable flaps and claw-like engine nacelle a bit strange, but I admit they are a great play feature for kids.I decided to combine 2 sets of 60430 to create a swooshable Galaxy Explorer, which is one of the most influential and coveted set Lego has ever made.There is the dagger shaped fuselage with delta wings with a straight tailing edge, grille pieces on the nose leading to the two centerline windscreens and a bulky back with a horizontal stabilizer. There are 4 engines, 2 on the wings and 2 at the back, 6 studs long each. My spaceship can seat two astronauts, the horizontal stabilizer sits on 2 engines pods leaving a view for the back astronauts. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-169810/Wurger Bricks/galaxy-explorer-alternate-build-of-2-x-60430-interstellar-spaceship/
  10. Thank you! the mechanism is also nicely made
  11. The 75362 Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle replicates semicircular wings using various wedge plates, and the same level of design extends to the dark red stripe pattern adorning the upper surface of the wings. However, a noticeable drawback lies in the lack of detailing on the undersides of the wings, a somewhat undesirable oversight. The T-6 shuttle distinguishes itself through its standout feature — the capacity to rotate its wings 360 degrees on a technic turntable while maintaining a level cockpit, effectively minimizing G-forces on the pilot. Additionally, the shuttle boasts a 360-degree firing range from its twin cannons. Among the four included minifigures is Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian warrior first introduced in the Rebels Series. I thought it would be pretty cool to design a Fang Fighter with the same color scheme as her master Ahsoka. The Fang Fighter presents a sleek, angular silhouette with a double delta wing design, featuring non-straight leading edges. The central fuselage accommodates the cockpit at the front and a single ion engine at the rear. The distinctive double delta wings can pivot 360 degrees, equipped with laser cannons and ion engines. In contrast to the Lego shuttle, I elongated the nose of the Fang Fighter and aimed for matching color patterns on the underside of the wings: dark bluish gray on the wing tips and engine mounts, light bluish gray wings adorned with a dark red arrow pattern. The underside of the engines features black inverted curved slopes. While the fighter can stably rest on a table without tipping forward, I crafted a supplementary docking rack using extra pieces, providing additional support for the nose. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-171447/Wurger Bricks/sabine-wrens-mandalorian-fang-fighter-alternate-build-of-75362-ahsoka-tanos-t-6-shuttle/
  12. Cheers mate! well, one would expect nothing less from the Mandalorian Knight!
  13. Hi Ron, I deeply appreciate your generous words! Receiving your endorsement is truly an honor.
  14. I decided to construct an AT-RT walker using pieces from the 75372 set, driven by my particular interest in expanding the clone army rather than the droid army. While there were constraints due to the triple connectors from the Droid, they did provide a satisfying walking and turning pose.To achieve a more balanced appearance, I made modifications such as relocating the speeder's steering fins to the front. Additionally, I reconstructed the defense post using spare pieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of the model. Instructions are available on Rebrickable. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-169374/Wurger Bricks/at-rt-walker-and-speeder-alternate-build-of-75372-clone-droid-battle-pack/
  15. A lot of round pieces are used in the 75359 set, as they are used to build armour plates, flooring and engines. I built upon the Infantry Support Platform (ISP) Swamp Speeder idea and designed a five seater patrol speeder with twin engines. Semi-circle round plate protects the 2 drivers, with two frames creating the cockpit space with Captain Vaughn sitting behind the 2 drivers. A pair of stud shooters are placed on the front of the speeders and there are one side seats on each side next to the two engines. Instructions are available on Rebrickable. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-155018/Wurger Bricks/332nd-division-patrol-speeder-alternate-build-of-2-x-75359-ahsokas-clone-battle-pack/
  16. Thank you, I didn’t think of the commander vehicle, makes sense. Haha Thank you!
  17. I was very excited that “Ahsoka” trailers showed the E-Wing, finally bringing the fighter to Star Wars Canon. I like the changes made to the E-Wing, there is no more laser cannon mounted on top of the cockpit, which will never happen in real life. In its place now comes an open astromech socket like the X-Wing. The nose of the E-Wing is made shorter. The astromech socket is lowered by 2 plates, making R2-D2’s position not so elevated like the official set. Small adjustments were made to the technic mechanism for the slanted wings. I tried to create an impression of the winglets using sloped pieces and mounted the 2 laser cannons on the tips. Thanks to the technic mechanism, the E-Wing can rest on the engines with the wings flattened, I had enough pieces to build a small stand for the E-Wing to be mounted on to show its slanted wings. t's great to see LEGO is releasing the 75364 New Republic E-Wing™ vs. Shin Hati’s Starfighter™, this MOC will complement the set. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-153971/Wurger Bricks/new-republic-e-wing-alternate-build-of-75301-lukes-x-wing/
  18. Instructions are on rebrickable. https://rebrickable.com/.../tx-130-super-saber-class.../ The Republic Fighter Tank was a light repulsortank, used to provide infantry support, and engage enemy armor. The tank is very fast and agile, it was equipped with two sponson heavy laser cannons, and an open top turret. The top gunner is usually the lowest-ranking trooper because he is exposed to the most hazardous battle conditions. This is a widespread complaint from the troopers, especially when the Trader Federations’ AAT has an enclosed top turret. During war, you take the best of both sides and constantly improve and adapt to the new battle conditions. The TX-130 Super Sabre-Class Fighter Tank is designed with an enclosed top turret that houses a heavy laser cannon with a coaxial laser gun that has 360 degrees field of fire. The tank no longer needs to turn its whole body to engage enemies on its sides and back. The sponson heavy laser cannons are lowered by one brick from the official LEGO design to reduce the centre of gravity from the extra weight of the top turret. The body of the tank is made wider and longer, to fit in an extra laser super charger coil. Bigger repulsor engines deliver more lift and power to drive the Super Saber-Class faster across the battlefield. There are no more side gaps from the X-Wing Canopy piece in my design, I kept the back of the canopy as the front of the armoured hull as it’s the correct shape, while I have seen other designers flip the canopy around to close the gaps.
  19. The Gunship looks small, quite a reduction in size from 2013
  20. LEGO’s remake of the 1989 Pirates classic appeals to many nostalgic hearts, the 10320 Eldorado Fortress is a modular build with the classic yellow and white walled buildings. I decided to create the Eldorado Lighthouse from two sets of the LEGO Creator Beach Camper Van 31138. The lighthouse sits on the hazardous shoals near the entrance of the Eldorado Fortress harbour, on high tide most of the sandbanks are submerged making waterways very dangerous from running aground. The model is 40 cm/15.7 inches tall. Instructions are available on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-152684/Wurger Bricks/eldorado-lighthouse/ I started with the idea of utilizing the hinged plates to create an enclosed building that can be opened up, unfortunately after building the base, I realised that I don’t have enough yellow and white bricks. That idea is scrapped and simple structure with an open back is designed, with the focus on height. A small jetty leads to the gate of the light house. Two dinghies are used to bring in supplies and replacement soldiers due to the shallowness of the waters. The lighthouse is built on a rocky platform where its sides are built from grey, white, and tan slopes and tiles. The base of the lighthouse is yellow like a classic LEGO castle, I was surprised that I didn’t have enough yellow pieces so had to use six vehicle mudguards for the walls, they do however create a brick pattern with the nougat bricks. One of the mudguards are used to create the portico. 1x1 white tiles are also used to show patchworks on the walls. One straight corner going up to the lighthouse tower and one round corner to the battlements. White battlements are added to give defense capabilities and visually match with fortress. The imperial soldier’s quarters on the ground floor, red banners hanging off the walls. The lighthouse keepers stay on the first floor with patterned tiles and kitchen. A bed and desk with a candle is put on the towers for play value, and small ladders give kids the idea of jumping and climbing inside the towers. SNOT techniques are used to add some decoration to the walls and roof. 1x1 tan plates, 1x2 tan round plates and 1x1 reddish brown round plates are used to show exposed bricks where the white plaster has cracked, they give a visual break to the monotonous white walls and help with the shortage of pieces to build up the height of the tower. Two red stripes on the tower give high visibility during daytime, I used up all of the red bricks and luckily they are just enough. 1x1 round quarter tile are used to show patch works on the wall. The top level of the tower has round corners due to the pieces I had to build with, and slimed the profile of the tower at the top as it should in real life. Lattice fences sitting on cut-out slopes formed the railings on the platform, double trans-clear panels formed the lantern house. The light is built using red and yellow modified bricks combined with trans-orange slopes. I had a lot of medium azure bricks left, plus wheels, tyres and windscreen as the original set is a camper van, so I built a 2 seater Beetle look alike car with oversize wheel arches with a lot of slopes pieces. My son said Eldorado Lighthouse is a tourist attraction landmark in the present day, with tourists driving their cars to visit this heritage site.
  21. Thank you mate, I have changed the title to MOC now, the each tower levels has a piece of furniture inside but does feel lacking as you have pointed out.