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    Star Wars
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    The NASA Moon to Mars Transport System (MMTS)

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  1. siuliano

    The Martian on LEGO IDEAS

    That comment means so much @Kelkschiz super nice of you to comment, you made my day.
  2. siuliano

    The Martian on LEGO IDEAS

    Coming from you, this means a lot. You have so many amazing Mocs! Thanks so much @magureanpaul
  3. siuliano

    The Martian on LEGO IDEAS

    For you Sci-Fi The Martian fans. MOC includes Mars Rover 2, ARES IV MAV, The Hab, Pathfinder & Sojourner, and more. Link to LEGO IDEAS -
  4. siuliano

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Hi everyone, Though I'd post the latest version of The Martian here that includes the MAV, Rover 2, The Hab and Pathfinder. Hope you like it. Some amazing projects on here, have supported a bunch of them :) Keep building / creating amigos. Link to The Martian on LEGO IDEAS
  5. siuliano

    LEGO Finding Nemo, Dory & Friends

    Thanks JeanGreyForever! I thought the mask was pivotal to the scene, so Iā€™m glad you appreciate it šŸ˜€
  6. siuliano

    LEGO Finding Nemo, Dory & Friends

    Thanks so much, glad you like them. I made so many versions of the babies, but this was my fav šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘
  7. Hello friends, just thought I'd share my Finding Nemo LEGO project. Put a bit of time and energy into this one. Cheers! Finding Nemo, Dory & Friends LEGO IDEAS
  8. siuliano

    NASA LEGO Moon to Mars Transport System

    Hi Meliander, here is a video I put together of this that will answer most of your questions. There was just under 5 thousand pieces when I was counting, but I stopped counting when I went from digital to physical so I would say around 6,000 in total. I had to order parts from 22 different locations around the world as half the parts LEGO don't make anymore. LEGO were kind enough to donate the parts they still 'did' manufacture. Cheers -
  9. siuliano

    NASA LEGO Moon to Mars Transport System

    Thanks danth. Yep. Had to order those from various locations around the world to get it built. Model just arrived at NASA KSC and they just told me it's in bits... so I have to help them put back together... damn it. Thought this would happen.
  10. siuliano

    NASA LEGO Moon to Mars Transport System

    Hello there Rubblemaker. After carefully examining your compliment and viewing some of your amazing LEGO designs, I can confidently say that your comment means a lot. Thanks for taking the time to write mate, much appreciated. Steve.
  11. Hello friends. This Moon to MarsTransport System I created for LEGO ideas Moon to Mars competition won grand prize (built in Studio 2.0). I got to visit the NASA team over at Cape Canaveral. They commissioned me to build a 'physical' version of the model which I recently completed. The good news is that the model is arrived at Kennedy Space Centre today to get ready to go on display at the Journey to Mars section when it is renovated later in 2020. Hope some of you get to check it out in real life if you get to visit KSC. Cheers! P.S. I just uploaded this to LEGO IDEAS for a bit of fun (based on The Martian movie Mars Rover and Pathfinder): Steve iuliano.
  12. siuliano

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Way to spice up an old friend from 1989 Eldorado Fortress 6276. Very cool. Work nicely next to Pirate Bay.
  13. siuliano

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Great! Thanks a lot!
  14. siuliano

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Hi @Digger of Bricks, thanks for posting my Treasure Cove Water Slide LEGO idea. I just joined Eurobricks and saw this post so cheers! There's some 'incredible' MOCs / builds on here. @paokus I'm a big fan. I will certainly be buying your pirate bay build when it hits the shelves (fingers crossed).