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  1. thx grey gear. Non-RC cars, absolutely That's what i figured. so it's maybe the obvious way to identify an input entry from an output one?
  2. Kaydash

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    Definetely not buying this Looks like a MoC to me, no disrepect to anybody
  3. When i look at every single supercar, the 1st gear ratio is always higher than the second gear etc... if that's what you mean by "faster". Or am i wrong? :)
  4. thx mortenm. How do you visually define that red is input?
  5. Hi all :) I've been building a good number of best supercar mocs lately, and i decided to step up my game a bit, and build a supercar (1:10) of my own. If the paneling, steering, making a chassis is Something i can do without too much trouble, it's not the same when it comes to gearbox. As i Don't want to rehash somebody else's job, or at least not completely (lol) i've been busy these past few days trying to learn how gearing works. And thx to sariel and his work, (e.g gear calculator / tutorial) i've learnt a lot already. But obviously, i'm just beginner and there is a lot i have to figure out before i can do a gearbox of my own. So i've build this one, found on internet and try to study it: I was trying to calculate gear ratio of each gear but i'm already stuck :( So question, since i can't even figure out which one of the entry is the input, hence the other being the output. Isn't a gearbox supposed to gear up whatever the gear engaged? so we'd have at the end Something like this, say: 1st: 1:6 2nd 1.4 3rd: 1.2,1 and 4rth: 1:1 (not related to the picture below) When i look at that exemple and the placement of the 1st gear, hence orange entry being the input, it appears to gear down, and hence, i've considered the red entry being the input. I'm already lost. And worse: i can clearly count that i have a 1:6 gear ratio, but when i try to calculate, the result won't match (4th gear on the picture): 24 teeth into 8 teeth: 1:3 8teeth into 16 teeth 2:1 Following grey 16teeth on a different axle is idle 16teeth into 8teeth 1:2 final ratio with math: 1:3 (calculator) but when i count 6 révolutions for the last gear, so i'should have a 1:6 ratio What am i missing here? thx for helping me guys! Sorry for the noob questions, but everything's gotta be a lot easier once i figure this out :)
  6. Kaydash

    Outlaw...a Crowkillers production

    Just great, thx a lot Tomek ;)
  7. Kaydash

    Outlaw...a Crowkillers production

    Hi guys! I was studying the door mecanism, and i think it's very smooth and effecive. I Don't seem to be able to identify the black (20 teeth?) gear he uses on his video, at 7:18 Someone kind enough to help me on this one? thx! Outlaw video
  8. I have to agree with you on that. I'm on to other projects but I think I'll get back to it, and come up with a new solution.
  9. I used a really simple mod, requiring very few bits without taking axles apart https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-21406/RB-instructions/porsche-911-rsr-lowered-tiefergelegt/#comments As i widen the rear by 2 studs in total, i had to modify this moc a bit, but if you dont intend to do more with your rear axle, this should do the trick ;) I really prefer the red
  10. Hi guys, it's kinda finished (for now) ^^ Rear is wider, i add few chromed parts, rear window has been replaced, changed the front yet again. Cya!
  11. Comme je te le disais, on a tous hate de s'y mettre ;) Courage!
  12. 8 speed gearbox + paddle, that 's quite a feat actually. Looking forward to your progress ??
  13. Here are some improvements. Still trying to figure out how to tweaks the headlights (3x3 dish?) Next steps, HoG, widen the rear Hi mate, simple moc but yet to improve (smaller dishes, one stud back?) Hope it helps ;)
  14. Sorry for my bad English understanding I'm afraid that if i do so, 1 stud further in to the center, they'll touch the white hoses. I've not come so far with a part i could swap with the ones i use. Ideas are welcome :D