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  1. Timelapser

    [LEGO Ideas] The Pirate Bay!!

    That's such a cool build, super compact but filled with detail. Pirate stuff is usually very cool anyhow
  2. Timelapser

    80s/90s Lego Shopvideos

    These are all so wonderfully 90's haha.
  3. Timelapser

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    It's currently in review, and super nice IMO. A Fiat 500 F: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/ca5c345e-bdae-4c3c-bc4b-05fb6b522f0f
  4. Biggest build ever, the entire world! But seriously, good job. It's quite impressive you got the map represented so accurately.
  5. Timelapser

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I watched Into the Spider-verse, the animation in it is so innovative and great. Really want to watch TLM2 still!
  6. Timelapser

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I really love the Pepper reference in this, really hope it was intentional and/or there are some more hidden gags.
  7. Timelapser

    Bowtie or Fangs?

    I vote for a suited-up wolf professional!
  8. Timelapser

    Who's Your Favorite Film Composer and/or Score?

    The score for How to Train Your Dragon 3 is just god-like. John Powell totally nailed the first two films, and this one is certainly nothing less. The choral work in this is just insane. Especially the end is just so powerful, ahh could listen to it every day.
  9. Timelapser

    Greetings from LEGO Island!

    Thank you! I think that will definitely work out
  10. The one with the lights looks really stunning, especially with the materials it feels really real! Some tips for it though are I'd suggest turning down the flare, on the red lamps they are just a bit too distracting. Second thing is to watch out for clipping when rending/color correcting. Some places like the woman holding the gem near the middle bottom are clipping causing you to see less detail & her hair blending into the background. Changing light intensity & reflection strength should largely fix this. Other than that, keep it up! Really love what you do!
  11. Hello! Hola! Willkommen! And in any language, welcome to LEGO Island! I mean, hey! My name is Floris, and I quite recently entered back into the LEGO world after being a big fan of the classic games when I was a kid, after long lurking, it's finally time for an account! I absolutely love LEGO Racers & the Island series (and LOCO, Rock Raiders...) and just had to do something with it. I love making animations and music and combined that passion with a LEGO fan-game on which some people of this awesome community joined. Can't wait to see even more of everyone's awesome creations here!