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  1. giggs

    The Dark Elves

    A clan from my fiction world "Tales from the twilight world".The dark elves have risen again from their underground kingdom to bring terror to the realm, will the clans of the surface unite against them?
  2. giggs

    Beep beep!!!!

    Hello everyone!!! This is my latest moc! Enjoy!!!
  3. Thanks everyone!!! Really appreciate your comments!!!
  4. giggs

    [MOC] No way out

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.yes samurai Turtle the shotgun is a non lego piece.
  5. giggs

    [MOC] No way out

    they thought it was safe in the woods...but they were wrong... I created this cabin in the woods in the begining to put a family having vacations there...but then the zombie idea came out!!!hope you enjoy it!!!
  6. giggs

    Your finest hour

    This year, is the 75th anniversary of D-day. This is a tribute moc of mine for those who fought for our freedom. I hope you enjoy it.
  7. Thanksa lot!!!I will try to best mext time with the light!!!
  8. I like everything in this build!!nice job man!!!!
  9. Simply fantastic my friend!!!!coming for a beer...
  10. General map H17. One year has passed since the murder of the Coral islands president wife.The cartel did this as an answer to the president for not giving safe passage for their drugs to the country.President Metaxas swear not to forget...and to avenge her death.Every week he visits the family cemetery and leaves flowers to her grave and to talk to her. His personal guard approached him. - Sir, Commander Giggs needs you back to the office. It's urgent.
  11. giggs

    After Action Reports (AAR)

    GBW - Supporting the war effort - CORAL ISLANDS - The memory remains