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  1. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    That is just speculation though
  2. I believe they're all just the same prints as the FK one
  3. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I have a feeling the Pixies would look best if they were molded like Baby Groot
  4. At 2:32 you can see the ''Believe'' poster of the cat!
  5. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    A new Harry Potter CMF is most likely in the works as the current series did really well and most people (including me) consider it the best one yet. However we already know of all the CMF series were getting this year and HP is not one of them. But as I said, chances are very high well get series 2 eventually. Maybe next year?
  6. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    So those 2 are probably in the Triwizard set, guess its not a task after all?
  7. Where has it leaked? Can't find it in the usual place
  8. This video contains very good HD shots of Bianca's Room and the Apocalypseburg basement, gosh I love that display!
  9. Probably not, I really don't see an audience for this short. And besides, it will probably only be a few minutes and its centered around the dinosaurs themselves. Meaning lego couldnt really include any logical minifigures in a set
  10. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    If LEGO would commit to doing a new Diagon Alley in the future do you guys think it will just be one set with a few buildings or a fews sets? I'd sure love it if they would make modulars (but smaller than the creator modulars) for all of the at least recognizable shops/buildings. They could do a 150$ Gringotts to form the big centerpiece and then expand it with more 80-100$ buildings. I do believe those pricepoints would suffice to build detailed versions of the shops!
  11. Adults should not be buying toys? Toys should be played with and not displayed? We'll decide that for ourselves! If this is the only thing you can add to this discussion please take your ''opinion'' elsewhere
  12. Do you even understand what hamton52 said?
  13. That awkward moment when a Star Wars book-minifigure has better printing than the main characters in a Marvel film...
  14. In no way you can compare Jurassic to Bionicle, the themes are totally different and have very different budgets. Bionicle is a lego-owned property, meaning they don't have to pay anything to be able to use the theme. They do need to pay a licensing fee to Universal for Jurassic though, by licensing alone Jurassic has a smaller budget. Also factoring how lego, understandably, tries to make the most money out of something I'd say you should be thankful we're even getting 3 new molds (I heard the Trike is a new mold, since the old one would break very fast)
  15. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    If they ever make a Hogwarts microscale expansion it'll probably just be the other half of the castle. But I really hope they don't do that because they'll also include exclusive figures. To be honest the Hogwarts founders are the only good thing about the current set (the build looks good but it relies way too much on stickers for detail)